Stage 32 Meetups : Los Angeles (Burbank) by Mandy Goldstein

Mandy Goldstein

Los Angeles (Burbank)

(UPDATE 9-15-14) - We will be meeting on the outdoor patio at PF Changs in Burbank (address listed below) from 5-6:45. Happy hour is 5-6. The movie will begin at 7:05 but we will be able to take red carpet pictures outside the theater (you can use for IMDb or Stage32). This event will be a GREAT NETWORKING opportunity. OTHER GUESTS NOW COMING: Anthony Montgomery -SERIES REGULAR Star Trek Enterprise (almost 100 episodes) Barbara Divisek - Casting Director - hundreds of commercials, TV, and Film Ray Bengston - Director/Producer - Just completed "To Have and To Hold" with a $30,000,000 budget! (UPDATE 9-14-14) GREAT NEWS! Some of the Guests in attendance will be: Richard "RB' Botto" - Founder and CEO of Stage32 David Rountree - Writer/Director of 108 Stitches Jeff Katofsky – Executive Producer Larry Thomas - ”Soup Nazi” from Seinfeld Dat Phan – Winner of Last Comic Standing Season 1 Allen Maldonado – Opposite Denzel Washington in The Equalizer, 108 Stitches Actor Erin Cahill – Former Pink Power Ranger, Leading 108 Stitches Actor Ryan Carlberg – Van Wilder, Leading 108 Stitches Actor David Banks – 108 Stitches Actor Chris Moir – 108 Stitches Actor Solange S. Schwalbe – Emmy Award and Golden Reel Award Winner in Sound Scott D. Moore- Casting Director (Terminator 3, Blue Crush, Torque) All the best see you on Tuesday. UPDATE 9-12-14) - We will have the $10 tickets at the event for you. (UPDATE 9-11-14) - Movie tickets for our event will be at a discounted rate of only $10 for Stage32 members, but please make sure you have RSVP'd here to guarantee the ticket. You will be able to get them at the mixer before the start of the movie. LAST NIGHT, the movie premiere in Hollywood was huge success and we are excited for our Stage32 members who were involved. (UPDATE! WITH TIMES 9-9-14) - Stage 32 Three Year Anniversary Party/108 Stitches Movie Event. COME SEE WHAT OUR STAGE32 MEMBERS CAN DO WITH A LITTLE HEART AND DETERMINATION AND NETWORK WITH EACH OTHER! 108 Stitches opens in theaters nationwide and VOD this week. Congratulations to all of the Stage 32 members who were involved (over 20 members!). We will begin the mixer at PF Changs in Burbank (we have the outdoor patio) at 5:00 PM until about 6:45 PM before we walk over to the theater for the screening. Happy Hour goes until 6, so everything is cheaper then. The movie will begin at 7:05 PM at the AMC 8 in Burbank which is just a few feet away from PF Changs. After the movie, there will be a Q&A with the director and Stage32 member David Rountree ( ). Rountree is currently directing a thriller film in New Orleans and is set to direct the first film of a new book franchise this May. Other current panelist include Larry Thomas (108 Stitches actor and "Soup Nazi" from Seinfeld), Allen Maldonado (108 Stitches actor and opposite Denzel Washington in the Equalizer), Ryan Carlberg (Van Wilder and lead of 108 Stitches), David Banks and Chris Moir (Stage 32 members and actors in the film), and Solange Schwalbe (Emmy Award Winner and Stage 32 Member). There will be a few more on the panel including some of the Stage 32 Admin team and film producers. I will announce them as they are finalized. At the screening, there will be a great "red-carpet" and back drop area set up for pictures, which you are welcome to use for IMDb and your Stage32 profile. There will also be some great prizes given out after the screening. Please RSVP here as once I get the total numbers, I can put in a request for discounted movie tickets. PF CHANG'S (5:00-6:45 PM) 201 E Magnolia Blvd #281, Burbank, CA 91502 THEATER: AMC 8 (about 200 feet away from PF Chang's) (7:05 PM) 201 E Magnolia Blvd #345, Burbank, CA 91502 _______________________________________________________________________________________ (UPDATED 9-7-14 for the EVENT ON TUESDAY SEPTEMBER 16)- We are still waiting on the theater to set the movie start time, which we were told will be made by this Tuesday evening. Hang in there for our exact start time. I will keep everyone posted. UPDATED Stage 32 THREE YEAR ANNIVERSARY/MOVIE EVENT - We are still waiting to lock down our exact start time which is dependent on the movie start time ( info should be released sometime today). We are also working on incorporating a mini-red carpet at the theater for Stage32 member as well as a Q&A after the screening. For an RSVP to the event, you can do so in this thread. More details to come... stay tuned and looking forward to seeing everyone for this fun and great networking opportunity. UPDATED Los Angeles Upcoming 3 year Anniversary Meet-Up (TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 16): STAGE32 and the Romantic Baseball Comedy film 108 Stitches, starring Golden Globe winner Bruce Davison, Pink Power Ranger Erin Cahill, Seinfeld's "Soup Nazi" Larry Thomas and Last Comic Standing winners Dat Phan and Josh Blue, are proud to celebrate and co-brand the 3-year anniversary with this special Los Angeles Meet-Up on Tuesday September 16. Stage32 helps filmmakers come together and this will be a great opportunity as the film 108 Stitches was made by several Stage32 members on the production side as well as the acting. 108 Stitches, directed by recent blog writer David Rountree , is opening in theaters that week and as a celebration of Stage32's three year anniversary, we will have a great meet and greet followed by the movie. LOCATION: THE PF CHANG'S (OUTDOOR LARGE PATIO) IN BURBANK. (OFFICIAL START TIME IS STILL TO BE DETERMINED BASED OFF OF THE FILM START TIME which is still TBA). After the meet-up, the members will be able to watch the movie "108 Stitches" at the AMC8 theater next to the restaurant. We are currently working on getting discount tickets for Stage 32 members. Many of the Producers, top actors, and Emmy winning Sound and Production crew members will be in attendance for your networking purposes (I will provide a more detailed list as I get confirmation). This is a great chance to network with top people who could help with your projects or hire you for crew or as an actor. Director David Rountree will also be in attendance. Rountree has four films now slated over the next 3 years. PF CHANG'S 201 E Magnolia Blvd #281, Burbank, CA 91502 THEATER: AMC 8 (about 200 feet away from PF Chang's) 201 E Magnolia Blvd #345, Burbank, CA 91502 MORE DETAILS TO COME ORIGINAL POST INFO: I am organizing a new Meet-Up group in Los Angeles (Burbank) on September 15 or 16 which will be a great networking and inspirational opportunity for the Stage 32 members/filmmakers. Still working on the details, but it will be a great group with real networking opportunities. Stage 32 member David Rountree , who has produced 5 features and directed 4, recently produced/directed the feature film 108 Stitches, which opens in theaters on September 12. The film, which will open in over 15 major cities and all of the VOD outlets, was created on a lower budget, which will hopefully be inspiring for all of the independent filmmakers and actors. You will be able to NETWORK with each other as well as meet several members of the cast and crew of the film including Emmy Award and Golden Reel winner Solange Schwalbe (over 150 major studio films) who handled all of the sound. Several producers, writers, and name actors from the film will be also be in attendance. At the conclusion of the meet-up, the group will get to see the movie. I am still working on the details and will keep the post updated.

