Screenwriting : Finding a Script by Frank McGuire

Frank McGuire

Finding a Script

I'm wondering where one would go to marry up a filmmaker with a screenwriter or script. I want to find a script I can use to shoot a short film. Where would I begin to look? (On Stage 32 of course). Thanks

Eoin O'Sullivan

Hi Frank,

You can use the Jobs section of Stage 32, or you can post details here of the genre and type of script you are looking for. CJ Walley has a website called with a database of script that you can search using various selection criteria.

Richard Banton

Simply Scripts is another, excellent database.

Brian Rhodes

By Filmmaker what do you mean? Cinematographer? Director? Editor? Producing? Casting? All of the above? One option might be to have a script written that is created for you based on something in your life - a collaboration if you will and have an agreement in place that on completion you get the exclusive rights to the film. For what it's worth!

Craig D Griffiths

Script revolution

Jay Han-San

That's the place!

John Ellis

Right here! :) I have two short scripts I'd be happy to have you read. One's a mostly contained drama, the other a thriller (still contained, but with a bit of SFX).

Jon Shallit

I have your script ready to go. 14 pages. Twist ending. 4 main actors, two extras. Social comedy and relevant.

Jason Mirch

Hey Frank McGuire! Looks like you have a ton of options right at your fingertips! Keep us posted! I hope you find something great!

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