Loglines & Screenplays by Mark LaFever

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GENRES: Sci-fi, Horror, Comedy

Summer, 1969.  On an island off the Massachusetts coast, a drunken, womanizing and married United States senator picks the wrong woman to love and leave – a mermaid with the power of hypnotic song.


GENRES: Historical, Thriller

Late November, 1963.  With the world still in shock after President Kennedy’s assassination, the KGB is in a panic.  Could one of their assets have had something to do with the fatal shots fired in Dallas?  Moscow Centre assigns its best undercover U.S. operative to find out – and to cover any incriminating tracks – before Washington hardliners can fix blame on the Soviets.

Eddie the Earthling

GENRES: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Crime, Drama, Sci-fi, Thriller

It’s gangster versus aliens when extraterrestrials abduct rising young Mafioso Eddie Segretti.

Operation Brighteyes

GENRES: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Film-noir, Historical, Horror, Other, Sci-fi, Thriller, War

As World War Two draws to a close, a chance drink from the wrong bottle transforms Archie Ziff - a hapless sailor and wanna-be movie star - into an almost-invisible spy for British Intelligence.


GENRES: Historical, Mystery, Thriller

Colonial Williamsburg.  It's a tourist attraction, a living museum, and a shrine to the early history of both Virginia and the United States of America.  But without a secret 1920s land deal, it might never have come to exist.  What if someone had opposed that deal - enough to kill?


GENRES: Action, Crime, Drama

An ex-Marine whose mother's in danger of losing the family farm to the IRS reconnects with an ex-con childhood friend - and together, they hit upon a sceme of robbing underground Islamic banks.  "Knock knock, y'all.  It's tax time."

Bucket Boy

GENRES: Thriller

Dave Grigas, an amateur photographer who wants to be the next Andy Warhol, has an unusual day job: printing Top Secret spy satellite photos at Eastman Kodak for the CIA.  After innocently entering a photography contest, Grigas is tricked, then forced, into spying for the KGB – and must figure out a way to free himself from Soviet control before he’s found out.

The Easter Egg War

GENRES: Thriller

A down-on-his luck comic book creator and a fangirl with a talent for artistic mimicry come up with a scam to convince comics fandom that Jeff Krantz, an eccentric artist long thought to have disappeared, has returned to penciling.  But when the new Krantz-style artwork goes public, the two scammers are suddenly threatened by a mysterious figure – who fears his decades-old crime has been discovered.

Sister K

GENRES: Historical, Thriller

Orphaned and groomed as a nun, a devout but headstrong Polish teen is forced to take shelter from the outbreak of World War Two with a band of Jewish forest partisans. At war’s end, she discovers to her horror that a network of corrupt Catholic priests are helping Nazi war criminals escape justice – and she decides to restore purity to her beloved Church...by any means necessary.

The Rubble King

GENRES: Film-noir, Historical, Thriller

Amid the bombed-out ruins of 1947 Berlin, a serial killer is on the loose and targeting children.  In the ungoverned chaos of a world of rubble, it’s up to American correspondent Georgette Avery – and her reluctant ally, a former German Kriminalpolizei detective – to stop the killings.    

Piecework Heroes

GENRES: Crime, Drama, Film-noir, Historical, Thriller, War

Summer, 1938. After the surprise smash debut of Superman in Action Comics #1, a competing publisher assigns struggling comic book artist Harry Rosen to create a Superman knockoff. Harry accepts – but amid 1930s New York’s mix of labor violence, organized crime, and foreign espionage, he discovers that earning a legit living in the funny-book business is more complicated than he expected...and more dangerous.

40 Love

GENRES: Comedy

In this half-hour sitcom, a socially awkward librarian moves from Canada to New York City to care for her sharp-tongued, aristocratic aunt. When a co-worker persuades her she’s being bullied by her aunt, she agrees to take Assertiveness Training classes – from a temperamental retired tennis champ. 

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