Screenwriting : What sort of job are you wrong for? by Craig D Griffiths

Craig D Griffiths

What sort of job are you wrong for?

Let’s get all the stock answers out of the way. No free jobs, jobs that don’t pay etc.

What sort of genre or story would you pass on. For me comedy and romance. Can’t do either good enough to be proud of the outcome.

I am a high drama, crime, death at a stretch horror guy.

Phil Parker

I wouldn't be right for straight horror or straight romance, but if they were mixed equally with something else, e.g. Aliens/World War Z or Romancing the Stone/Passengers, I'd definitely jump on that.

Dan MaxXx

Horror, comedy, biopics, period, sci-fi, docu-drama courtrooms... but call me for something in-between Sharknado & John Wick. I can imagine that.

Phillip "Le Raconteur" Hardy

I'll take a crack at anything. I'm not a huge fan of sci-fi/fantasy but have ventured into both genres.

Steve Cleary

Horror, LGBTQ+ or anything supernatural I'm not a good fit for (not that there's anything wrong with them) :^}

Jeff Caldwell

Pretty much right there with ya with comedy and romance. I think I do well with comic relief and love interests but don't think I'd have any interest in them straight up.

Jeff Caldwell

And no propaganda like Kay said.

Doug Nelson

Wrong for: horror, serious drama, LGBTQ, sci-fi or any preaching. Right for: comedy (dark/lite), paranormal comedy, thriller, lite drama and probably a few others. Ya don't know until you try. I'm really in to premise driven shorts right now.

Chris Todd

I think with time I could jump into more genres, but I’m pretty much in the comedy (sitcom) and rom-com zone. I have a concise scene description style that probably wouldn’t work for action/horror/etc.

Frankie Gaddo

Horror. Not my cup of tea. Unless if it's moderate as a sub genre. Something like A Quiet Place.

Jim Boston

Craig, to tell you the truth, I'm not into writing sci-fi or horror...yet. I'm more into comedy.

Craig D Griffiths

I think as we improve as writers we also come to see our own strengths.

I believe the difference (one of a few) between amateur and professionalism is the ability to know what we are personally good at. To truly know ourselves as writers. Thank you all. This has been great to read.

I have one script with a lesbian couple. But it doesn’t address a single social issue, other than single motherhood (which my mum was). So I too couldn’t write a LGBTQ+ script with ant credibility.

Stephen Floyd

Almost everything I touch turns into a crime drama, if it was supposed to be or not. So don’t sign me up for something without intrigue and a body count.

K Kalyanaraman

I feel I am not good at romance and comedies. This inhibition has restricted me to even attempt a screenplay in these genres. I seem to reach out for drama, horror, thriller, sci-fi and history when it comes to writing!

Felix Agyeman Boahen

I have never thought about comedies. Action/adventures I feel better there, and sci-fi, I think I have some pretty ideas over there.

Roo Black

Same here, no comedy or romance for me. All my stuff tends to be of a darker nature.

Lawrence Davidson

I really enjoy writing both comedy, and romance, oddly enough. Horror is difficult for me, but I'd work at it. I think I'd fail hard on Biopics, that would be a nightmare for me. Those, and mysteries. I just don't have enough experience creating either in a satisfying way.

Stevie T

I'd go see Wicknado.

Imo Wimana Chadband

I'm more in my element with Drama, Action, and Horror, but I'll at least tackle anything except sci-fi and Comedy. Those two I don't want anything to do with, especially comedy.

Dan Guardino

I don't think I would pass on anything if I was in the mood to write and had the time.

Peter Roach

I can't do romance; not a Harry met Sally type of person. I tend to write better when I weave some aspects of culture into a story. I love sci-fi, so all my stories have some fantasy thread mixed in.

Nikki April Lee

Sci-fi, anything about talking robots, virus outbreaks, and space exploration just bores me. I'm all about romantic dramas, social issues, and tragedies. :)

Cherie Grant

Last year I would have said horror and period, but then I went on to do one with both and it's my best work so far, lol. So I guess Christmas, romance/Hallmark type stuff. Also soaps. Just a big nope. I just could not bring up the interest in me to do a soap.

Kristy Ellington

Id like to think that as long as I could make an emotional connection to something, or find a “way in,” that I could write in any genre. Maybe that’s just wishful thinking ...? That being said I love dramas and sci fi and historical adaptations and tend to lean towards those.

Olga Aquije

Comedy and sci-fiction

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