Loglines & Screenplays by James Austin McCormick

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The Janitor (working title only)

GENRES: Horror

A shy, reclusive janitor is forced to rally the tenants and take charge when supernatural forces take over his tenement building.


GENRES: Horror

A suicidal man is comforted by a stranger but soon begins to suspect he might be better off without her help.


GENRES: Sci-fi


A small-time smuggler lands a high-priced contract but is hunted by a
superhuman assassin intent on stopping him delivering a mysterious
device that could save millions of Martian colonists from an impending
solar storm.

Perchance to Dream

GENRES: Sci-fi, War

A dead soldier follows the light at the end of the tunnel but discovers
his own personal afterlife is nothing he could have imagined.



An old man does so hate to make a fuss, even when someone's life is at stake

The Lamp


A genie offers an antiques dealer three wishes but the man soon begins
to suspect the supernatural offer may have some very serious strings

The D'Angelo Way

GENRES: Sci-fi, Comedy

An unscrupulous journalist sets out to uncover the secret of a fitness
guru’s eternal youth. It's not the healthiest decision he could have

Friends in the Swamp


An old man, close to death, says farewell to his grand-daughter. It’s
just the two of them out there in the swamp, but they’re far from alone.

From Before

GENRES: Horror

An ambitious university professor finds the things he’s done to come so far so quickly come back to haunt him, quite literally.

Friends Like These

GENRES: Sci-fi

A broke tech genius tries to sell his virtual company but his AI creations have very different ideas.

Long Live President Tyrone

GENRES: Sci-fi

A jaded CEO takes on his own board when they refuse to let him retire. Their argument is simple, countless life saving operations and technical implants have rendered him corporate property.

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