Screenwriting : Looking for the next project... by Robert Sean Campbell

Robert Sean Campbell

Looking for the next project...

Hello Stage 32 peeps! This will be my second discussion. The first received an overwhelming thank you! I am in need of a great script that can be shot for $100,000 - $200,000. I have been working with an award winning production company, Diamond in the Rough Films, for the past couple of years. Last year, we took an experimental film to the New York International Independent Film and Video Festival (NYIIFF) in LA and won Best Feature Film (US). Next year we will be hitting the independent film festival circuit with our most recent feature film, S.E.R.P. But now, we are looking for the next brilliant script that we can shoot! So, if interested, I'd love to read some good scripts and get into negotiations on the next one. Hit me up if you are interested.

Brent la Porte

Hey Robert. I'm new to Stage 32 - about 20 minutes old actually. I've been working converting my first novel, Hope Burned, into a screen play. Check out the reviews of the novel, and get back to me. It's a pretty dark novel, but leaves an impact on everyone who has every read it. Thanks, Brent La Porte

Ben Tobin

I've got a couple of features written, I think they need a few rewrites still but otherwise are all there. One is a heist comedy and the other is a supernatural thriller type of thing. I've been looking for a way to get them made, and sell them, would be glad to pass them on.

Robert Sean Campbell

Hey Brent and Ben, So, I'd love to look over whatever you got. Just to be clear, we don't currently have the funds to produce the film. We will be raising these in the next couple months to year as we promote our current feature. Once our Indiegogo campaign launches, I will share. As I said, I would love to check out whatever seems to make sense. My email is Thanks!

Patrick Stephan Marshall

I have several great scripts that could be done with that sort of budget. Check out my log lines. If you would like to try something new, but with really big potential, I advice you to check my current Project "Ship Happens". I am also interested to be involved as director, if that is possible.

Patrick Stephan Marshall

Thinking about it, I think "The Rupture" might work best for this. It is kind of a dusty, grunge SciFi, playing in the very near future and is about the inevitable self-destructive nature of humans and the perpetual nature of time and would work great in that budget range. It is a drama, with a touch of thrill and relatively easy to do. The overall feel would be like "Flatliners", but grittier and rougher, with a much more bleak outcome, as if Terry Gilliam touched it for a while. It is not a happy end, but a logical, and I think darkly satisfying one. In the background, many of the current and soon to be current topics flash up as partial reason for the end of days. But it is human ferocity that ends it. And while destruction in the background forebodes the end is nigh, a team of young scientist is on the verge of a building a working time machine. There is a lot of character dynamics, but the ending will make this a great story.

Robert Sean Campbell

Nina, I am looking for something that can be shot in the range of $100K - $200K, preferably a smallish cast, nothing crazy as far as production (i.e. space ships, explosions, etc.)., and that is compelling. I'm pretty open and looking for strong writing that can be produced. Does that help?

Sizt Elilo

Hi Robert, I have a project which may be developed with professional screenwriter as I'm currently engaging in my first philosophy and science book. You can find my project '500,000 Dollars but Freedom,' here as I've posted it.

Christian Amougou

Hi Robert, I have a great screenplay that may fall with your budget range. It's a thriller that takes place mainly in one location. And there's a pretty cool twist at the end of it all. Think, "The Usual Suspects" meets "Phone Booth". Let me know if it's something you might be interested in. Thanks!

Patrick Hampton

Are we talking feature or pilot? I have a micro budget that will easily fit that price. It's a 7 day love story on the set of a short film. Promance. It's a mix of 500 days of Summer meets Adventureland.

Marissa Mutascio

Rob, I see your twitter profile lists you as an actor. Is the project you are seeking to be a vehicle for you to act in? Also I am assuming you want narrative feature lengths (not shorts or docs), is this correct? I posted a preliminary tweet for you via @theArmyof7 tagging the #scriptchat community. When I know more & can assist you in reaching a bigger audience, if need be. Best of luck. Marissa

Allen Wayne Ray Jr.

Take the time & please take a look at my screenplay titled King of Battle in my projects & loglines page. Thanks. pls respond.

J. Ronald Jenkins

So Robert, I'm working on something that can indeed fit the 100k - 200k budget. The biggest financial obstacle is the fact that it's something of a period piece, it's a high school drama set in the '80s. What exactly do you need for me to send to your email address?

