Success Stories: FEB'19 Requested!


OMG! I finally got the news I've been waiting for the past five months! I've submitted to about half a dozen producers, and through their critiques, finally made it through to one requesting the screenplay! Now, biting my nails!!!

Sylvia Marie Llewellyn

That's all we need is ONE PERSON to say YES. Congrats Dr. B. I'm sure there'll be more.

Emma J Steele

Congratulations, Becky, your persistence paid off!

Chuck Pressler

Congrats to you, yay!

Lynn Wilkinson

What a wonderful feeling, enjoy it and good luck.

Ash Ley

Hey good for u. All the best. Hope it makes a gr8 movie

Boomer Murrhee

May this be only the beginning...

Phil Parker

Fantastic job!

Shawn Speake

Great news, Doc! Don't eat your nails! That will hurt when it's time to write!

Frank D'Angeli (aka Douglas Wentworth)

best of luck. Being tenacious truly pays off!

Dr. Becky Sue Conright Usry

Funny story: our physician told me I should get my husband a night nurse (he was keeping me up at the time, with pain, which has since been resolved). I told her, "I can't afford it right now...I'll have to wait until I sell my scripts." The doctor opened her eyes wide in horror and replied, "Oh, Becky! Don't tell your doctor you're going to sell your scrips!" I hastily explained, "Scripts, not scrips" & we both busted up laughing.

Helena Ellison

Lol! Congrats to the request :)

William G Chandler Jr

It only means work until it gets right. Congrats.

Lynn Wilkinson

Wonderful, many, many congratulations. I hope it works out wellforyou.

Laura Saitta

Congrats! Good luck!

Harold Vandyke

Sounds great. Good luck. No scrips, just scripts!

Debora Seidman

Congrats and good luck!!

Andrea. Gager

Tye whatever you produce will be awesome.,i hope all your crews come together for yoyr successful film or projects....

Wendy Nichols

Wonderful news. Hope the door opens for you. xx

Vincent Leong

Good luck! I offer you all my support!

Allen Hahn

Your foot's in the door now. Huge step-up! Best wishes Becks.

Taylor Hay


Bob Conder


Kathi Carey

Best of luck!

Narendra Simone

Great job.

Gigi M. Green

Congrats on staying committed.

William G Chandler Jr


Jisen John Ho

Congratulations! but that is only the beginning. If that 1 producer wants your work then what does that mean? * Does it give you enough money to put your 2 kids thru college? (I doubt so) * Will it open enough doors to make it easy for you to achieve a living from future projects? I am not sure, but if even big name writers need to fight to stay relevant and many of them do not, then put your ego aside and ask yourself. Even in the best case scenario. My movie script earns me: XYZ dollars which takes of 123 problems and leaves in me ABC state of life where I was in CDE state of life before. Bottom line: Assume you win and then think about what's next ..

Neringa Bryant

Continue to shine!!!!

Diane Kryzaniak

Awesome!!! Congratulations, wonderful job....

Dee Chu

Congrats! Sell it! Aloha Doris in Hawaii

Neringa Bryant

I love success stories... every step counts.

Timothy A. Satrom

Sweet! Becky, I'll keep my fingers crossed. You'll go far!

Richard "RB" Botto

Love that you used the constructive criticism to move your screenplay forward to the point where you have now been requested, Becky. Well deserved.

Dr. Becky Sue Conright Usry

Thank you, Everybody! No word yet, but still hopeful. If no word soon, I'll try another producer. Anyone know how long it takes to hear once your script is requested???

Diane Kryzaniak

Dr. Becky. I am still waiting for my results. It's has been a little over Two months, these producers are really busy. So I am going to just hold tight and wait. In the mean time I am working on my 3rd installment, this way I will have a even bigger project to offer.

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