Composing : Non-Film Music. by Brian Alan DeLaney

Non-Film Music.

Composers of Stage32, I was just wondering what kind of music you write when you are not writing film scores. I usually write (mostly) atonal chamber or orchestral works, or things with alternative melodic/harmonic systems.

What about you?

Vijay Siddharth

Hi Brian,
I am a fan of string quartet.. So that's my current favorite when I am writing non film music..

Mark Gosney

Study study study!!

Jonathan Price

Chamber operas.

Mike Hall

I am a Metal guy who besides having released Metal records for years I've been scoring for films for the last two decades because I can really experiment with many various styles of music and sound. Currently I am composing for a ballet. Always something different and exciting!

Ken Gregory

I write jazzy stuff mostly, but also melancholy pensive tunes.

Brian Alan DeLaney

Vijay, I love string quartets. I even wrote one for my wedding! Mark, do you study books, scores, both? What are you reading right now? Jonathan, that's a pretty hardcore. Mike, I feel you. Before I started writing "classical music" I was in a punk band, there is always something good in any genre of music as far as I am concerned. Ken, I have noticed that a lot of people who write for film write jazz too. I would say as far as genres go, I think jazz is my weak point.

Ken Gregory

Brian, I got into jazz at an early age, at 10 because my older brother was into it, and of course it ruined my career! Just kidding - I've learned a lot in the pursuit of it - it's full of every other kind of music, including classical, blues, even country and rock overtones, and it's always a work in progress. I was raised on Dave Brubeck (in my opinion one of the greatest composers), and Paul Desmond, who to me is the best soloist ever. I don't like the super-avant-garde stuff much, but the more organized and well thought-out compositions and players. If I could ever find the place to post music here, I've got a jazz/classical suite I'd like to share. Anybody know where that is?


Ken Gregory

Trying to post a tune -

David Lunday

Anything modern when time permits...Persichetti's book is great for ideas

Brian Alan DeLaney

Hey Ken, if you go to your profile you can add a link to a SoundCloud track, or a video to your post and we can see it there. I'd like to hear it.

Joel Irwin

I write for live musicians mostly jazz big band, jazz small ensemble lead sheets and arrangements of other pop/jazz material (mostly lead sheets) from the 1920s - 1940s - usually something not already in the Real Books. Sometimes I write non-jazz for jazz instruments on request such as my sax quartet performed two weeks ago by the kenari sax quartet ( I am in the back row - left in the picture. A lot of original live material is in my youtube account. I am also a professional videographer so I shoot my performances with three cameras and the dolby 5.1 mics on the front two cameras produce much better separated sound than the rear camera mics (without my having to set up external mics patched into a sound board/mixer).

Brian Alan DeLaney

David, I love Persichetti's 20th Century Harmony book! His treatment of the modes is the best. I was super upset when the only books of mine that got ruined in a hurricane was that and the Thesaurus of Scales and Melodic Patterns from Slonimsky.

Bruce Bray

Prog Rock. But I rarely have the time.

Ken Gregory

Here's a link to 13 or 14 of my tunes and charts. Maroo is by far my most extensive piece, kind of a jazz/classical composition. The others are tunes my band Solid State plays at gigs. I'm playing trumpet, guitar, and about half of the bass parts. Hope you guys like it!

To download, go to this web address:

To download for Windows PC, right-click and "Save Target As" to your computer drive.

For Apple Mac, option-click and "Download Link To Disc" to your computer drive.

Meraxes Soneu

Orchestral, metal, everything that can be epic :-D
The next thing I want to do is to develop darkness without falling in black metal clichees. So, really scare with sounds with a metal touch. Let's see how it goes. :-D

Meraxes Soneu

Running to the hills screaming in agony seems like a good piece of music :-D

Noah Schatzline

Before I got into film music, I was heavily into the music of the second viennese composers. I still am to an extent. I love writing in the twelve tone method.

Joyce Kettering

I write mostly downtempo electronica, most often with an orchestral element to it (i.e. lush strings, warm trumpets, etc.)

Brian Lee Robinson

I write mostly Country-Pop music.

Brian Lee Robinson

My music can be found at: I also have Instrumental versions of a lot of my songs.

Cello Cubano

Hip-Hop, Pop, R&B, Orchestral

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