Introduce Yourself : Hello from Canada! by Michelle Foster

Michelle Foster

Hello from Canada!

Hi all!

Brand new to the site and still finding my way around.

I'm a writer/director/producer of indie films looking to expand my knowledge by connecting with more experienced people.

Located in southern Ontario, about an hour or so from Toronto.

Looking forward to learning from all you amazing and talented folks.


Philip E. Odiete

Pleasure. Welcome on board

Phil Clarke

Hi there, Michelle. Happy to chat any time. So what are you working on at the moment?

Michelle Foster

Phil Clarke , Hi! Right now I'm working on an anthology project. 20 short films that will become a feature length piece. Hoping to premiere it later this year.

What's on your plate right now?

Michael Mason

Welcome Michelle! That short film project sounds interesting! Wish you nothing but the best.

Phil Clarke

Michelle Foster Interesting project. All the best with that. Here if I can be of any assistance. As for me: currently deeply ensconced in a particularly intensive script edit for a client.

Evelyn von Warnitz

Welcome Michelle!

Myles Turpeinen

I am looking fot advice on to find a talent agency in toronto Ontario for background work. there are so many idont know who to join?

Thoko Zulu

Welcome Michelle!

Pat Savage

Welcome Michelle! I am also a Canuck from TO living and filming abroad. Where are you from? Welcome to Stage32 and you will be learning from all the amazing and talented folks here in our family. If I can be of any help let me know!

Michelle Foster

Hey Pat Savage, I'm from Peterborough, about an hour from TO.

Tasha Lewis


Maria Johnsen

Hi Michelle, welcome and enjoy your time on here.

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