The Stage 32 Videos: Video Making

AltaTensione - LIVE ACTION

#Altatensione #Reel2020 Flash reel focused on action and drama. 2019-2020. Final quote by Paul Watzlawick "The belief that one's own view of reality is the only reality is the most dangerous of all delusions."

Two Feet - Love is a b*tch | VIDEO | Fanmade |

This is a video I made for the song Love is a b*tch by Two Feet. I tried to reach the artist before and after I made the video, but seems like he's not interested in giving an answer. I don't mind at all because I made the video for myself. Here it is, with goods and bads. Enjoy!

Aliver J.-"Let me do it" [Music Video] (Short version-Director's cut)

"let me do it" Aliver j. (prod by Miguel Prod) Music and Lyrics by Giordano Alivernini a.k.a. Aliver J. Thanks to: Silvia Pisano e Gloria Gallo new song rele...
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