David Rountree - IMDb
David Rountree - IMDb
David Rountree, Actor: Cut!. David Rountree was born in Eden, North Carolina, USA as Jonathan David Rountree. David is a director and producer, known for Cut! (2014), xXx: State of the Union (2005) an…
Anthony Battelle

I'd like to go.

Johanna Marshall

Definitely looking forward to being there.............

Karen N. Kahler

Thank you for organizing, David!

Angel Matheson

I would like to get in on this event. sounds great!

Tyler Wolfe

This sounds great. Looking forward to meeting people in 3 dimensions!

Amanda Toney

Hi everyone- We'd love if you could help Stage 32 celebrate our 3 year anniversary at your meet up, as eel as supporting 108 stitches! When you get together, take a photo and send it in to us and we will display it at the 3 year party in LA!

David Rountree

Looking forward to the meet up and also celebrating 3 years of Stage 32 is great! Hulu shares Exclusive 108 Stitches Clip

David Rountree

Thanks for the update Mandy! Looking forward to the meet up.

Johannes Kern

Yes, count me in.

Calliope Porter

I'd like to come! I know some folks on the 108 Stitches team- I'm excited for them! and to meet some Stage 32ers in person. :-) I'll bring a date, so count on me +1.

Ryan Manuel

sounds good!

Anna-Sophie Keller

I will definitely be there!!

Paulo Bethencourt

Will be there.

Patrick Mahon

I would love to come. How can I rsvp?

