Event has ended 7th Annual Stage 32 Rooftop Bash @ Austin Film Festival

97 Attendees

Amanda Toney Amanda Toney Organizer
director of operations, manager, producer
McKenzie Hamilton McKenzie Hamilton
Kelly Jo Brick Kelly Jo Brick + 1 Guests
Sandhya Shardanand Sandhya Shardanand + 1 Guests
creative executive, director of development, director of marketing & distribution, director of operations, distributor, film festival director, house manager, line producer, manager, marketing/pr, producer, production manager, script consultant, theatrical producer, transmedia producer, unit production manager
Tessa Shaffer Tessa Shaffer + 1 Guests
author, manager, screenwriter
Sy Huq Sy Huq + 3 Guests
director, producer, screenwriter
Lawrence Davidson Lawrence Davidson
director, producer, screenwriter
Erik Sternberger Erik Sternberger
actor, comedian, director, producer, screenwriter
Jason Mirch Jason Mirch
creative executive, producer, screenwriter
J. Kenner J. Kenner
author, screenwriter
Aminah Hughes Aminah Hughes
actor, assistant director, director, musician, photographer (still), screenwriter, singer, songwriter, sound editor, voice actor
Camilla Castree Camilla Castree + 3 Guests
Lisa Jay Lisa Jay + 1 Guests
director, screenwriter
Jon Solinsky Jon Solinsky
James Power James Power + 1 Guests
actor, it tech, screenwriter
Guy Crawford Guy Crawford
Tim Westland Tim Westland
screenwriter, script consultant
Jeff Coley Jeff Coley
Brian Matusz Brian Matusz
director, other, producer, screenwriter
Boomer Murrhee Boomer Murrhee + 1 Guests
author, screenwriter
Shaun Rylee Shaun Rylee + 2 Guests
actor, director, producer, screenwriter, script consultant
Joy Schoeph Joy Schoeph + 2 Guests
actor, performance coach, screenwriter, script consultant, singer, story analyst
Alfred Cervantes Alfred Cervantes + 1 Guests
film commissioner
Lise Pyles Lise Pyles + 1 Guests
David Quiroz David Quiroz
John Darbonne John Darbonne + 2 Guests
cinematographer, director, editor, filmmaker, screenwriter
Clint Williams Clint Williams
Melissa Turkington Melissa Turkington
Jim Llonch Jim Llonch
music composer, screenwriter
Trey Alessio Trey Alessio + 1 Guests
Jennifer Dunn Jennifer Dunn + 1 Guests
Monique Mata Monique Mata + 3 Guests
Mihai Vasile Mihai Vasile + 1 Guests
Kate D'Hotman Kate D'Hotman
director, producer, screenwriter
David Wappel David Wappel
Kelli Horan Kelli Horan + 1 Guests
director, screenwriter
Brett Nicholson Brett Nicholson + 1 Guests
Dri Costa Dri Costa + 1 Guests
April M. Sanchez April M. Sanchez
Deborah SYna Deborah SYna
Blake Ritchen Blake Ritchen
Deena Denaro Deena Denaro + 1 Guests
Allison Orr Block Allison Orr Block + 1 Guests
actor, playwright, screenwriter
Edith Rodriguez Edith Rodriguez + 1 Guests
Mark Dispenza Mark Dispenza
director, producer, screenwriter
Ben Samuels Ben Samuels
director, filmmaker
Scott Blaszak Scott Blaszak
director, screenwriter
Tanya Carleton Lovrics Tanya Carleton Lovrics
director, screenwriter
Hilton Moore Hilton Moore + 1 Guests
actor, author, director, marketing/pr, producer
James Greasley James Greasley
playwright, screenwriter
Marty Lang Marty Lang + 2 Guests
actor, director, producer, screenwriter
Nathan DeRemer Nathan DeRemer + 2 Guests
Mike Roe Mike Roe + 1 Guests
comedian, film/theatre journalist, screenwriter
Avery Rouda Avery Rouda + 1 Guests
author, director, producer, screenwriter, story analyst
Brian Kazmarck Brian Kazmarck
Aaron Mitton Aaron Mitton
director, screenwriter
Christopher Moore Christopher Moore
Ted Campbell Ted Campbell
assistant director, director, screenwriter
  Stage 32 Meetups present:

7th Annual Stage 32 Rooftop Bash @ Austin Film Festival

Where: Handlebar Austin
121 E 5th St.
Austin, Texas
When: Friday, October 25th
7:00PM -
Meetup Organizer
Created 2 years ago
Updated 2 years ago
About the meetup

Annual Stage 32 Screenwriter Soiree at the Austin Film Festival!

7:00pm - 10:00pm Austin, TX (CST) time

We invite all our Stage 32 members for a fun night to celebrate the most creative screenwriters and filmmakers on the planet. This is a 21 and over event. Every year we have hundreds of attendees and are the most talked about event during the Austin Film Festival. This year will be no different!

Come meet Stage 32 Founder and CEO, Richard "RB" Botto, our Director of Script Services Jason Mirch and our Stage 32 Script Services Coordinator Nick Assunto!  Make sure to RSVP - space is limited on the rooftop, so don't miss out!

Boomer Murrhee

I look forward to meeting you guys there.

John Darbonne

Looking forward to it.

Deborah SYna

Thanks for arranging this! Looking forward to it!

Tanya Carleton Lovrics

Hi! See you all on the rooftop.

Boomer Murrhee

I had a great time. It was a bit chilly, but this Florida boy survived.

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