Success Stories: APR'2 My First Movie

My First Movie

Just wanted to share with my favorite people, the Stage 32´ers, that a crowdfunding campaign for my first movie will be live in a few days. Wish me luck as I embark on this awesome journey.

Beth Fox Heisinger

How exciting, Zlatan! Congratulations! :)

Zlatan Mustafica

It really is, Beth. Thank you!

Sai Natarajan

Congrats man! All the best :)

Sonya Edwards

Awesome! Much success!

Zlatan Mustafica

Thank you, Sonya and Sai!

Vasanth Viru

congratulations........success in your hand soon

Linda Hullinger

Congratulations! That's great! Best of luck with it!

Zlatan Mustafica

Thanks, Linda and Vasanth! Appreciate it!

Wayne Jarman

Congratulations, Zlatan. Wishing you every success!

Zlatan Mustafica

Thank you, Wayne!

Amiko Rachel

congratulations and the best of luck

Shawn Speake

Huge Congrats, Ziatan! How are u pitchin' the project?

Zlatan Mustafica

Thanks, Shawn! I thought I´d give it a go, you know? I am pitching it very simply, with a concise short synopsis and a video presentation of me talking about the Project, my background and what drives me very honestly, simply and openly. My first time attempting this so I bet it isn´t perfect LOL.

Zlatan Mustafica

Thank you, Amiko! :)

Aray Brown

Best of luck Zlatan! How exciting! Congrats

Sam Borowski

We don't wish that other thing. We say "Break Legs" around these parts. ;) And, yes, as we say in NYC and NJ, "Break Legs!" ;) ;)

Zlatan Mustafica

Thanks, Aray and Sam. I sure appreciate it!

Zlatan Mustafica

If you are so inclined, please check out the project called ”An Adam and An Eve” on Kickstarter and please share it on your social media If you like it. Help me spread the word If you have the time. Thanks in advance!

Shawn Speake

Here's a copy of my pitch to Hollywood Execs who all asked for our script. Hope this helps.

Zlatan Mustafica

Thanks, Shawn! Very helpful and very much appreciated.

Philip E. Odiete

Good luck my friend... series of success awaits you.

Phillip "The Genuine Article" Hardy

Congrats and good luck!

Zlatan Mustafica

Thanks, Phillip!

Sherwin Beaumont

Good luck, Zlatan

Zlatan Mustafica

Thank you, Sherwin!

James Drago

Good luck!

Zlatan Mustafica

Thanks, James!

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