Success Stories: APR'30 Requested by ICM!

Dennis Coleman

Requested by ICM!

Very excited to have my sci fi action script ARMAGEDDON KNIGHTS requested by ICM! I'll definitely do more pitch sessions! But I'm not sitting still -- since that script, I completed a kid's fantasy adventure and this weekend I should finish an alien invasion story (with a twist). Gotta keep writing!

Mike Leins


Emma J Steele

Congratulations, Dennis!

Pete Stone

Congrats, and good philosophy to use it as motivation to keep pushing onward and upward with your writing while waiting, keep us posted!

Laura Cross

Way to go, Dennis. Congratulations! Wishing you all the best.

Brian Walsh

Great Dennis. Keep it up!

Shawn Speake

Way to write, Dennis! Congrats! You're in the zone!

Leona McDermott

Well done

Becky Fink

Congrats, Dennis! Keep us posted, and keep on writing!

Rob Wallace

Crush it.

Raymond Pental


CaSandra Mathis

Way to go! I pray you well in all your endeavors. Keep writing and keep winning!

Mike Romoth

Keep up the momentum! CHARGE!!!

Joyce Fidler

Great news! Congrats!

Marlene Hamerling

Fabulous, Dennis!

Bridget Porche'

Congratulations!! I worked at ICM. That is very exciting. You are absolutely right to keep writing. It's always smart to have your projects ready. Best wishes.

Karynne Summars

Sounds like you are quite productive. All the best.

Dorota Puzio


Sandra McMurphy

Awesome! Congratulations!

Dr. Becky Sue Conright Usry

Awesome! Keep going!

Suzanne Lutas

Fantastic! Fingers crossed, and keep us updated!

Sammy Soto

Armageddon Knights sounds like pure pulpy science fiction fun. Hope that I'll have the chance to view it one day!

Dennis Coleman

Thanks everyone -- haven't heard from ICM yet, so I'm doing more pitches. Also outlining my next project, a ghost story. I've never tried one of those, so it's time I did, I think.

Marlene Hamerling

It's often a numbers game, so just keep on going. You're obviously doing something right to have heard from ICM, to begin with.

Dennis Coleman

Got two production companies, Ideate Media and Apex Entertainment, to also request my "Armageddon Knights" script. Keep on pitching!

Marlene Hamerling

Dennis! That's great!

CaSandra Mathis

Great news Dennis! Congrats!

Dennis Coleman

And a third producer has requested my script. Here's hoping one of them loves it!

Sandra Linz

Great Dennis, keep going!

Dennis Coleman

Had a phone call with the ICM agent. He thinks the project may work better for television, so he's going to let some execs and producers read it and see what they think. So it is moving forward! All because of a pitch here at Stage 32 -- so everyone, keep on pitching and my advice is to have more than one project. This is the one that worked for me, but I've been pitching five different ones. We'll see what happens. I'll keep you all posted.

Marlene Hamerling

What fabulous feedback! Nothing more depressing than having a great project and blowing the meeting.:-) So now you know you can handle that critical part of the process well, and all you have to focus on, moving forward, is the work. What a great position to be in! Onward and upward!

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