Introduce Yourself : Writer/Director. by Paul T. Murray

Paul T. Murray


Hi. Paul T. Murray here. I've had 7 features produced with 2 Oscar winners and 5 nominees. Also directed "Boiler Maker." Winner of Best Feature Film at 2 festivals. It only took 31 years! I abide by the 10,000 hour rule.

Nadia Islam

Amazing work!!! I'm working hard to achive my Dreams too.

Dan Azar

Awesome Paul!

Mary Rives

persistance so often does pay!

Fattie Butters

This made me smile. May each day bring something joyous for you.

Viquii Johannesson (Vicki Johnson)

Tell me more about the 10,000 hour rule

James Holzrichter

Well, it's good to e-meet you!! ;)

Nathan Ross Freeman

I am up in years but a young filmmaker born around 2005. Spent most of my years as a playwright and teacher of the craft. I don't have 10000 hours. Watch me work.

Johanna Marshall

With the eyes of passion, time is irrelevant!!!!!!March on................................

Johnny Farrell

Very impressive Paul, I'd very much like to add you to my network!

John Gray

Extremely impressive! Rock on!

Gary Craig

That's it! Getting it done cause P.T.M is focused

Lina Jones

Great resume welcome.

Tamara Thelander

Wow! Well done! It's nice to see that hard work pays off :)

James Durward

Impressive. Which films were the Oscars?

Matt Milne

Many people fail because they had plenty of opportunities to quit and they took the easy way out, it's those who keep going and are determined to get there no matter what, who succeed. congrats.

Marie E. LeBlanc

What are the names of the 7 features, 2 Oscar winners and 5 nominees ? Curious.

Joshua C. Allen

No better time than the present! Good stuff Paul!! Cheers dude!

Paul T. Murray

Martin Landau, Louise Fletcher, Burt Young, Charles Durning, Mark Ruffalo, Ethan Hawke, etc. Features and other credits

Mark Ratering

I worked with Louise I produced Flowers in the Attic. I'm looking for shorts to show at the Oman short film fest.... may I show Boiler Maker? Tnx Mark Ratering

Paul T. Murray

Mark - Louise was in Very Mean Men. Boiler Maker is also feature. You can show either one, but looks like you're looking for shorts? I have two shorts, Out Of Exits and The Claddagh Ring.

Denise Cruz-Castino

I believe in the 10,000 hours too. I'm at about 15 years at this and I'm finally seeing it pay off. I guess persistence does pay! Congrats to you on your success.

Justin Kapr

I'm not sure what the 10,000 hour rule is, but I'm guessing it means hard work. If that's the case, nominate me for the lifetime achievement award. Although... I have achieved nothing.

Denise Cruz-Castino

Brian, so true! I've seen so many talented writer friends fall by the wayside and I think, where are you going?! But they give up and I think, well, more for me.

Mark Ratering

Thanks what are you doing now? Would you be interested in a free trip to Oman and show your work and talk about the "New Hollwood" to the Omani Film Society? I will tell you dates soon.

Mark Ratering

Paul festival and symposium last week sept or first week oct mark

Jennifer Abernethy

Raising my glass to you!

Beverly Leech

Hey Paul - Small World!! Good to see you buddy! Bev

Scott Goldberg

Hi Paul, what great accomplishments! If you ever need some new blood, that is up and coming, please contact me. Best, Scott

Nick Arlea

Hello, Mr. Paul. That's awesome to be recognized for all the hard work you have put into making your dreams come true. I wish you much more success. I would love an opportunity to audition for one of your upcoming projects. Take care, Nick Arlea Sag/Aftra Actor and singer.

Vincent Ticali

Hey Paul. You've done some Awesome work. The accolades are nice, but even nicer that the films stand on their own merits. Always great when a writer/director has a unique, strong voice and vision.

Victoria Stevens

Hello Paul. I wish you much success. I would love to audition for you in the future. I am an actress and a dancer.

Bob Marchand

Only 31 years, boy does time fly when you're having fun.. It's great to work in what you love. Keep it going and spread your good fortune.

Jeanette Smith Andersen

Way to go Paul and keep up the great work.

Lae Monier

Way to go, Paul. I've just finished a screenplay. Details are on my profile. It'd be awesome if you could take a look and share your thoughts.

Chuck Conaway

Hey P: You the man... I'm a s/writer with 3 scripts produced. Last film took Best Film & Audience Favorite at the 2007 Moondance IFF. This won't shock you - I have a couple scripts I'd love to have you take a look -Chuck Conaway

Autumn Weisz

Hi, Paul...I'm Autumn Weisz.

Kimberly Brouillette

Hello Paul: I'm a writer/editor with approximately 25 published books to my credit. I just released a murder mystery that is getting great reviews already on Amazon & B&N. I have begun working more on screenplays, and thought I'd introduce myself. Let me know if I can be of assistance. Thank you.

Simon Berry

Hi Paul, welcome! It's great to see you on 'the 32' Should you ever need a 'me' be it to act, sing, perform breathtaking martial arts or all three please get in touch, have a fabulous intro~time-you seem very popular immediately. Like a cool kid at a new school :) Simon :)

Eddie Pratt

Hello Paul. I'm an actor in Hollywood. Hope to work with you soon. Good luck with your upcoming projects.