Jon Jon

Hey Robert, found this link via Twitter. I have a neo-noir thriller that is produceable in that budget range. Let me know if you are interested and I can send it along

Kahish Kverdasmith

I really loved reading this kind of list of creative writes in one place. Well, I will pipe in for fun although I know that I do not want to have my script produced anywhere until it has the home court advantage of being produced locally in my area plus it is a situation comedy. I live in a college town and expect to get all the elements for production here and with many volunteers. It will be great to follow your progress.

Jules Jay

Im producing a webseres/ tv pilot.. always happy to have another producer and funds lol.. use some of the money to come to Australia :P heheh good luck!

Karen Keslen

I finished my script for a short of genre Crime/Suspense. If you interested, we can talk about. Thanks for the opportunity.

Michael Lockett

I have one script in the can that I am currently in rewrites/polish on. Another that would take a major studio budget and one other that is currently being written that should fit nicely in your budget range. I will keep you updated on the status and reach out for you once this one is in rewrites.

Allen Wayne Ray Jr.

Take the time to check out my screenplay, titled Ballers, I think it fits the bill.

Thomas Bailey

Ah, I am already in talks with another company about a script I recently completed. I have an idea for a very low budget film but it isn't more than a rough outline at this point. Damn.

Tyler Cook

Hi Robert, I have a recently polished screenplay for a feature film drama called "BALL." It could fit in a budget of that range.

Milovan Ristanovic

Hi Robert, see my project - The second one would suite you well..but, there is no script, i can tell you only "live" , as you can see at my description.. If interested, let me know.. Best wishes, Milovan

J. Brian

Hey Robert, congrats on your win. I produced my first movie in 2003, a 26 minute black and white ghost story called The Shed. As you probably know, that festival spans several cities. I entered The Shed in the NYIIFVF and let it make the circuit of all of the cities that host it and won Best Horror Short at the Las Vegas leg of the festival. I was invited to take it to Cannes but couldn't afford it at the time. What are you guys looking for as far as genre or content? I have several of various genres I would share with you. Once again, congrats on your win and good luck with whatever you choose to do next.

Andrew Flynn

I've got a spec script about bus drivers in the Pacific Northwest, likely the funniest thing you'll read this month. Some who have given coverage to this have literally pooped their pants in laughter, no joke. More info exists when you click on this blue thingy:

Dennis Tipton II

Hello Rob. Seems like you already have alot of people submitting alot of fun and exciting projects. So i would like to say first congrates on the past few projects, i know how crazy competitive the festivals can be. But if you have time, i am in development of about 4 different films in different stages of production. I would love to talk with you about them if you have the time.

Ozzie Stewart

Hello Robert, kindly let me know what you think of my project: Tx

Sayeed Mir Khan

Hi, Robert. I'm not sure if you're interested in experimenting but I'm developing a series of sketch comedies that focus on an untapped niche in terms of content. We just completed the first short film, a very funny Mockumentary that has some of the most unique storylines and characters seen in comedy. Take a look and see if you find this intriguing. We had so much extra content and great scenes we had to cut down on. It could easily be expanded and re-shaped for a feature film. And well under budget. thanks.

Anthony R. W. Lopez

Hi Robert, sorry I didn't see this post until now, but I have a script that's pretty solid that I've been working to develop myself. However, with a budget like the one you're proposing you and your production company could do about 99% better finance-wise than me. The script is a dramedy revolving around two very different and lonely individuals who come together in the wake of a terrible fire that inches closer to the city. Let me know if you're interested, thanks!

Rachael Saltzman


Abraham Nissan

Hi!, You can read my scripts, some of them in english, I would recommend you to read "Rushes" or "The www man" or "Way to love".

Shane Smallwood

Hey, I have a story called "Junior Mafia." There is an excerpt of it on my page. It's a crime story about friends growing up in a rag tag crime family and the ups and downs that come along with being criminals. Check it out, I can send you the finished script if interested. Thanks.

Steve O'Brien

Hello friend, how goes the search? peace

Stephen Foster

robert, consider my comedy "Rainbow Sticker" can be shot within that budget. I'd be happy to send you the script.

