The Stage 32 Videos: Cinema

Shipwreck Theater Presents: Cthulhu and Friends 2018 (episode 01…

Shipwreck Theater is the first of its kind hosted film series completely hosted by puppets. The puppets themselves were carefully crafted by Beth O'Brien of ...

Cinematography Reel 2015-2017

My works during 2015-2017 BGM credit: Swing brook (2722/7) - Noah Sorota (BMI)

Adam Trzcinski - Showreel

Brighton & Hove Sea Safety School Promo Tomb Traveler Dead End Job The Adventure of Jake and Rusty Rogers

Cinematography Showreel 2018

Showreel of my recent work. Music- Dubstep Bensound Canon T series Canon D series Contact Info: 678-806-6087

'Letting Go' Production #3

Letting Go, a project for my Production 1 class. @Copyright Notice I do not own any rights to the songs. All rights belong to the owner of these songs.

Video Village Podcast Ep. 2

In this episode of the Video Village Podcast I have guest DP, Alexxiss S. Jackson. Alexxiss is a respected cinematographer in the industry. We talk about her experience in the industry as a female cinematographer, why cinematographers don’t smoke and how she never had an interest in watching Magic Mike part 1 or 2. We also share similar heartbreak with us being Lions fans as well.

Film on Canvas - No Country for Old Men

Film on Canvas Episode 1 Painting process of a frame from the film No Country for Old Men (2007) Cinematography of Film on Canvas by Tess Stuart

It Paints Itself

This is "It Paints Itself" by Tess Stuart on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

6 C's of Cinematography.mp4

It has been professed that there are 5 C's in the art of Cinematography. 1. Camera Angle 2. Continuity 3. Cutting 4. Close Ups 5. Composition In the example below, comprised of footage, which I have shot over the years, and what might seem completely random and possessing a wide gamut of style and genre. Yet, and perhaps, debatable of course, I cut them for a demo, and by golly there is continuity. But there is also the important 6th C of cinematography, which I have professed for years, and that 6th C would be: 6. Contrast Contrast, that is right! The basis of lighting: key, rim and fill. How much in ratio? a fine balance, achieved to this day, in the day of WYSWYG lighting with a Light meter. Contrast, the 6th C, Like story telling itself, which is driven by conflict are one in the same in my mind. Like a great meal, made with the best spices, use accordingly, sparsely or in generous proportions. Either way you blend it, the 6th C of cinematography really is Contrast! Enjoy Jimmy

Commercial Reel

This is "Commercial Reel" by Stuart Penny - DP on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

Commercial Reel

This is "Commercial Reel" by Joao Cinematographer.

JB Earl_DP Demo.mp4

JB Earl Cinematography Demo Reel
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