Uncategorized : Who has influenced you the most? by Luis R. Quintero

Luis R. Quintero

Who has influenced you the most?

Who has influenced you the most?

Nick Lunn

alejandro inarritu & martin scorsese

Oliver J. Hembrough

My dad.

Michael Carten

My parents

Sean Laguna

my mom!

Karla Avendano

My Parents & The book The Alchemist!

Hedley Allen

All the people who have told me "you can't do that" by p@@@ing me off. Oh and lots of incredible people who have given me great stories and art in one form or another :)

Francesca Sophia

my bestfriend.

Junior Fletcher

horrible supervisors who made me never want to get stuck working for them

Kev Minton

my family are a big influence, or maybe I should say motivators. I love different directors work for different reasons so it's hard to pinpoint one of them.

Makenzy Glover

My parents & my grandma

Jennifer Lau

My family: My mom and my grandmother have especially been strong role models for me. They have taught me to be strong and independent.

Richard Meehan

my grandpa, he was a great man with so much wisdom I only WISH I could have had more time with him and learned all he know

Masoud Soheili

isnt your girl/boy friend?:D

Rick Winslow

My father. If he were alive today he'd be 94. He was always on the cutting edge of technology where we lived when growing up. We had the first color TV in town. ;)

Georgios Logothetis

Life in general. Everything has the power to influence a decision we have to make. It just depends really to what you accept ;)

Brynn Baron

Katherine Hepburn, Cary Grant, Meryl Streep, Helen Mirren, Bill Murray, Terence Malik, have all been sources of inspiration and influence on me.

Yazmine Tatiana

No one person. I have been buffeted through my life by everyone who has come into contact with me and it has shaped me to who I am now.

Janelle Meraz Hooper

In writing, the editor Elizabeth Lyon. Working with her was like getting a degree in novel writing.

Michael Rebholz

Easy my Father !!!!!

Jay Palmieri Jr.

John Carpenter's Halloween!! and, my other inspirations are Hitchcock, Lady Gaga, and Debra Hill.

Nitasha Garcia

going through life itself :)

Paris Holley Composer

Their are so many but if I have to pick a few I would choose Leonard Bernstein, Chick Corea, and Quincy Jones have influenced my path in music.

W. Paul Hughes


Jessica Lynne Knight

My mentor and teacher Jeffrey Ingman

Jennifer "JR" Pawley

My grandfather, who believed everyone had the ability to create art.

Luis Ramírez Guzmán

ingmar bergman

Sharon Yusop

believe it or not, the late Michael Jackson

Gareth Brierley

Neil gaimen

Patricia Pena Ong

my ancestors...

Brandi Alyssa Young

Wow, I agree with a lot of the answers, too many to name, my parents, my enemies, the naysayers, Johnny, Helena, Tim, Martin, Steven. Notice I use first names, cuz I plan on being on a first name basis with them all one day. There are no boundaries, only those which we set up for ourselves;-)

LeAnn Lightfoot

My Grandma. She passed in 2001. She was my best friend ever. She taught me to be a lady, to dream the dream and that nothing is impossible. She said no woman should be controlled by an man. She was always optimistic. She is my HERO.

Sari N

My Mother..she gave me the wings throughout my life..

Teri Michelle "Elle" Cochran

My mother

Ben Trebilcook

My dad. His storytelling. His stories. His patience.

Anita Lindawaty SSi MSi

how about u, who influenced u most, amir?

Anita Lindawaty SSi MSi

how about u, who influenced u most, amir?

LB McGill

Isac Dinesen

W. Paul Hughes

George Patton, Audie Murphy, Alvin York,

Karen Keslen

Gary Oldman, Christopher Nolan and Steven Spielberg.

Aldon Baker

My best friend, Linh.

Viquii Johannesson (Vicki Johnson)

My Grandfather, who never got to know me.. it's in the spirit in the blood that entrepreneurs soul

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