On stage with rb - april 2014 | Stage 32 Staff - Julie

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This is a compilation of some (older) stunts I have done. Aikido is the foundation of my stunt work. Scenes are taken from movies Häjyt (Solar Films), Strandvaskaren (Greta Film), Skärgårds doktorn...


This is an old commercial from late 90's . We shot it in Stockholm. The stunt was coordinated by my friend Kimmo and I was privileged to.... well ....you'll see ... Kimmo's page: http://www.imdb.co...

Stage 32 Staff - Julie

On Stage with RB - April 2014

RB spoke for 2 hours including a 20 minute tutorial on how to best utilize Stage 32 to create meaningful contacts, find work, post projects, maximize your exposure, and to create your personal brand.  He also held a wide-ranging 90 minute Q&A session touching on such subjects as:

  • protecting your work
  • promoting your Stage 32 page to the outside world
  • the studio system
  • the resurrection of independent film
  • the future of crowdfunding
  • Stage 32 and the Happy Writers Online Pitchfests
  • whether a good movie can be made from an average script
  • script analyst services
  • much, much more!

Remember, you can watch the webinar as often as you'd like.  It's FREE!  All we ask is that you remember to pay it forward and spread the word!

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