Acting : People doubting me by Timothy Steele

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Timothy Steele

People doubting me

I've wanted to be an actor as long as I can remember, and my brother (and several other people) laugh at me when I say I'm going be be in show business, it really gets me down, how have you guys dealt with it?

Nikolas Filipovic

I have had teacher tell me that I won't succeed in the business. I am just going to prove them wrong and I sic my mom on them, hahaha. I am so tired of them telling me that I need a back up career. (I know that I do and I will be working on that since I am still in high school ).

Claire Benedek

It's important to remember that they only want the best for you. They know the business is tough and the odds may be against you, and they don't want you to be hurt. That said, as long as you take responsibility for your life and are not asking them to pay your way, you and you alone should make the decision.

Whitney Wickham

Not everyone is supportive because people are often too afraid to reach for the stars and beyond and set their bar too low at what is achievable. Be happy to measure your success not by the achievements you make but in the lessons you learn along the way.

Nikolas Filipovic

Even after I booked and filmed Gracepoint, my teachers said I wasn't going to succeed in the business. I am ignoring them and I will succeed.

Rafael Pinero

Well, some times teachers are teachers because they didn't succeed, so you should take the comment like that.

Nikolas Filipovic

Actually what is driving me to succeed is the faith from my mother, grandmother, and rest of my family.

Nikolas Filipovic

I could really care less what the teachers say. I have been an actor since I was 5 years old. All I am saying to Timothy is that he is not alone and that we have all gone through this. He should find the people that support him and screw the ones that don't.

Dionne Lister

If you want to succeed at anything creative, you have to have enough belief in yourself to make up for those who don't believe. They may feel like they're being sensible as creative jobs are hard to get, but keep going. The only ones who fail are the ones who give up. Don't let others decide whether you achieve your dream. You got this!

Douglas Eugene Mayfield

I read a saying once. 'The world is your stage. Your audience is waiting.' I'd suggest pursuing what you want to do. As far as naysayers, your brother, etc., if you're on good terms with them, I'd grant them credence but not omniscience. If they give you too much of a hard time, I'd tell them something like 'Hey, I know acting is a very difficult pursuit. It's my life and my choice. Why not be reasonably supportive?" Or however you want to put it. However that goes, good luck.

Chris Bath

Hello Timothy, The only time you will not succeed is if you give up or believe all the BS that your doubters tells you. When you submit to legit castings you will experience your fair share of rejections and setbacks, but this is something that has happened to every actor including myself. If you are truly passionate about acting and willing to work hard and learn as much as possible about the industry, then you will succeed. It also would be to your benefit to establish connections with other creative (producers, directors, filmmakers, other actors) that can have a positive influence on your career. Good luck Timothy, and do not let anyone tell you "you can't" when you know you can.

Al Hibbert

I agree with Victor- use the naysayers to drive you to succeed.

Crystal Wolfer

Al and Victor I could agree more.... Use the naysayers as stepping stones NOT stumbling blocks

Crystal Wolfer

What I've done is even if it may hurt for a while follow your heart and press forward despite them saying no

Pamela Hill

Hi Timothy! "Follow Your Bliss" - Joseph Campbell "Keep Going For the Stars!" Best, Pamela Hill

Abigail Yates

I just ignore naysayers and look for ways to improve myself and move forward. Often we are our biggest enemy, believe in yourself and push on!

C.m. Andino

Hi Timothy. When I told my parents I wanted to go into acting they refused to pay for college, my teacher stopped helping me study for the SAT's, and my friends said I was too fat to make it in acting. I let everyone get me down and got married instead of pursuing my dream. I have a beautiful family, but I deeply regret not going after the life I really wanted. Now I have another chance to be in the film industry as a screenwriter, and this time I won't let anyone stand in my way. You have one life, make it the one you want to live.

David M. Tribuiani

Hi Tim, my suggestion is to let them laugh and mock you. As long as you desire something never stop trying to reach it. I too have had friends and family tell me "I'm dreamin," or " you will never be able to achieve that goal." well, I may not have hit Robert Deniero status but I have been in a play, 3 indie films, a student film, a music video and have done a bit of voice work. It is all relative and cumulative. I believe that some day the stars will align and I will get my time to shine as will you as long as you stay true to yourself and your passion as well as desire. Build that resume and simply keep striving for what you want. Life is short and the worst talent is wasted talent.;-)

Adam Gary

I'm Narcissistic. I'm right and everyone else is wrong. haha but seriously, you'll learn to develop a thick skin eventually. I think we all go through it one way or another. I still go through it with work colleagues when I'm not acting. I just feel sorry for them that they're small minded and probably bitter. It's a good thing I don't care what they think. Again I may come across Narcissistic but it's how I cope. My life, my choices. Adam

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