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Introduce Yourself : This is likely a long overdue introduction, by Samantha Mann

Samantha Mann

This is likely a long overdue introduction,

I'm Samantha, I'm an aspiring screenwriter and (hopefully) producer looking to break into TV. Typically I write science fiction that explores concepts and philosophy of war, our origins as a species, why our universe exists, and where our technological advancements will lead us in years to come. However I do enjoy writing about espionage and government corruption. Currently I'm working on a TV pilot titled "Heaven's Requiem". It explores the theory that the Gods we worshiped in ancient times were not only extra terrestrials from distant worlds, but in fact our genetic ancestors. It isn't a retelling of our mythology, but delves into the conflicts of their various races. I'll post more on this in the future. Hope everyone is doing well, and thank you for connecting with me as well as taking the time to read this. Feel free to message me if you want to chat. -Sam


I like the "why the universe exists" angle; not sure that's been tackled before. May the force be with you :)

Samantha Mann

Thanks, it can be a controversial area to explore, but there are many TV shows and films that have dared venture into those waters.

Jeffrey Stackhouse

Oh, hell, if Dominion can survive the Right outcry, I think you're coming at the right time, as far as "acceptable." Sounds interesting.

Samantha Mann

Thank you Jeffrey, I hope so!

Pal Sheldon

Hi Samantha.. I love Sci Fi... I know I've said that in public now.. let me know if you need some music for your pilot....

Adam Rhein

Hello Samantha. Look up the book, "Chariots of the Gods" by Erich von Daniken (AWESOME book), or just watch the show on H2 called "Ancient Aliens" that's been on TV, and is still going strong since 2009. Totally not trying to burst your bubble, but the concept of "gods" we worshiped being extra terrestrials back in the day that were actually our ancestors as well is the subject matter of that entire TV series, and Erich's book was a best seller that was written in 1968, and has been made into a film as well. I personally love the idea, and "Ancient Aliens" is one of my favorite shows that I DVR each week. Finding an original idea is super hard to do, but I do wish you luck. I just immediately thought of "Ancient Aliens" as soon as I ready your post, since it's almost spot on a show that's already on TV every Friday night.

Samantha Mann

I've seen Ancient Aliens, it's partly what inspired the concept. But my thoughts were to utilize some the concepts into an original fictional storyline. At the very core there's very little out there that's truly "original", it's how the story is told, and how the characters are developed that define whether the story is unique. I'm glad that that's the impression you got, because it's sort of what I'm going for to a degree but not quite. Obviously I'm not trying to rip off ideas, but since the concept isn't that original anymore, it definitely comes down to how I present it, and how I develop my characters. :)

Mike Milton

Hi, Samantha. I'm a long time SF fan (since I was a kid mid-last century - ouch) I'm actually developing a story idea for a utopian disaster film ('don't think anyone has done one of those yet)

Daniel Fahey

Sounds great Samantha, can't wait to see more about your work.

Dawn Gonchar

Hi Samantha, Sounds pretty cool - keep us posted!

Boomer Murrhee

Welcome Samantha, I like your concepts. I have several SF ideas in my ideas folder for a possible next project. Look forward to your posts.

Raghu Nandan

Welcome to Stage 32. Lets Stay in touch and explore ways of mutually benefiting each other by leveraging each others skills. Checkout my profile for more details . Cheers Raghu

Fran Vallone-Trendler

Hi Sam love that your concepts aren't all fairies and witches. Sounds like the story lines well have multiple levels of depth and texture.

Benjamin M. Allotey

Sounds interesting! Welcome to Stage 32! I'm into Sci-Fi myself and your pilot has potential!

Mike Romoth

Hurrah for the Sci-Fi crowd! I've been into Sci-Fi since I was a wee tyke back in the day. As far as original ideas go...yeah, most everything has been done before. But great characters and new angles are what matter most.

Taya Mathias

Sounds exciting! Is that the Winter Soldier look you're going for in your profile pic? Looks great!

Angel Matheson

Sounds like you are a deep thinker. Can't wait to see some of your work.

Kathleen Stevens

I really like the idea behind your Sci-Fi script, and look forward to reading more.

Anthony Mouasso

Well, maybe everything has been done on tv or movies, but when you compare science-fiction novels and their counterpart in the audiovisual domain there is a gap of almost 20 years. Novels costing far less to make than a movie, they are obviously far ahead in terms of "novelty". Stating that everything has been made already doesn't seem so obvious to me. Bu hey I'm saying that just so we can discuss about it! ;)

Serita Stevens

Don't say aspiring, that puts you down. As long as your tush is at the typewriter or computer, you are a writer. period. I've done over 38 books and scripts - some produced and others optioned. You might be interested in my new book from Motivational Press - The Ultimate Writer's Workbook for Books and Scripts. It's based on my years of teaching at USC, UCLA, etc. For my readers I am offering a free critique of their first ten pages. I do novelizations, adaptations, ghosting, doctoring, analysis as well as books and scripts. Let me know if I can help you with anything. No question is too small. You can write me directly at sstevenstarlow@gmail.com. Put Stage 32 in the subject or it might get overlooked.