Ken Keegan

it's obvious that ... Diamond In The Rough.... should produce.... A Baseball Story. by Ken Keegan

Ihekuna Chimezie Benedict

I have a story Titled 'Wake Up, Dream Boy! Below is the pitch The thriller, ‘Wake up, Dreamer boy!’ is a masterpiece that explores the ordeals of a young teenage man through a dream he had. It combines geographic names, conceptualized characters, metaphysical locations and various thought realms in a creatively stylish fashion for the reader to be kept glued to his or her sitting support, perusing every chapter such that it becomes entertaining to the very end. Really, things took upside-down positions as the teenager, who at the time was in High school, took to ardent viewing of horrific movies and more especially, frequent reading of books containing diabolic undertones, installing in his mind the imaginations of evil deeds and all manner of diabolisms. Consequently, he became so obsessed with anything scary that soliloquizing became his second nature. In fact, during class-room lectures, he was left out of the learning galore as the thoughts of previously watched scary movies echoed themselves and took center stage in his mind. Left alone, he took his time to go on look-outs for books, whatever the price, that flood in the beings of Zombies, ghosts and other extra-terrestrial entities. To make matters worse, his friends, owing to their inability to put at bay the in-dwelling of evil machinations conceived by frequently keeping his eyes glued to movies and books unveiling scary images, blood-feasting demons, cannibals and commit-suicide voices of evil, kept him at armslenght to avoiding being infected with the viruses of evil Tom housed. It was so glaring that he would be living a world of his own where he will be the only one to communicate to himself at all times. Interestingly, like untreated symptoms cum diseases, he became soliloquy-personified. Eating deep into every fiber of his being, he began meditating words he heard from the movies he watched and books he read to acquaint himself on how play second fiddle to the sounds of evil. All efforts made by his mother, whose husband died shortly after the lad was brought to Mother Earth, ended in wild goose chases as the rehabilitation homes and correction facilities encountered hard nut to crack times in trying to uninstall the viral overload of evil machinations. After all said and done, he was shown the exits out of the buildings. His mum, as a result of his excesses, without batting an eyelid, decided to leave him to fate, since she had two other growing infants. The result of that decision…? A dream that played itself out and inevitably points at one thing: for every action, there is an equal but opposite reaction.

Dee Stewart

I have a few you might be interested in. Message me if you still looking.

Ihekuna Chimezie Benedict

What are they? Although it is a literary work-piece, i really would want it to be a movie. Do you know of any producer who could be interested in my work? Can you help me with the screenwriting of my project? If interested, you can contact me via Your response will be appreciated. Thank you.

Steve Lucas

Robert, if you still haven't found what you're looking for, try La Mujer (available on InkTip and BlackList). It won the 2012 New Hampshire Film Festival for best screenplay, and was a finalist in two other contests. You may be the guy for the lead, and it can be shot within your budget. The script calls for a few scenes in NY, then the rest throughout Latin America (though they are ambiguous enough to be shot in a few generic locations). Let me know if you would like to see it. Logline: A troubled reporter investigating a high-profile murder in Ecuador encounters a bigger mystery in a beautiful woman many believe to be an angel. She knows the darkest secrets and deepest pain of everyone she meets. Can he solve both mysteries before he and the woman are killed?

Tek Doko

do you have a specific genre in mind? I have a RomCom and a Campy Teen Zombie/horror/comedy film as well.

Rick Alan Rice (rar)

I have a script titled "The Oracle", a political satire with humor, plot turns, and idea heft that may be done for that type of budget. It has a number of roles for 30 year olds and a really juicy one for a 50s-plus actor. You can find it on my Stage32 page. Best wishes, RAR

Joan Uselman

Hi Robert Sean Campbell, our group recently wrote a script for "Kingmaker", a rise to power and our band Masses Beware has written a song for it. How can I send you the script? Do I send it to your message or please give me an e-mail. Thanks, you can check out my page too.

Thomas Bailey

Do you guys read scripts if a director is already attached? We have an amazing script that we have been shopping around a bit to a great response.

Chris James

Have a great THRILLER feature that will match the budget. OR a 30-min thriller short. But it looks like I came in here a bit late?

Tight location, few characters. No effects. Suits any city.

Whatever, good luck with the project!

Dan McGowan

Hi Robert. I have a faith-based feature and also a romcom feature that would be great for TV. Would love to send you pages from one or both. Hit me up at Previously sold scripts include various corporate training videos as well as a TV sitcom pilot and a TV drama pilot. Thanks!

