Loglines & Screenplays by Geof Spalding

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The Traveler

GENRES: Sci-fi

A faculty dinner to introduce a new teacher becomes far more intriguing when they discover that one of them is a time traveler who has manipulated their lives so that they all end up together at this moment in time.

First Wave

GENRES: Sci-fi, Horror

First Wave

A group of old friends reunite on a camping trip in the Australian outback, only to face their worst fears in a sacred Aboriginal cave where an ancient presence is stirring… A group of friends find ancient cave paintings in an area where they shouldn't exist? When one of the friends is found dead the weird paintings may be the least of their problems.

The Hum

GENRES: Mystery, Sci-fi, Thriller

People are disappearing. Is it a serial killer or something more? A battle weary detective infiltrates a cult to investigate rumors of children being abducted but what he finds is beyond his comprehension.

The Mirror Man

GENRES: Sci-fi

What if a man woke up in an insane asylum with no memory of who he is only to discover he is in a parallel universe?

Arthur and the Mirror World

GENRES: Action, Fantasy

Arthur a troubled teenager, opens a portal into the Mirror World, but when he gets stuck there the real adventure begins.

The Jab


A doctor with too many secrets is being brought before the medical board for malpractice after a child dies in his arms.

Path of Salvation

GENRES: Adventure, Drama, Fantasy

An arrogant former best selling author wants to reinvent his career, but a gift of an ancient mystical book, turns his world upside down and he must find what is truly important in his life.

33rd Sage

GENRES: Adventure, Other

Suffering from the twenty first century disease a 32 year old man wanting his old life back becomes apprentice to an old Chinese Sage but he loses everything he holds dear and can never return to the person he was and so he goes on a mystical quest in the hope of becoming the man he was meant to be.

The Real Camelot

GENRES: Adventure, Drama

It's the story of a mad man who goes on a quest because he wants to find a place where he can be free but he finds everyone is against him, so he creates his own.

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