Success Stories: DEC'1 6 requests since joining!

Robert Nazar Arjoyan

6 requests since joining!

Hey everyone! Since joining a little over a month ago, I've gotten six requests for my script. Joey's everlasting patience and kindness have been wonderful. This is a terrific community and Joey is doing fantastic things for us all!

Amanda Toney

Congrats, Robert that's so awesome! Best of luck!

Robert Nazar Arjoyan

Thank you, Shannon!

Shawn Speake

That's fantastic. Congrats!

Shawn Speake

I hear you, Kass! We gotta get Joey in on our scripts!

Shari D. Frost

Congrats and welcome!

Rick Reynolds


Mark LaFever

Great news, Robert! Congratulations!

Phil Parker

Kicking b#tt and taking names! Well done!

Dan Healey


C. D-Broughton

That's SIX more than most writers get in a lifetime. I know that we should be measuring SALES and not requests, but considering how hard it is to not be ignored, Joey et al must be doing a great f**king job! But congratulations to you all the same - it's your work that people are reading and I hope you get optioned/hired soon.

Richard Seidman

Wonderful, Robert! And hooray for Joey!

Chris Gross


Robert Nazar Arjoyan

Thanks, everybody!

Joseph Dispenza


LindaAnn Loschiavo

Six requests --- great news! We're all happy for you, Robert.

Dan C. Corley

Six requests is wonderful. All I have managed in six months is three.

Shawn Speake

That's what's up!

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