Lena Milan

I plan on attending! :)

Ryan Shovey

I'll be there!!!

Del Engen

What's the RSVP process?

Richard M. Fleming (Vlamingen)

I would love to come but I have acting class that night. :-(

Amanda Nevarez

How do I RSVP?

Michelle Klein-Hass

I'll be there...but how do I RSVP?

Anthony Thomas

So, how do I RSVP?

Serita Stevens

looking forward to it.

Johanna Marshall

I will be there...Count on it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

George Ison

Would like to attend, where do I RSVP? Thanks!

Antonio Carrasco

Count me in!!

Jo-Jeanne Rapiér

Not seeing how I RSVP. Or is this response the RSVP?

Patrick Barrett

I will try to make it.

Janet Odogwu

Looking forward!

David Banks

Looking forward to it David!

Noreen Jenkins

Is this how we RSVP? I'm coming and possibly bringing a friend.

Dog House Post Audio

We are looking forward to meeting up with fellow Stage 32ers, and very excited to be attending the theatrical release of "108 Stitches". We are very proud to be representing the Sound Department on this movie. David Rountree is one of the most incredible Directors we have ever worked with!

Heidi Schultz

Sounds like a super fun evening and a great way to get to know other Stage 32 folks! I'm there!

Zack Van Eyck

Another RSVP here!

Lydia Torres

RSVP moi! Merci Beaucoup!

Robin Roth


Moe Poplar

Congrats David. I'll try to make it

Phil Condit

I would like to attend. Please keep me informed of any updates. Thanks.

Solange Schwalbe

Hi all! This is Solange of Dog House Post! We were responsible for everything you HEAR in "108 Stitches"! We had such a good time on this movie! The Bosses were a blast, the Cast was amazing, the Crew are the best, and I'd do anything for David Rountree! He is so talented and such a joy to work with! I am so proud to be a part of his productions! Thank you David! See all of you there! I can't wait to meet you!!! xxxo

Kevin Barney

I'd like to attend as well. Please keep us posted. Thanks

Brian K. Millard

I would like to attend as well. I just moved to Los Angeles from New Jersey last week and could use all the networking opportunities that I can get! :)

Robert Sherry

HI, I'd like to attend as well, any chance for an RSVP? Thanks! :-)

Mandy Goldstein

Hey guys. I am organizing this Stage32 three year anniversary party/108 Stitches movie screening. We're still getting a lot of questions about how to RSVP... to RSVP, just say in this thread that you will attend. I will personally follow up with each person once the event details are locked. From this thread, we will make an overall list. Stay tuned for the exact start time. We will find out this Tuesday evening and are going to base start of the PF Chang mixer off of the actual movie start time. We are also working on a Q&A with our Stage32 Filmmakers and actors of 108 Stitches for our Stage32 members in attendance after the movie. Looking forward to a great evening!

Robert Sherry

Hi Mandy! Thanks for the great response and info.! Looking forward to it, thank you! :-) (I'd be attending :-) )

Janet Odogwu

Sounds great, I will be attending!

Mandy Goldstein

108 Stitches New Commercial - Coming in less than 1week!

Shelby Simmons


Michelle Klein-Hass

Rats, I forgot this is Tuesday and Tuesday I have commitments ongoing. (sigh)

Lydia Khoury

I would like to attend..

Mandy Goldstein

Thanks everyone. Final details coming soon! In the meantime, you can follow us at Twitter @PsychoRock2 Psycho Rock Productions has 2 films coming to theaters this year and 4 in development over the next 2 years.

Robert Sherry

Thanks for the update Mandy! :-)

Serita Stevens

Looking forward to meeting you all and getting final details.

Sonja Jones

Thanks I am RSVPIng Sonja

Sari Ann Villagomez

I'm in!

Lydia Torres

RSVP me where do I pay?

Anna-Sophie Keller

Count me in!

Kirk Ryde

I'll be there!

David Rountree

You will be able to get your ticket at the event.

Laura Cook

Hi! Any update on the meetup! Would love to meet everyone. -

Laura Cook

Ah it!

Peter Evans

Looking forward to seeing you all there - Tuesday evening!

Mandy Goldstein

Thanks Peter. See you there.

Kasi Adams


Mandy Goldstein

Great. See you there!

Dog House Post Audio

Dog House Post is RSVPing for 2, and possibly 3 (will confirm a little later this evening). Looking forward to being there!

Arno Stephanian

RSVP me as well. Thank You.