Dwayne Conyers

Check out “Time After Time” on the Black List

Padma Narayanaswamy

I am Padma Narayanswamy an Indian script writer . I have posted two of my scripts viz Race to the Senator and Human Bonding here . An Indo American crusades for her identity, immigration and gun.This is the log-line of my script Race to the Senator . In Human Bonding a famous investigative reporter is in search pf her adopted siblings in US and UK. Please take a look and thanks.

Mark Ratering

Please email me at I also have funds..... lets put our cash together and get a Star!!! Mark

Tabitha Baumander

You've got a lot of comments here. I looked to see if I have already put my two cents in but I didn't see myself so here goes. I'm a screenwriter I have my smaller/micro budget material posted on the loglines and screenplays part of my profile. Give me a look see..

Eric Raphael Harman

My Script is on my Profile. You will Like it! The nove is all 5 star rated on Amazon.

Milovan Ristanovic

I already have 3 stories. But ready to introduce you with 2 of them. But non of them is under $500.000 for sure. One of those 2 is about football - it's blockbuster. So - it's up to you Rob. All the best, Milovan

Mark Ratering

I also funding $200,000 lets put our resources together. I have some great scripts lets talk

Bruno Lacroix

What themes are you looking for? Dark, gay, light????

Christine Koehler

I have three on my page, Robert! One family, one Christmas, and one horror...

Dwayne Conyers

Check our scripts out at

Kahish Kverdasmith

I have taken a big break myself. Much has changed on the site.

Michael Skidmore

Hi Robert, Have a look at my loglines and if any seem interesting I can send the script Mike

Gia Catherine Motti

Here's a logline for ya: Homeless for decades, Eva is tired of the streets. In trying to get her life back, she discovers a deadly secret. Can she dance with the high and mighty and survive? My screenplay is finished.

Jeri Spinney

I have a script done and ready to go, "My Immortal". I am just not sure what to do from here. It is copyrighted and I would love someone to read it!! Let me know if interested!

Virginia Brucker

Hi Jeri, I'd be happy to read your script. I just signed up to Stage 32 today, and I'm not sure how you send your script to me, but once we figure that out, I'll read it this weekend. Best wishes for success from Virginia on Vancouver Island.

Eric Thomas

Hello Robert. I'm not sure if you and the company are looking into filming a television series, but my writing partner and I have finished the Pilot to our series "Echo House.". And I personlly can walk you through at least five seasons of the show. That is how deep into this idea we are.

Michael Skidmore

Have a look at my work posted Thanks Michael

Eric Thomas

My writing partner and I have also written a script that could very easily be made for that budget.

Joe Henriques

What genre are you most interested in?

Abraham Nissan

Check my script in my projects "The W" (The www man - all Rights reserved) about a superhero inside the Internet. You can produce it with a small budget and make a big box office income. I claim $15,000 for the script and 5% of box office incomes.

Abraham Nissan

If you send me your email I'll send you the script.

Jeri Spinney

Please send me your email, I will share my scrips!

Tek Doko

any genre? I have a teen comedy/zombie script. TEENAGED HIGH SCHOOL ZOMBIES RUN AMOK--"The Class of 2015 Never tasted so good"

Makesha (Aadila) Williamson

We have an amazing script we are looking to be funded and shot.. "Affliction" Today is the first public film screening, of the short film "Affliction" by Marcus Ross before the "Anita" documentary...We must end domestic violence! #XtremeTeam

Benn Flore

JUST DIVORCED, OR HOW TO ROB THE MAFIA - drama/comedy - think of 'The Bucket List' LOGLINE: After 40 years of troublesome marriages two 65 year old men are happily divorced but broke. Their future may only last five years. They decide to rob the Mafia. .... 90 pages native English translated script, adapted from my third Dutch novel, and theaterplay. Four lead charachters, easy to handle locations all in one city. A first impression:

Eric Raphael Harman

Check out my script. Simple to make.

Eric Raphael Harman

PS, It is on my profile, and I would also invest my own money. It needs a little tweeking but that is your job.

Mark Ratering

I'll do better then that have a great script plus $100,000.. you shoot it. Mark Ratering.

Waheed Naddafi

does short film count?

Stephen Foster

I "pitched" ya! I hope you rike.

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