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Cheryl White

Best device for reading scripts

Hi all, I'm wanting to buy a device for downloading and reading pdf scripts on the move. I normally use a kindle - font is too small/layout poor - or an iPad but can't save pdfs. Laptop is a bit cumbersome when I'm reading in bed/on the move. Any one got a preferred device? Thanks Cheryl.

Marcus Leighton

I like the iPad as well. Took my wife's battered old one for that exact purpose. If I find a script online, I just hit the "open in Ibooks" in the corner and it saves the PDF to my Ibooks library.

Cheryl White

Ah, I didn't know that about Ibooks - thanks Marcus for pointing it out. I'll check it out.

A. S. Templeton

Standard ipad or tablet is IMO too small. There's a good reason for Courier 12 pt on 8-1/2x11". One can buy the iPad Pro of cour$e... ?? I save and read pdfs on my iPad all the time, but not usually for reading scripts. BTW for early proofing passes I export to either RTF or PDF, then import into the Voice Dream app. Reading at 235 wpm makes for an average 1 minute per page, but one can crank it up to 325-350 wpm for a zippy read. This way I can get in a good daily walk and not have to risk tripping over obstacles. It's especially good for debugging crappy dialog and overwritten action.

Anthony Moore

I use a Kindle Fire and and WPS Office that can read PDFs. I can change fonts and font sizes to make it more readable but the default seems fine to me.

William Martell


Tony Cella


Elvira Drake

I too use my tablet with a kindle app.... you can change the font size on kindle ebooks... but I'm not sure about PDFs... I think you can use your fingers to ZOOM IN on the page.

Anthony Cawood

I use my iPad and my iPhone using John August's Weekend Read app which he specifically designed for reading screenplays, it works great.

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