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Anything Goes : Ben Affleck to play Batman in Man of Steel Sequel by Richard "RB" Botto

Richard "RB" Botto

Ben Affleck to play Batman in Man of Steel Sequel

Tyler Ferraro

The problem is, we now have a very pre-conceived feeling of what Batman should be. He should be Christopher Nolan's Batman. But the next Batman won't be. It won't be the same Batman and I'm totally cool with that but the general population isn't. With the huge success of Nolan's trilogy, he created the standard for Batman and I don't really think anyone is prepared for anything different so soon.

William M Terry

Uh...Ben Affleck, action hero superstar? Remember, Daredevil? I didn't think so.

Kevin S. Birnbaum

No one thought Toby Maguire should have been Spiderman but he did just fine. I'm interested in Affleck's take! bale was too f'n depressed.

Richard "RB" Botto

Strange career choice, no? Flying high as a director. About to star in an adaptation of one of last year's biggest novels, Gone Girl. And he bombed as Daredevil. Odd move.

Henry Rivers

This Must be only for Ben Affleck Fans Only or First Time Movie Goers,Can't wait till it's Denzel Washington turn to be Batman

Melissa Trotter

I was never a huge fan of Christian Bale's Batman. The kid in me will always have a special place for Michael Keaton. That being said, I really don't understand the uproar. I fully believe Ben has it in him to do the character justice. I'm sure he's well aware of the importance and gravity of the part and what a legacy he has on his shoulders to uphold. People need to relax. Far more important things to worry about - like our own projects.

Henry Rivers

The Idea of Ben Affleck playing Batman is so bad that there's a Petition to dumb him, has reach the White House, http://detroit.cbslocal.com/2013/08/23/ben-affleck-as-batman-thousands-s...

Anne Stafford

I love Affleck as a director, so I'm hoping he surprises them all...and if not, ach 'two tears in a bucket', right?

Brian Shell

The Detroit news media are super-excited to possibly have it filmed here in Detroit with Michigan's film tax incentive... this summer, we have had Transformers 4.

Michael Joseph DeRosa

I like Ben Affleck as both a director and an actor. George Clooney is also a good actor, but he even made a public apology for his portrayal of the "caped crusader." Why cast the "supporting" role to a bigger star than the lead role of Superman played by Henry Cavill who was still relatively unknown in America previous to Man of Steel, (okay, I know "The Immortals" that that didn't do all that well). Clearly money is the motivating factor in what is obviously a bad casting call. Cavill didn't have the star power to do for Man of Steel like Depp did for Pirates of the Caribbean, so let's give him some help. Once again finance rules and art suffers for it. :(

J. Alberto Leyes

A very weak choice.

Erick Hayden

Ben is a good actor, though he does miss from time to time. Only time will tell if this one pays off.

Pedro Chaves

Love it. Affleck can be rough. was tired of Bale anyway.

Rachel Reaugh

Enough with the endless superhero movies. No offence to Affleck, but seriously? Another one. Warner Bros. enough already! Lets bring in fresh talent with original ideas to entertain the masses.

Pat Savage

Why not! He has a wide range of role playing skills to work with so I say sure!

Josh Hemond

I was really hoping for Bale to come back!

Author Gwendolyn King

I love Ben Affleck! He is an amazing actor! I think he will do as he always has. He can pull bat man off as well!. I just watched him in my ole time favorite movie! Armageddon!

Janet Caulfield

I think it's a nice change for him. After winning the Academy Award for ARGO, he probably just wants to have a little fun in this role. Clear the palate so to speak. Recharge. He's so incredibly talented. He can do it all...write direct, act.

Michael Joseph DeRosa

I couldn't agree with Rachel Reaugh more! I'm a huge comic book fan, but I'm sick to death of super hero movies! They reboot the same heroes almost immediately, just to rehash the same thin story over and over again. There's nothing but remakes, prequels, and re-imaginings, just because they don't want to invest in an unproven concept. Don't they realize that there are other super heroes, besides Superman, Batman, and Spiderman? And I get it that in these desperate times, people want a hero to look up to... (But the Lone Ranger wasn't it). :(

Dustin Bowcott

Most of what Hollywood churns out these days is complete twaddle anyway so I can't see how Affleck can make it any worse. Batman is the type of film I have to watch, I grew up with the graphic novels and love the character and premise. Affleck, I'm finding it hard to picture he doing a good job, but I guess that 'good job' and Hollywood are no longer synonymous.

