Introduce Yourself : Talent Manager and Producer by Tammy Hunt

It's Introduce Yourself Weekend on Stage 32! Who are you? What have you been working on? We want to know! Head over to the Introduce Yourself Lounge and network with your fellow creatives - you never know when you'll make a connection that will change your career!

Tammy Hunt

Talent Manager and Producer

Hey all - Tammy Hunt here and I’ve been a talent Manager since 2006 and have recently began getting involved in producing several projects of my clients and others I’ve met in the Industry. Always open to networking with other professionals.

Stanley N. Lozowski

What type of projects are you producing? Please contact me at:

Dave Bullis

Nice to meet you Tammy. I''m Dave, a filmmaker and podcaster here in Philadelphia. I'll send you a connection request.

Allen Lynch

Hello & Good Luck Tammy!

Chris Everheart

Welcome Tammy. Hope your new endeavors are going gangbusters!

Gilberto Villahermosa

Hi Tammy! Welcome! Wish you lots of luck on Stage 32!

Stephen Olson

Hello Tammy, as a talent manager do you only handle actors or do you also manager writing talent?

Bill Albert

Hi Tammy, Curious about the talent you take on as well.

Jon Lang

Hi Tammy, Our production company just moved to LA area from Portland, we're wrapping two feature docs soon, but will be diving very heavily into narrative on lots of projects. Would love to chat sometime!

Yannick de Pauw

Nice to meet you Tammy!

Gabriell DeBear Paye

Hi Tammy! Are you a manager for screenwriters or just actors? I'm a screenwriter ready for representation!

I'm an optioned screenwriter, producer and author who is a prolific writer and studied at Emerson College and ScreenwritingU. I focus on dramas and biopics with social justice, scientific and environmental themes. My scripts have placed in 8 screenwriting contests. I am also available for writing assignments.

My new historical drama is about the struggle for disability rights in America (based on the optioned book “What We Have Done, An Oral History of the Disability Rights Movement.”) It is an incredible true story that hasn’t yet been told in film. It’s a feature, but could be adapted into a mini-series. The script is a quarter and semifinalist in the 2018 contest.

TITLE: The Crawl Up.

LOGLINE: The empowering saga of some of the disabled activists who fought for their rights in the 1970s-80’s, and forced Congress to pass the “Americans With Disabilities Act" of 1990.


Until 1990, disabled people were barred from transportation, education and good jobs.

PAT WRIGHT (24) is an attendant for a woman in a wheelchair – and is legally blind. Through her client, she gets involved with the vibrant disability rights movement in Berkeley, Ca.

Pat, quiet and unassuming, gradually becomes a powerhouse.

Seeing her potential, Pat’s disabled friends ask her to go to D.C. to help create national laws to protect their rights. But she’s terrified! She doubts that she (a blind, lowly hippie) can influence senators and congressmen.

It’s an uphill battle convincing Washington insiders to support disability rights.

Pat makes surprising alliances with Democrats and Republicans (including Senator Kennedy and George H.W. Bush) as they construct the “Americans with Disabilities Act.” When it stalls, Pat and friends organize, culminating in a massive rally.

Disabled people crawl up the Capitol steps, embarrassing Congress into passing the ADA!

If you like the concept, I’d be happy to send you the script. With 60 million Americans and 1 billion people world wide with disabilities, this inspiring story is sure to be a hit!

Sincerely, Gabriell DeBear Paye

Contact Info:


Qazi Fabia Hoq

Hello Tammy,

Hope you are doing great. Do you represent screenwriters too? And what kinds of film are you producing? I would love to know more about your next project or what kind of projects you are looking for to produce. I would love to hear from you back. Here is my email

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