Success Stories: FEB'18 Massive exposure and lots of interest!

Gareth Worthington

Massive exposure and lots of interest!

Thanks to Stage32 and the Happy Writers, through the pitchfests, I have had 6-7 execs ask to read my trilogy of books ( One exec got as far as taking it to his team, but it was turned down (though I have an open door if I write anything else). I also had a general meeting with another exec. One more said that my books were interesting and wants to circle back mid-year. And, I still have three studio execs who have my books for reading. Randomly, I have also just met the General Manager of Double Negative Special Effects (who are working on Transcendence at the moment) at my Muay Thai gym. She loves my books and my wesbsite (I've put a lot into really developing the look and feel of the central theme) and wants me to meet the CEO in the next couple of weeks. All in all, I am just waiting to find that one studio who take the chance to option!

CHILDREN OF THE FIFTH SUN ​In almost every belief system on Earth, there exists a single unifying mythos: thousands of years ago a great flood devastated the Earth's inhabitants. From the ruins of t…
Laurie Ashbourne

Gotta love The Happy Writers and Stage 32.

Richard "RB" Botto

Awesome, Gareth. Dig your drive, man. Only way to be. Thanks for posting and sharing.

Reece Elisabeth

Congrats Gareth

Kevin Isaacson

Very cool. Good luck with it.

Cindy Myskiw

Wishing you all the Luck with your books. :)

Gareth Worthington

Thanks all for comments. I keep my finger crossed, and I keep pitching. I'm very grateful to both Richard and especially Joey for the opportunity and help along the way! We'll get there!

Nick Dale

Great work! Your books sound very interesting and i am keen to read them. I have your website bookmarked!

Victoria Wiltshire

Does my heart good to hear these kinds of stories. Exciting times. Best of luck Gareth!

Manina Lassen

Your Website is fascinating! I've been following some of that ancient stuff myself (Mayans, Egypt , Atlantis) and feel there's much to be unearthed in old mythology and history, much more interesting than current super hero frenzy. Good luck to your projects!

Gareth Worthington

Thanks, I'm glad you like it. I hope that one day an inspired movie exec actually reads it and says: yes! I agree on the plethora of movie clones out of late. Time for something original, please!

Manina Lassen

I wrote a Sci Fi Fantasy based on the Atlantis myth a couple of years ago, problem is that kind of stuff tends to be expensive to produce and studios and producers don't like to entrust uncredited writers with big budget projects. So I've shelved it for the time being. But who knows! Hope for you somebody will fall in love with your work enough to go for it!

Katharine Carter

good luck to you Gareth.

Daniela Gotta

WOW - congratulations - and if you ever want to go "German" with them. here is a translation and voiceover team ready to roll :-)

Lorraine Courtney

Nice work, Gareth. I looked at your web pages and publishing house. Great branding.

Monique Mata

Fantastic, Gareth! Any new updates?

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