Anil Agnihotri

Well congrats for your achievements. God Bless

Nadine Ezra

Nice to meet you Paul. Congrats on all your achievements!

Tonya June Moore

AWESOME!!! Congrats on all of your hard work paying off!!!!

Eric Giovon

Hi Paul - congrats on everything! If you're ever looking for a DP - check out my work at Would love to collaborate.

Toto Dzingwa

Hey Paul, firstly I would really like to congratulate you on your achievement/s it really does give hope of ever reaching that level or close enough to the one you reached, but the dream continues as I'm sure there's more films to make. I recently graduated this year, writer/director is it would be. I'm fortunate enough to have been working with my lecturers as they 4 of them co-own a production company, but this has been as a memeber of the camera department. to try in minimum this: I want to start focusing on my writting and most of all start Directing. I would like to know your journey to your first production. for you to be where you are, started somewhare I hope you'd be so kind as to sahre. Thank you

Abraham Nissan

Hello Mr. Paul. If you ever look for a good script ---no--- great script, check my movies scripts page: I worked with Spielberg writing The Terminal.

Arhynn Descy

Good to meet you! Congrats on your successes....I'm still chipping away at my 10,000 hours.... and enjoying it too!! Arhynn

Öystein Thorsen

Crap. I haven't been counting hours.. wonder how many I've got left.

James C. Stewart

G'day Paul from a New Zealander now living in NYC!

Lyn Horner

That's quite a string of achievements. Congrats to you, Paul, for your hard-earned success. I've been writing (books, not scripts) for close to thirty years. Much of that time was spent learning and improving my craft while bringing up my kids. It was hard, often frustrating, but it's led to some small successes. I'm glad I didn't give up.

Ann Oldham

Hi Paul, Please check out my website . Either would make a great movie or series. Civil War vets. Ann

Yvonne Borgogni

Congratulations! I'm impressed. And yes, I agree, it takes about 10,000 hours. :)))

James Gregory

Hi Paul, wasn't you a co-writer with 'What doesn't kill you'? Have you ever thought about producing/directing a 3D CGI animated feature?

Marie E. LeBlanc

@PAUL: I like your comment "..only 31 years!" In the arts, generally, I think it usually takes about that long before you can actually start to make a living at it. :)

Linda Harborth

I am a songwriter only - not a musician, singer or in a band. I believe it all does start with a song and that is my gift and talent to the world... my exceptional songs. I have been called "The Golden Pen". I record in Nashville and write mainly in Indie/Country/Pop genres - ASCAP and Harry Fox Agency member. My work is out on SoundCloud at My songs have been considered for NSAI Publishers Luncheons, on the radio, recorded/published on various artist's albums - one internationally, on an award winning Indie film, and been on the Independent Music Network charts for over a year. If you ever have a need for top notch original songs, please feel free to give me a holler...

Martin Häne

congratulations! if you ever need music for one of your projects, you may found some here: my recent credits include "people like us" (dreamworks, feat michelle pfeiffer, 2012), "warrior" (lions gate, feat. tom hardy), many TV-shows etc.

Lina Jones

Hello and welcome I loved the Boiler Maker.

Sonja Jones


Erica Miner

Only 31 years, Paul? Then I still have time ;-)

Rex George

ME: Director : Malayalam Feature feature film CHAMPION THOMAS Serial: Hey Bhai Ithu Dubai Serial: Ayal Paranja Kadha Serial: My Daddy & Me Founder & Director: Dubai Film Club Producer & Anchor : Survivors of The Storm TV Show. Ad Movies & Coporate Movies Acting Coach Photographer Sript Writer Event Manager Good Speaker Voice over artist Resident of Dubai Worked with: Priyadharshan,Mohanlal,Mammooty,Srinivas,Shankaradi, Jagathy,Shankar,Srinath,Mukesh, Innocent,Mamukoya,Ramu, Pappu,Amrish Puri,Prabhu,Anu Kapoor,Cochin Haneefa,Nedumudi, Poojappura Ravi,Thampi Kannamthanam,Thilakan,Captain Raju, Sukumary,KPAC lalitha,Menaka,i,Sreeja,Seema,Philomina,Lizzy, & Many More Trained: At least 75 trained ordinary people to act and brought before the camera to made actors and continuing.

Taylor Hay

Wow! Congratulations. Glad to see you on the site!

Marissa Mutascio

What is the 10,000 hour rule? I'm intrigued!

Nina Norstrom

Yes, what is the 10,00 hour rule???

Joel Paul Sciberras

very interesting

Ira Altman

Hi Paul. Are you in the market for a Drama/Biopic/ Historical feature? If so, why not check out my screenplay, Red Crucible, posted on this site?

Paul T. Murray

Yes. I actually have over 30,000 hours.

Lina Jones

Hello & welcome, You have a good resume and I loved that moview "Boiler Maker" as a matter of fact.

Jay Sawyer

Paul! I am a professional union VO talent who specializes in voicing movie trailers. Let me know how I can help! --Jay Sawyer VoiceMaster Ltd.

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