The Stage 32 Videos: Spanish

No Deal! Esp

Theatrical clip. Gus Klein as Cesar. Spanish w/subtitles.

Christian Scicluna - Acting Reel 2020

Christian is a multicultural actor, trilingual with a vast leading role experience on film, tv and theatre.

Trailer Influencia - English Subtitles

Dir. Pablo Aura Langer Starring: Alejandra Cárdenas, Marco Zapata, David Ponce, Gerardo Taracena, Rodolfo Palacios, Mario Zaragoza, María Aura y Verónica Langer. Summary Leonora, a 16 year old teenager, lives with her grandmother locked at the top of a huge apartment building. Grandma has kept her into believing that the world is full of monsters and other dangers. The truth is that although Leonora does not know, she has a strange power that when she draws a person, either by guessing or by the action of the same drawing this person dies. Grandma knows and does not want to expose the world to such evil power. One day grandma goes out to buy groceries and she's assaulted; the shock gives her a heart attack and she dies in the street without any identification.

Actor introduces himself in 5 Languages - EN / NL / DE / ES / FR

Multilingual actor Anton Zwijsen speaks five languages fluently. In this video he introduces himself in English, Dutch, German, Spanish and French.

Out of the Shadows .mp4

Out of the Shadows is a short documentary film about the stories and struggles of undocumented immigrants as they follow their "American" dreams. Currently, there are more than 11 million undocumented people living in the United States. Without a defined legal path to citizenship, many of these migrators live every day in fear of deportation and separation from their families. The film faces one of the most divisive issues in the US by humanizing a minority of people whose stories are often lost in the politics of the mainstream media.

Felices Acá En New York - Happy Here In New York - Trailer (Dir.…

Sinopsis: Struggling actress SOL has a day job as a waitress. She tries to hide her depression from her friend VICKY, who is visiting from Argentina and thin...

Alejandra Mikulan - Comedy Reel

Actress Comedy Reel

Discovering the world with Helen Etkina - Switzerland | France |…

Trailer & programs - Discovering the world with Helen Etkina - Switzerland | France | Monaco | Italy (2017). In just 1 minute you will travel with the intern...

TV program - World 2.0: Teleporting to the future with Helen Etkina

World 2.0: Teleporting to the future with Helen Etkina Get ready for an unforgettable trip across space and time. You will be teleported with the internation...

Put It Together Podcast Live - En Español Darren Diaz

Hablamos sobre su nuevo album, su carrera unas palabras sabias para su fans.
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