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Scott Edwards

Grammar Check websites/tools

Hey guys. Can anyone recommend a good tool for checking grammar/puntuation? I have attempted to use the website - but it is quite pricey. I'm currently using Final Draft 8 and although it has the standard spellchecker etc... It doesn't really have anything to iron out little annoying errors. Any suggestions would be great! Thanks Scott

Shelley Stuart

You can import the text into Word for its grammar feature. I don't always agree with Word's grammar issues (sometimes you just use sentence fragments in a script), but it's a start.

Kerry Douglas Dye

I would imagine that 80% of the script would light up with bad grammar. Your characters certainly aren't required to speak grammatically, and as Shelley points out, action is often described in a fashion that isn't strictly grammatical. I would think a grammar check would be high effort/low reward.

Julieanne Lynch

Read aloud what you're writing. Normally good grammar falls into the category of "would I really say it like that?"... When reading what you're writing out loud, you can see clearly when you need your punctuation, and what grammar Nazis would pick up on. Other than Grammarly, I am not aware of other decent tools. BUT, whatever you do, don't rely on spellchecker! Huge mistake there. If all else fails, write your script, and have another person proof and edit it.

Geoff Harris

Yea, I'd agree with Kerry, people generally don't speak grammatically and I'm sure if you wrote grammatically, it would sound weird!

Robert Dan O'Neill

Hi Scott, check this out: REEL WRITERS an / or !

Susan Walker

I think a copyediting course might be just the ticket. Electronic programs fail miserably at grammar checking.

Simone Yehuda

Hire me.

Scott Edwards

thanks for your feedback everyone, some interesting points.

Beth Fox Heisinger

Grammar Girl on Figure it out for free! Grammatical errors are just as offensive as spelling errors. Sometimes I just do a Google search, for example; "who vs whom." Grammar Girl pops up with the answer -- even a webcast teaching a quick trick on how to use the pronouns correctly. :)

Lynn P. H. Adrian

"Rules for Writers," "The Glamour of Grammar," "Woe is I: The Grammarphobe's Guide to Better English in Plain English," "A Dash of Style." God! I just found out last year that "however" follows a semicolon and is set off by a comma.

Zeljko Jax Rashevic

Try this one: Woks for me.

Spandana Tripati Kumari

check out its free

Michael L. Burris

You'd better to don't always be trusting any software alone.

Doug Nelson

The best I can think of is a good Line Editor.

Pierre Langenegger

I know this is most likely a zombie thread but, don't rely too heavily on software, it has its place but will let a lot of inconsistencies through. You're better off hiring a proofreader.

Rachel Teo

I use but only as a final round of proofreading. I agree with Pierre Langenegger that hiring a proofreader is far better than using a software.

Angelina Mark

This is one of the best and free as well.

Vic Burns

Martyn John Armstrong

As a copywriter, I use Grammarly for an initial proofread, as it will point out some basic issues and it has improved, with regards to syntax issues and incorrect grammar and punctuation. Its suggestions have improved as well. It might not be cheap, but it's much better than a majority of the other add-on software.

However, it's by no means foolproof. Google is your friend - you can check some basic spelling and grammar via its search engine. There are a plethora of grammar guides on there, and you can also utilise online thesaurus' and dictionaries.

Nothing will ever beat a thorough readthrough, even if you use software like Grammarly. And even better than your own set of eyes - a second pair of them is the ultimate way to spot any issues with spelling, grammar and punctuation. Buddy up with a trusted scribe, share and proof each other's work.

Pat Savage is great especially if you wind up collaborating as often happens.

Steven Harris Anzelowitz

Those are good choices. Thanks to Angelina and Pat! Way to share guys!!

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