Screenwriting : Is Getting a Consider a Meh experience? by Marshal Gordon

Marshal Gordon

Is Getting a Consider a Meh experience?

So I just took advantage of my next step in having coverage on a script. I was really apprehensive but I will say this to anyone who has been thinking about taking advantage...quit sitting on the fence...JUST DO IT!

Even though I didn't get the Recommend I was hoping for. And at first the Consider felt kind of Meh...It was accurate. The comments were on point and in fact I saw a clear path to what would have gotten me the Recommend I wanted. The beautiful part is the changes that were suggested would really only add 4 pages to my script was under 100 anyway and with the notes given I made the changes in an hour and after reading it back a little once over polish on the changes and I feel comfortable taking it one more notch on the Coverage scale.

So yeah maybe getting a Consideration is more like a win than a Meh.

Jaye Adams

Hi Marshal, hope you're keeping well?!

I'm glad to hear that you got such great notes on your coverage and as you say this has really helped you develop your script further to be the best it can be and I would definitely say that is a win. Congrats! Anything or anyone that can help you create the best script possible and taking that help onboard and making it happen is a win and I'd say that's the case no matter if it's a Pass, Consider or Recommend coverage rating and hell in even beyond that...say someone picked up your script, there will still likely be changes made before and even during filming but if in the end it makes it the best version of itself...always a win!

Anthony Moore

I'm curious. Where did you get your notes?

Dan MaxXx

Not much in real world economics. It's like someone saying their scripts are "award-winning." It means 0. Maybe boost your confidence but what we need is paying jobs.

Back in the old days coverage was an internal company expense, wasn't meant to be shared publicly or even gauge writing ability.

Martin Reese

Getting a Consider is definitely a win.

Christopher Phillips

Consider is okay. The problem is that it's a very vague term in the coverage world without knowing how the different segments are rated - concept, story, character, dialogue, etc. - and what the comments look like. The genre makes a big difference as well. If it is a drama, the bar is a lot higher than other genres.

Tony S.

Take it. Not everything has to do with $$$.

Only 5% of read scripts get one.

Dan MaxXx

5% of what field?

Tony S.

Look it up.

Marshal Gordon

Hey, I used the Stage 32 Script Services. And in some ways it wasn't totally about validation of me as a writer, yet we all understand that it's readers that are the Gatekeepers so you at least want to know they see you as viable. And no doubt getting a Recommend/ Consider or Pass isn't the end all or be all.

What made this valuable was that the coverage came with notes on Structure, Formatting, Characters, Dialogue, Originality, and even a breakdown on Budget and Marketability. So yeah it was worth the cost.

Martin Reese

You hit the nail on the head, Marshall. It is the breakdown that is the key value.

Clayton Dudzic

I submitted my screenplay to Premium Script Coverage and ScreenCraft Comedy Contest (2020). Felt good to do it. Just have to be very strong with good support along your side for when the feedback comes back to you. Happy writing.

Jason Mirch

Hey Marshal Gordon! Congrats! A "Consider" is no easy feat in a highly competitive business. The readers and executives who work with Stage 32 are all in the business and read hundreds of scripts a year. The majority of the scripts receive a pass.

With your "Consider" and the usefulness of the notes, I agree it is a "win". I have seen scripts go from "Pass" to "Consider" to "Recommend" - all part of the process.

Stephen Carter

I just got a "Recommend" as a writer and a "Pass" on the script, talk about an up and down moment. Good to know I can write, but obviously the script needs work. I think whatever the coverage and response, it's up to us as writers to take these things to heart and work diligently on the areas that need improvement. These critiques are the only way we can know/learn where our shortcomings lie. It's impossible (in my view) to figure it out on your own.

Eric Christopherson

FYI, I just used Stage32's script coverage service for the first time on an early draft of my work-in-progress and the reader's bio was impressive and her notes excellent by and large.

S.B. Goncarova

I think it depends on how careful the reader is, how good of a match your work is to what they are currently looking for, and how well you peak their interest with the first scene.

Marshal Gordon

S.B. Goncarova I totally agree. Everything comes down to matching what a particular producer is looking for. And that first scene is vital.

Michael Hultquist

I tried out the coverage service "From an Industry Reader" with a first draft of a new script I'm working on and got a "Consider". I found the notes quite helpful with some strong ideas on areas of improvement, so I'm happy with what I paid for. Not sure if this is typical of the services, but at least I have good notes from someone who has industry experience.

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