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TJ Jones

Job posting

I'm looking to create and start a team/brand full of writers, actors, producers, directors, etc..... ONLY SERIOUS PEOPLE INQUIRE.

John Perez

I'm an actor looking for work and I will love to be on your team!

John Pastore

NYC playwright and screenwriter here. Count me in. Would love to hear more

Darrin Wilkerson

I'm also from NYC and would love the opportunity to be a part of your team

Tommy Bull

Actor SAG AFTRA and Director and 2nd Unit Director DGA approved. NYU Film School Graduate. Like to hear what's happening. Thank you Tommy Bull.

Lina Jones

Hi TJ would you like to come on my talk radio to send out a live request for writers? If so email me at

Josh Hayden

I am a writer. I am always interested in meeting and working with great people. I am here. Lets chat.

Phyllis A. Collmann

Thank You I am a author of a wonderful Pioneer series of 8 books. "The Rose Donlin Story" The first 2 books have been written into a Movie script. Phyllis A. Collmann

Joan Schweighardt

HI TJ, would love to know more details and whether your writers can work remotely.

David Hanigan

TJ I'm in. dh

Mark Metz Wagner

Hello, TJ, yes I would be interested in learning more about your team. I have 5 screenplays and a TV pilot being read by producers this year.

Paul Le Blanc

Any props needed?

Roz Wolf

I have a wonderful PR team for filmmakers. If you are looking for public relations from pre production to finished film and red carpet premiere, I'm your gal.

Deana Moody

I am a writer, author and want to do acting. My latest book is out on & Barnes and Noble. Called Being Bullied & Teased Hurts. Also looking to do speaking events on Bullying & Congenital heart defects.

Matthew Barnard

i'd love to do the same thing! Let's get together. I'm in LA.

John Bramhall

Hello. I'm a writer & actor based in San Francisco. I would like to become involved in your project.

Chandano Fuller

Sounds great! Keep me posted!

Héctor Nevolus Sciitio

Sounds nice, I wanted to gather a team or become part of one so here I am. I would like to become involved in your project. I´m writer but I can edit videos too.

Michael J. Shapiro

Hey "TJ" - I'd love to hear/learn more. I developed and produced the NBC MOW drama - "In The Line of Fire: The Morris Dees Story" and currently in advanced development on two additional screenplay projects (one cable, one feature) and gravitate to material that's about central characters who strive to make an affirmative difference. I also serve on the boards of several environmental organizations battling big industrial development and politics run deep within. Please connect with more details.

Sy Shanti

I'm interested.

Tommy Bull

You have a lot to be proud. Of Michael. great Bio. Tommy

Morgan Schussler-Williams

I'm an actress based in Chicago, IL and Louisville, KY, and I am extremely interested in learning more about what you're trying to create here and possibly becoming a part of it. To say that I am serious about my career and the projects I work on would be a little bit of an understatement. I'm in college in Chicago right now, so I am kind of tied to that area most of the year, but during the summer my ability to travel opens up considerably, and I can do voice work from school over the internet the rest of the year. Please contact me with more information about this group and what joining it would entail.

Michael J. Shapiro

Indeed - I very much want to know more about this planned "brand" you wish to create. Thanks.

Tommy Bull

Find it strange any one with absolutely NOT a Film Credit to there name. Puts themselves in where Professional Actors do. Should be a Site for Veteran Professional Talent that is separated

Sydney Cuthbert

I'm a writer, mostly screenplays and have had one bought though not produced. I've also done a fair amount of acting. I'm interested.

Manuel Joaquin Santiago

Hi TJ; I'm a serious and dedicated actor; count me in for projects in New York and the Tri-State area!

Deana Moody

Very serious would love to be a part of your team. Please contact me..

Curtis McGann

Serious, hard working actor

Tommy Bull

Out of the 3 of you claiming to be Actors. Why can't any of. You be found on IMDB yet calling yourselves. Actors.

Curtis McGann

Tommy, I unfortunately haven't yet had the opportunity to do anything that would give me IMDB credit. Most things I have done are smaller shoots to gain my experience. I would love to do more, and love to work get IMDB credit and continue to grow from there, just haven't yet had the opportunity.

Matthew Barnard

This seems to be a networking site for people to rise up in the industry. Some people get acting experience on non union shoots, student films, theatre, commercials that don't get put on IMDB. It doesn't mean they aren't great - that's what networking, auditions and casting and hustling are for to make things happen.

Patrick J. McKenna

I can send u some writing samples & you can check out my youtube channel here:

Héctor Nevolus Sciitio

I think you shouldn´t be so rude with the actors wich doesn´t have any IMDB credits because maybe they are looking for their first job. I have the same problem all the time, I have written a bunch of screenplays waiting for a chance but no one pays atention because I haven´t any script produced but, if everybody rejects me because I haven´t any credits how I´m suposed to work ? In my case, I´m not able to work with my classmates because we have chosen like different paths and I need this site to create a network and look for projects.

