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Blueboy Entertainment VIP is an independent production company with an original sound. We believe that the music comes first, and if you are true to your inspiration and vision everything will fall into place. Blueboy Entertainment VIP provides a wide variety of services from producing your first single we offer songwriting services, we score and compose original songs for film and t.v. And so much more! This unique production label was founded nearly a decade ago by two seasoned music production consultant, Darin "Vamp" Johnson and Sunday Rose The team at Blueboy Entertinment VIP will be with you every step of the way. Their experience crossed a wide variety of music genres This team has been in the business for years making music happen. If you are looking to take your creative genius to the next level, Blueboy Entertainment VIP is for you!Experience the difference when old school values meet high tech creativity and hang on for the ride. Explore the music that Blueboy Entertainment VIP has made noteworthy!!! Let The Music Do The Talking Blueboyentertainmentvip Credits. For Film Projects And Novels 1.Created Them Song For Children Storytelling Book And Program Entitled "BOOYAH BOOKS" 2.Songs And Track Placement For Flags On The Field T.V. series featured on,(Cable T.V. On Demand) "For The Peoples NetWork" 3.Scored And Composed Original Songs For The Film"Taboo The Unthinkable Act"Film produced by (The Peoples Network) Bobby And Renee Peoples 4.Composed Score For The Film "Momas Spirit"Film produced by Ripp Entertainment Films 5.Song Placements in the film "When A Woman Loves A Man" Film produced by Kei LaGuins Productions 6.Produced Soundtrack Album For The Film "Taboo The Unthinkable Act" 7.The Novel "Out Of Town Shooter" A Grimey attention-grabbing novel about a street Hustler turned into an"Out Of Town Shooter"On his journey he encounters fakeness,love,greed, betrayal and how the POWER OF how the Universe works.(God) Book Author:James Wood At Halo Publishing, LLC. Book Sound Track Coming Soon Todd B. Song "Street Life"Is On This Soundtrack) Produced By:Darin Vamp Johnson Songwriters Darin Vamp Johnson And Todd B.

The Art Of Monteque

The Art Of Monteque is an independent art organization which was designed to showcase artisans and their expression. Featuring the arts in all its forms. We have three missions which are to invest in the creative potential of the community by developing support for individual artisans with a focus on creating a network which would help the artisan with their projects; thereby helping people and the community excel. By creating an organization that partners with individual artisans, we are able provide opportunities that one might not have. Also by developing a community of individual artisans helping each other with their projects we are able to arrange meetings, workshops, lectures performances, showings and support. We strive for excellence in what we do and hope to show what is possible when a group comes together for one propose. Second is to help create a community where at risk individuals and veterans are capable of extraordinary transformation though teaching, learning, and evolving though experience. Third is to foster and cultivate the next generation of artisans. Passing along to them the long lost old world techniques, tools and teaching craftsmanship for them to become great artisans of the future. By helping others we feel it can cause a ripple effect, which would help the community as a whole. While using the arts to create social change. Along with sowing the seeds of solutions through the transformative power of the arts. The Art Of Monteque Organization is a 100% non profit organization, which is a sponsored project of Fractured Atlas, a non-profit arts service organization. Contributions for the charitable purposes of The Art Of Monteque Organization must be made payable to Fractured Atlas only and are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law. Please join us in supporting great artisans and the arts! To make a contribution, please use this link

First Lady MP4

First Lady A to Z

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Here ar 5 remedies that can put a relief to your bed bug problem. You can either use these remedies or you can seek help from bed bug pest control Roseville CA or you can visit

Highly Ghosted 1st cut trailer

Medicinal Mike and his team of ghost hunters visit a haunted grow farm in Pasadena California.

Kim Saunders

Monologue Audition 2019 video

6 Personality


Northern Sea.mp4

Wow- I just got back from a studio session with a really good producer/writer all 'round great musician. I wrote this song and we arranged it together tonight- take a listen- it's amazing! The song is called "Northern Sea". Loralie w/ Matt Sunstedt

The Relay Short Film Teaser Trailer (Private Screening in Santa…

A young man struggles to come to terms with the tragic loss of his younger brother when a mysterious A.I. offers him the chance to look into his past to come to terms with his grief and to explore just how powerful the bond of love can be. The Relay just started it's Festival Funding campaing, learn more about the story behind the film here: In Los Angeles? Comment and let's connect, space is limited. My email is
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