Screenwriting : First script by Susan Marie Alewine

Susan Marie Alewine

First script

Hi I'm susan -i've just completed my first script! Now what? How do I know if it is any good? Thanks!

Eoin O'Sullivan

Hi Susan. Congratulations on writing FADE OUT. If you'd like feedback on your script, you can join one of the many online communities that give feedback on scripts, like Simplyscripts, Triggerstreet etc or engage the services websites that provide coverage or script notes, like The Happy Writers. For peace of mind, copyright your material before you submit online,

Taylor Albertson

Susan, I would get coverage. I do recommend Screen Craft, they are good people and give great comments. Coverage can be pricey but worth it, just choose the right company. You can also try contests ( and get judges feedback,

Robert Dan O'Neill

Hi Susan, according to Taylor, he´s right, try also Reel Writers Service - Proofread. It would help you a lot. Good luck and keep writing!

Robert Dan O'Neill

go to Screenplay proofreading,editing,analysis. You also receive a scorecard. Take part in their competion after proofreading, maybe you´ll reveice a recommend!

Brad Brown

I suggest reading scripts in the same genre that have been produced. As many as you can find. Then I would punch up or rewrite yours accordingly. After that, then I would pursue some of the suggested routes.

Geno Scala

Hi Susan! You really have to know the spec screenwriting rules first before you can expect anything positive in the way of coverages, contests or anything else you'll have to pay for. Our company, The Script Mentor ( offers a FREE first ten page read and we comment on everything from logline to formatting, structure and character development. You might want to check that out first before you throw away your money. No knowing anything about your background, experience or education, I wouldn't presume to call it "rubbish", but more often than not the basic rules are overlooked because of the lack of any kind of formal training in the craft.

B.J. Grogan

Geno, I went to your site and could not find the offer of a FREE first ten page read. Where do I find that?

Laurie Ashbourne

Congrats, Susan! Be wary of paying for coverage service after your first draft, if you have a writer's group or someone that you trust to give you an honest opinion let them have a read. Otherwise, put it aside and go read other scripts with a similar tone and/or genre -- read good and bad ones. Then sit down and write out a short paragraph and logline of what your story is limit yourself in how long it is, the simpler you can tell it the stronger it probably is. (That will take longer than you think). After a couple of weeks go through it again, if you got friends that would be game, consider a table read this will also help pinpoint things that aren't clear, dialogue that isn't natural etc. After you clean it up for the 4th and 5th time, consider coverage but do some homework. There are a lot of scammers out there.

Ami Brown

Trigger is a great way to get it read with helpful feedback and it's all free. You just have to read some too. Make sure to register it first with WGA before submitting it. You can make edits based on their comments and suggestions if you agree. But it 's a nice way of getting non-biased feedback. (no one you know)

Victor Dobbins

Good to and find the most significant contest that offer free feedback. With the feedback and actual contest results, you get a good idea of where your writing stacks up.

Danny Manus

it is truly amazing how many writers do the wrong thing after finishing a script. people wonder why they arent getting found and breaking in... its because they are just blatantly doing things that can't possibly help them.

William Martell

Write a bunch more scripts.

Chanel Ashley

Well done on your achievement, I agree with TriggerStreet and Zoetrobe, good choices, but may I also suggest you upload your script/synopsis/logline here - some members here may accommodate and offer feedback - good luck.

Cherie Grant

I agree now go write more scripts. there is no way your first will be presentable.

Taylor Albertson

Get feedback on that first script. Screen Craft is great on that. Or enter a contest and get feedback with your entry. The point is you got to learn how the industry will receive it, good or bad. Take the lumps, learn, and NEVER GIVE UP.

Taylor Albertson

Ben's advice is great. Ben, I hope you sold that screenplay.

Taylor Albertson

Ben, best of luck. God bless you with those producers and getting it made!

Christian S Valenza

Let's have it, the good one always get passed around, but you can try Trigger Street, but first register it with the guild. You can also try good site for getting seen.

Tom Kubrak

Hey Susan! How's everything going? Still writing?

Dan Guardino

This is a four year old message. I am sure Susan isn't still working on that first screenplay she finished four years ago.

John Iannucci

I thought trigger street shut down? Wasn’t that Spacey’s company?

Doug Nelson

Trigger Street has long ago shut down (not long after we shot Jump.) - Very old/outdated thread.

Tom Kubrak

Hey you never know! Great things take time!

Dan Guardino

Don't do anything with it until you have someone with more experience read it and let you know if it ready to be read by people in the industry.

Doug Nelson

Tom; we talkin' screenwritin' or wine makin' here?

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