Tommy Bull

Simple don't call yourselves professional Actors. a state you are not experienced Rude. No I'm to the point

Tommy Bull

I don't have a problem. With someone trying to get a Acting role. I have a HUGH problem when comments are made that you or anyone qualifies them selves as Seasoned Artist. State your willing to Read and learn. Positioning in a false statement.wont help you. It's advise I am giving Do as you wish. But Rude I am not. Tommy

Curtis McGann

I, as someone who is always willing to learn and advance myself and my career, appreciate your advice. I am a serious and hard working actor. My goal is to become a professional actor. Hopefully someday I will be able to call myself a professional, but as of now I'm just a hard working actor striving for bigger and better

Joel Ridge Hawkinson

Hi TJ.... I may not be able to call myself a "seasond actor" at the age of 14, however; I do have experience on set and would be interested in learning more about your project. Here is my link to my IMDb page: Note: I have 4 more credits that should be coming up soon. Thanks!

Tommy Bull

Now that's the way to position yourself.

Matthew Barnard

I did my web series and got someone with lots of credits and this person was not that great and acted like such a diva and i literally cut them out of a scene because he/she was driving me kookoo. Then others who had almost no experience were amazing and a joy to work with. I'd rather work with some who had no credits and was great on set and could deliver than someone acting like he or she is doing you a favor by even showing up. It's all about passion, energy, drive, money, talent and factors that you can't quite put a finger on!

Tommy Bull

Very interesting comment in making Matthew what was it you were Directing to have that happen? Were they SAG performers ? Did you Taft someone ? Regardless it wasn't. What I was saying by a long shot. It's simple. If you aren't a experienced Actor and Trained as a Professional. Credits etc. Then don't post like you do. It will only hurt them. Be honest and don't call yourself something you haven't earned yet. I cast with Casting Directors and work Tight with. Them. Hope you get it now. Tommy

Joshua Phillips

Hi, I am a writer and performer, love to collaborate on ideas, let me know if you want my help

Saurabh Deshpande

I'd be interested in being a part of your team! I am an vfx artist and editor.

Cassandra Betancourt

I am interested as an actress

John Murphy

Im interested as a Editor/Graphic Work

Phyllis A. Collmann

Phyllis A. Collmann-I am the author of a Pioneer Series of 8 books all about the same girl. I am interested.

Tommy Bull

Actor and Director as well as 2 Unit Director

Johnny Jackpot

I'm interested.

John Murphy

Editor interested

Diana De Rosa

I'd be interested in knowing more about this projedt.

Phyllis A. Collmann

I'm interested.

Diana Levin

what do you need as a writer I'm pretty good with my imagination BUT we have to be on the same page creatively

Michael J. Shapiro

I'm still interesting in hearing more from TJ about some specifics for what he's looking for. I've been a SAG, AFTRA and AE actor with legitimate credits and I've developed and produced made-for-network television MOW dramas. Tell me more.....! M.

Michael J. Shapiro

Thanks, Brandi - I think your insight might be what's happening. But he might yet arise from cyber-pause!

Sydney Cuthbert

Has anyone heard from TJ since the original posting? Was he devoured by one of Lovecraft's unnameable entities?

TJ Jones

Hello Writers, Actors, Producers, and more much. My apologizes for not responding back to you all in a timely fashion. I'm hardly on here. FOR STARTERS, LET ME BE CLEAR I'm an aspiring writer and actor myself. I DO NOT have any connections in the business. BUT I do have a dream. My goal is to put together a strong group of multi talented people with the desire and hunger to make it big in this industry and be the best they can be. People I'm looking for: 1) Leaders 2) Followers 3) Passionate about their work. 4) Dedicated 5) Motivated 6) Workaholics (ABLE TO MEET DEADLINES) MORE IMPORTANTLY 7) Someone who can take constructive criticism for the better of the team and understand that their idea/work may be good, but a teammates idea/work may be better. If you're still interested in being apart of my team, email me at

Deana Moody

Just emailed you very interested

Angel Lund

That awesome :)

Phyllis A. Collmann

I am the author of a Pioneer series of 8 books. Looking to get a movie made from them.

Katharine Brooke Roman

200% on board, contact to follow

Deana Moody

Very interested contact me

Angelika Heeg

I´m a german actress. Very interested to work all around the globe. Watch out my profile and feel free to contact me. Have a nice day

James Mapes

I'm interested. Take a look and I hope to hear from you. & I bring a lot to the table.

Phyllis A. Collmann

I am the author of a Pioneer Series of 8 books. I am also hoping to make my books into a TV series.

Sai Pillay

Hello Everyone, I am Sai an Actor and Writer just completed a Feature Film and Would Love to Collaborate ...with Serious Team and Professionals like You all My Friend...Here.. Take Care

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