Brett Comeau

so how many batman and superman movies do we need to cover this source material? have they ever heard of "original content?" I get that they are both great characters and giant pay checks for the studio but lets move on already!

Thom Williams (FilmKiller)

I think most people have an emotion predisposition towards Affleck as a person and as an actor. Only after three grandly successful outings as a director were these same people willing to begrudgingly acknowledge that he's a skilled storyteller. I've never found his 'horrible' performances to be horrible at all, including Daredevil. Either way, he's the next Batman, I hope it's a good movie, but the more people are pissed off about it, the more positively delicious it is for me.

Trey Lewis

I think Ben Affleck is a great actor and director but I think people are still feeling the pain of his role as "Daredevil". It kinda falls in line with Shaq playing "Steel". There's a ton of responsibility in playing an iconic character and he didn't deliver. The perception is that it will happen again. I have some serious reservations myself but if you honestly look at his career, he's matured as an actor and "maybe" he'll pull it off. That's part of our profession ... To become better than we were before.

John Casu

Problem is that Bale/Nolan set the bar and the direction to be more adult. Audiences have now come to expect that instead of the near camp Kilmer/Clooney Batman. Ben did a great job playing Superman as his Boy-Scoutiness is perfect for that part. But Batman's kind of a prick, truth be told. I wish Ben all the luck in the world, but unlike Bale, Affleck just isn't a big enough asshole in real life, nor does he have the gravitas or flintiness to do the character justice.

Brian Shell

Does anyone know if Team Nolan are going to be writing and directing it... as with the prior three? Christopher Nolan is so talented in scripting/directing multi-layered movies... that if he's still on board with this franchise, whoever is Batman would still come off as excellent... IMHO

Hassan Khan

are they replacing Super-Man on the sequel?

Cindy Myskiw

Give him a chance. Why does everyone have to be so mean.

Michael Joseph DeRosa

No Hassan, they are not "replacing Superman". Henry Cavill will still portray Superman as it is really "Man of Steel II" and not a reboot of the Batman series. And I don't think people are really being mean, Cindy Myskiw. People are just voicing their opinions about what is clearly a controversial casting call.

Jerry L.

Why not.

Hassan Khan

I guess there will be 2 super heroes on the sequel.

William M Terry

maybe a BIG budget Mystery Men sequel.

Pat Savage

I watched Daredevil tonight to see if he bombed as Daredevil and he was great as a super! Script was tight acting was awesome :)

Pat Savage

Agreed agreed and agreed Tim because your right the movie hasn't been made yet :)

Armando Alejandro

I'm a fan of Affleck. I liked him in Daredevil. I think it's a 50/50 chance he'll succeed or totally suck. I believe he was brought in because Nolan is not involved anymore. From what I heard, Chris Nolan had to babysit Goyer's writing of the man of steel script and babysit Snyder while filming it. With Nolan filming Interstellar, Affleck is a safe bet. An experience actor, writer and director. Since it's a Superman movie, not a Batman movie, Affleck doesn't have to carry the entire film. I felt Man of Steel was terrible and I think WB felt they couldn't take any chances with the sequel and decided Affleck could help. Basically, with Affleck they're getting two directors and two writers in this film... My two pennies.

Gary Gibbons

It's a no for me.

Eoin O'Sullivan

The optimist in me says give the guy a chance, the realist is afraid that Bruce Wayne/Batman will now say, "Alfred, get the kaaaar, I'm heading into Gatham". Ben Affleck has proven he has acting and directing chops. He certainly doesn't lack the physicality to portray Batman, it's the voice I worry about. It will be interesting to see what story elements they weave in here. Batman in the comics carried Kryponite to control Superman. I can a conflict potential where Batman outwits and overpowers Superman, only to face and greater threat, hopefully Doomsday or Darkseide. Maybe Superman has to ask Batman for help. I hope they don't go down the route of Clark putting on Batman's cowl.

Kev Minton

Putting on the cowl is one thing, it's the persona of Bruce Wayne that has been hard for actors to capture. The duality of the role is difficult to say the least. Cutesy ie. George Clooney won't do. I see Ben as the same way.

Michael Joseph DeRosa

Nice Eoin. Definitely a writers point of view. Movie goers may not realize that in the comics Batman can kick Superman's arse as well as save it, (or any of the other DC super heroes for that matter.) Perhaps that's why they chose a bigger star for the role than that of the lead. What ever the consensus is about casting Affleck in the role, his acting abilities certainly trump Cavill's. So perhaps that's an indication as to where the story headed. :)

DeAngelis Marshall

well since he did daredevil i don't disagree

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