I'm with @Serita Stevens on using the word "aspiring". Noted GA author Tina McElroy Ansa said something similar at a writing workshop at Spelman College: 'I am a writer because I write, not because some publisher has seen fit to publish my work.'

Jeffrey Stackhouse

It's pretty much only in the arts that that thought gets any traction, altho anyone can call themselves whatever does their mindset good, by me. But, if you lay bricks in your back yard, it doesn't make you a bricklayer. If you really really understand the law, it doesn't make you a lawyer (there's a test, for that one).

Graham Giddy

Well you are inspiring, keep the dream alive, like you I dabble in the occasional Science fiction either here on Earth or where we came from and one day head back, the latter had The Rose of Jennifer supressed then relegated to Kindle but not for long. Their is a lot of people out their who doesn't want Gods and Goddesses to change so all the best I am behind you.

Angel Matheson

Best of luck to you J.D.

Samantha Mann

Thank you guys for the comments, sorry I haven't responded much but I appreciate all the support and feedback. You guys are great! :)

Patrick Opitz

Humans being descended from Gods certainly squares with the Rigsthula.

Robert Cannon

Would you be interested in working with me on a project?

Samantha Mann

Interesting Patrick, I'll have to look into his work. Did he do a version of the Eddas? It looks like he did according to google, but I'm curious if it's like Snorri's or if it's different? Maybe Robert, I'd need more information.

Graham Giddy

Hi Sam, sounds if you are riding my thought waves. Tomorrow I hope I finish the forth draft titled ....2050. The 154 pages novel will be adapted for screen next month when I am in Canada. Already it has turned heads but if you sneak a peak on Kindle at the beginning of the second chapter of The Rose of Jennifer you can see why some parts of Nth Carolina collapsed and it is supressed from novel form, not until the last chapter they forgiven me. The ????2050 is up your alley. keep the great work up.

Patrick Opitz

Yes, it is in the Elder Edda collected by Saemund Sigfusson. One of the major difference I have found between his work and Snorri's is that Saemund tended to preserve the Epic Poetic style of his material while Snorri wrote the Gylfaginning portion of his Edda in prose.

Amyana Bartley

Hi Samantha! The origins of our universe is EXACTLY what the script I just finished consists of:)). It's a sci-fi/fantasy. Love to chat with you sometime:)

Angel Matheson

Jeffrey, I believe it's the power of manifestation we are going for here.

Eric Stallard

Many moons ago when I had an interest in working in the comic book industry, I had come up with a myriad of ideas and characters. The one that I invested the most time and backstory in fell right in line with your concept, but with a lot of use of were-creatures and ancient horror stories. I later worked on adapting the stories to TV or film and then the TV show Grimm came out and hit on a lot of the same ideas I had, although mine was more of a grand scale of things, that span eons like the movies, Underworld or Stargate, not a cop/crime show. I just think it's rather interesting how many people have much different backgrounds/experiences and still come up with very similar ideas for stories. I really should try to dig out some of my old idea books from when I was a kid and see about building stories out of them again. The 4-5 scripts I've been bouncing around my head lately and sloooooooowwwwwwly getting written have hit a snag, so it may help spur things along again. Anyhoo, keep on writing, polishing and pushing to get your original stories out there and maybe Hollywood will take a chance on something new.

Serita Stevens

Don't say aspiring. It puts you down. If your tush is at the computer chair, you are a writer, plain and simple. Many writers take years to get published or produced. I wrote 8 books before my 8th became my first published one. I was later able to go back and revise 4 of the 7 for publication. I was still learning my craft then. Every word you write makes you a better writer.

Angel Matheson

Serita, that is the best advice I have seen anyone give about any subject Thank you so much for sharing. You are a successful writer and you had to go back a rewrite. You learned and grew as a writer. Its good to know that it ins' easy for some and not for others. People say keep plugging along but you are honest with your own experience. Thank you,


@Serita Stevens that's a great testimony...very inspiring. Thanks for sharing.

Danny Souris

Hello Samantha

Tina Field Howe

I love your sci-fi topics! I also have similar writing interests.

George Lamptey

Interesting approach Tina to the sci fi topics. Thanks for sharing this

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