The Stage 32 Videos: California

It's Introduce Yourself Weekend on Stage 32! Who are you? What have you been working on? We want to know! Head over to the Introduce Yourself Lounge and network with your fellow creatives - you never know when you'll make a connection that will change your career!

Highly Ghosted 1st cut trailer

Medicinal Mike and his team of ghost hunters visit a haunted grow farm in Pasadena California.

Kim Saunders

Monologue Audition 2019 video

6 Personality


Northern Sea.mp4

Wow- I just got back from a studio session with a really good producer/writer all 'round great musician. I wrote this song and we arranged it together tonight- take a listen- it's amazing! The song is called "Northern Sea". Loralie w/ Matt Sunstedt

The Relay Short Film Teaser Trailer (Private Screening in Santa…

A young man struggles to come to terms with the tragic loss of his younger brother when a mysterious A.I. offers him the chance to look into his past to come to terms with his grief and to explore just how powerful the bond of love can be. The Relay just started it's Festival Funding campaing, learn more about the story behind the film here: In Los Angeles? Comment and let's connect, space is limited. My email is

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Reclaiming Friendship Park

Why would a tough businessman suddenly become obsessed with friendship if not to reclaim something that he never knew he gave away?
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