Introduce Yourself : Screenwriter Mylo Carbia Venturing Into the Literary World by Mylo Carbia

Mylo Carbia

Screenwriter Mylo Carbia Venturing Into the Literary World

After writing for Film & TV for the past 12 years, I am thrilled to announce my plans to write the first of five horror/thriller novels with strong female protagonists. I am very excited to see what life is like as a writer on the other side of this business... I will be sure to keep everyone posted! ;-)

Deana Moody

As a writer myself I wish you the best of Luck..

David Andrade

You should have a Facebook page so we can follow your work :D!

Mylo Carbia

Thanks everyone! I will be posting my progress via my website at and Twitter @DearMylo

Mylo Carbia

And to answer your question Rob Santana, I tend to write in the third person unless the story itself demands first person narration... So may ways to go about it. One must allow the story itself to decide. :-)

Luke Thomas Coles

All the best Mylo! I wish you good writing and the best of luck. Go female leads!

Rey Otis

Hey Mylo, welcome to the fray!

Stage 32 Staff - Julie

Love female protagonists!! Awesome! You go girl!

Rob Santana

Good answer, Mylo.

Masego Bogatsu

sounds exciting!

York Davis

All the best Mylo. My own 2 historical scripts feature strong female protagonists.

William A. Cade III

Will it be a series, Mylo?

Amanda Toney

Very interesting and exciting, Mylo! Make sure you keep us updated.

April Ranck

All the best to you.

Nanette L. Baird

I will look forward to reading your novels- congratulations on making such a decision and acting on it. I find it inspirational, thank you for that.

Serita Stevens

Let me know when the books are ready, I might know a good agent for you.

Mike Layne

Congratulations! Hard work talent pays off

Robert Broad

All the very best with your transition Mylo... I am sure that you will do wonderfully

Mylo Carbia

Great name York Davis and to answer your question William, it will not be a traditional series (i.e. same characters) but more like each novel is a stand-alone story of a woman facing something large and dark, all under one branded title if that makes sense. ;-) Will leave that part to the marketing experts.

Robert Broad

Other than the woman facing the challenge will there be any other common themes?

York Davis

Thanks Mylo, I hope I can live up to my name... lol!

Mylo Carbia

Excellent question, Robert Broad. Each novel has it's own particular theme, so perhaps not a series after all. Luckily, I have outlined each of the five books already so perhaps a future lit agent or publisher can determine if it qualifies for "series" status or not... I guess I should just stay focused on getting them "in the can" ;-) LOL!

Marilyn Du Toit

Brave move...I am trying to juggle writing both as the styles differ. And I don't want to forget that ability. Good luck and I hope to read you soon...

Robert Broad

In reality Mylo, all you need is a common threat to call them a series perhaps that the inner strength of a woman overcomes many evil things. Perhaps the thread is a common trait shared by all, the women of the golden wing, women of the wind, or like the Chinese symbol for chi..... like a pot of boiling rice the immutable spirit... etc (pardon my ramblings)

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