For Anyone Wondering if Distribber was Legit

I saw this today on Jason Brubaker's Filmmaking Stuff. He's been a consultant for Distribber and just announced that Distribber got acquired by GoDigital for 7 figures. Makes Distribber sound pretty legit. I know if I had a film past the development phase, I'd be looking into using Distribber. Full story here on Variety: To get a discount on Distribber: Good luck out there, everybody!

Robin Remde

It's not really a question of being a legitimate business - I don't think there's really a question that they're for real. The real question is whether it's a good value for most micro/no budget filmmakers. Distribber's model differs in that they charge you up front for what they feel handling your film is worth. Nothing wrong with that, but IME, filmmakers massively overestimate what they will earn on PPV platforms like iTunes, and it is unusual for films to make back their initial investment, let alone the continuing annual fee. If you're placing with them to self distribute and have your film visible on those platforms, go for it. If you're looking to earn revenue to make your backers whole, you need to take a hard look at your film. Good topical hook for a niche audience? Great production values? Marquee talent? Killer key art? Those are the things you'll need to get noticed on those platforms.

Daniel C. Avery

You are exactly right. Distribber would definitely not work for a "put it on and pray" distribution plan, but then, pretty much no movie will succeed that way, right? :). I saw a more recent post about whether Distribber was legit, but was unable to find the post again when I came back on here.

Robin Remde

Okay, so let me amend my first statement.... Anyone with the desire to do something as simple as a Google search can find out that Distribber is a legitimate business... :-) Okay, so how would you feel about a conventional distributor doing the same thing? I ask because the universal expectation seems to be that the distributor should take proceeds out of sales only. Indeed, you'll see many posts from filmmakers indicating that any distributor asking for money up front should be avoided like the plague. I'm not trolling - it's a legitimate question.

Daniel C. Avery

Good point! I think we all would be wary of a traditional distributor doing the same thing. However, having been in business school for the last 3.5 years: if I were seriously into distributing other people's movies, I would consider creating an internet company (legal entity, website, the whole shebang) in order to point to "company policy" about taking credit card info up front before even accepting the movie. In the traditional world, everyone might scream and run, but as a culture, we're now getting more used to the idea of paying for internet services up front, even if technically we're inputting our credit card info for a free 21 day trial or whatever, which we may or may not forget to cancel on time. This is one reason Distribber probably succeeds so well. This idea brings me back to the point I love to talk about though, which is that filmmakers as a whole don't usually even realize that business, sales, distribution, marketing, internet marketing, web design, web development and SEO/good content practices are each their own completely separate industry with years of learning required to develop each set of skills, depending on what you want to do. Cinematography, audio, editing, casting, etc. are only the bare minimum required to be a good filmmaker.

Tahiera Monique Brown

I was curious about this company and your comments are very revealing. Many new filmmakers will consider this option without a second thought. I appreciate the conversation I reviewed. Thank you. Tahiera Monique Brown

Stephen Foster


Jason Brubaker

As Daniel points out, I have been working with Distribber (as an employee and consultant) for quite a few years. And I wanted to chime in and offer a few additional resources worth checking out:

1: How Self-Distributed Documentary 'The Resurrection of Jake the Snake' Hit #1 on iTunes (utilizing Distribber.)

2: How Self-Distributed Range 15 Made Top Ten In iTunes (utilizing Distribber.)

3: Indie Film Hustle Podcast (Interview with Distribber CEO)

As always, you are more than welcome to reach out to me with additional questions.

Tahiera Monique Brown

Thank you Jason!

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