Introduce Yourself : The big move by Ryan Whitten

Ryan Whitten

The big move

Hey everybody,

I just moved all the way from Austin, Texas to Vancouver, BC. I produced short films and music videos while I was in Austin while holding down a day job. Was supposed to be a producer on my first feature set to shoot in April. I think we all knew what happened with that one.

While in Quarantine I wrote my first full feature length script and decided to move back to Canada where I was born. Instead of the usual hiring movers and figuring out everything beforehand I paired my belongings down to what can fit in my car and drove up. Just got up here and looking to connect with some fellow creatives. I'm also writing a script inspired by some of the experiences had along my weird long road trip. I have some free time up here so if you'd like to connect or trade scripts I'd be happy to.

Thanks for letting me be apart of this group!

Fleurette M Van Gulden

A bold move... Kudos, stay safe and write into the screen.

Karen "Kay" Ross

Hey, Ryan Whitten! My name is Kay, I'm the Community Manager here at Stage 32. Nice to meet you! Wow, congrats on the move! Way back when, that's pretty much how I moved from DC to Boulder, CO. I hope you enjoyed the drive up as much as I enjoyed my drive out West! You should reach out to my Vancouverite friend (whom I met through S32's Writer's Room) - she's looking for more opportunities to get on set.

I’m sure you’ve already discovered the Screenwriting Lounge (, but definitely reach out on the Acting Lounge ( for insight into characters, dialogue, and even when you want to generate interest in a virtual table read! Maybe you could even do a post in the Producing Lounge about making your shorts in Austin?

Keep in mind that these lounges are like the VIP Filmmaker's Lounges at Film Festivals, so this is where you can meet the people doing the work, get advice on anything you're working on, and/or give back to those who may need advice. We're a very supportive and encouraging community! I think you'd also enjoy my intro blog post on how to engage with the Stage32 Community:

Enjoy exploring the lounges, and don't forget to comment and respond to others’ posts, too! It's the best way to really connect!

Ryan Whitten

Thanks so much for the info! I’d love to reach out!

Wladimir Shepelevich

Good health to all! Friends! I live in the country of the Republic of Belarus and if you need help in my country, you can always with me and ask for help. I am always glad to be of service to you as needed and my capabilities.

Bernie Joseph Jelinek

Good luck with your film!

Erik Meyers

Welcome and all the best. I love Vancouver and BC!

Minka Wiltz

Whoa! BC! How beautiful. The roadtrip to another life, I just did that with my family from Atlanta to Bloomington, IN. Congrats on the move and finishing a feature length script ain't no small thing!! Looking forward to seeing your success on this platform and in the world!

Tasha Lewis


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