Mandy Goldstein

You are confirmed!

Christina Horgan

I would just like to add what a great time I had last night, and that the Stage 32 members are among the nicest people I have met anywhere. It was so nice to meet everyone in person and put faces with names. The whole evening was a great experience. Thank you again, David, for hosting this delightfully enjoyable evening, and thank you Richard Botto for creating Stage 32! It was so much fun working on the movie "108 Stitches" in post sound, watching it in a large box office theater among new people was an amazing experience, but hearing the laughter and emotional reactions from everyone was the greatest experience of all. Congratulations David Rountree, Jeff and Jake Katofsky, and to the entire cast and crew on a job well done! What an incredible journey and experience to have shared with all of you.

Serita Stevens

Enjoyed the movie and meeting everyone - esp David and Richard. Looking forward to the stills and press release so that I can do a review for L A Splash, one of the places that I write for.

Laura Cook

Fun time last night and nice meeting many of you! Thanks David and all involved! Fun movie with heart, great actors and crew! Congratulations!

Phil Condit

Last night was a great venue for creating a physical meetup of Stage 32. Stage 32 is now more of an entity and a resource I can use going forward. Prior to last night it was just a group I was a member of. David's film was terrific! I'm not saying it broke new ground, but it played what it was perfectly and Laura hit the nail on the head - it has great heart. I recommend it to anyone who wants to come out of a theater feeling better than when they went in. And for a LOW budget film, that is awesome. Hats off to David and his fabulous cast. They nailed it!

Robert Sherry

I already wrote this directly on Mandy's page, but I wanted to thank David, Mandy, and of course RB for providing the wonderful opportunity of the meetup/premiere of 108 stitches. It was great getting to meet many of you and I look forward to working with many of you in the future, David included. Great job and congrats on the movie! It's absolutely amazing what can be accomplished with a low budget, little time, but an amazing group of people/cast. Looking forward to future work from Psycho Rock Productions and David in general; I'm also looking forward to future meetups! Thanks again! :-)

Tim Beck

Sorry I couldn't make it last night, as I was composing for a web series. Feel free to message me and connect. I'd be happy to meet with any one of you. Best of luck to '108 Stitches' in the future!

Kirk Ryde

Thanks David, Mandy and Richard for the wonderful event yesterday. It was a real pleasure to meet everyone - the film was a lot of fun to watch and the Q&A afterward was extremely informative - it's amazing what was accomplished with 108 Stitches and I wish everyone involved continued success!

Anna-Sophie Keller

I can't express enough how much I enjoyed meeting everyone yesterday. So much talent and wisdom and fun - it was all too wonderful. I'm already pitching 108 Stitches to everyone I know! It was incredible hearing about everyone's dedication and passion for the project, and it really shows. I'm still in awe that this film was shot in only about two weeks! Thanks, David, Mandy, Richard, and everyone else for this event and, also, for just being plain awesome! I'm looking forward to seeing and connecting with everyone again in the future :)

David Rountree

Thank you to everyone who came to the Meet-up/movie screening, including Richard Botto (RB), the CEO and Founder of Stage32! The group was fantastic and lots of networking was able to happen. We are going to send out a personal email to everyone who attended with the Stage32 links to those who were there. It will allow you to re-put a name and face to those you met. Thanks to everyone again as all support is greatly appreciated. Best, David

Serita Stevens

Hi, David - looking forward to those pix and press release so that I can write up the article. Please put 108 stitches in subject line so it doesn't get overlooked. xx

Amanda Nevarez

I was filming for the past two weeks. Sorry to have missed this. How was it?!

Robert Sherry

It was pretty frickin' awesome! No worries on missing it though, congrats on the filming! :-)

Amanda Nevarez

I hope to be able to meet you all another day. BTW, if anyone needs a 1st AD, I'm available right now! :)

Robert Sherry

Same here! Well, there is a 3-year anniversary meetup tonight at 8:30 in Hollywood, so if you're able, you could swing by there and meet everyone! :-)

Amanda Nevarez

Really? Send me details please!

Serita Stevens

Write to and get your name on rap list

Amanda Nevarez

I had a great time last night! Wish i would have met more of you! Thanks for letting me know about this.

Robert Sherry

Hi Amanda! I'm glad you had such a great time! Yeah, there were probably a few hundred people there, and I definitely didn't get to meet everyone which includes you. :-( Maybe next time, or maybe we can all plan out a meetup or something, because there were plenty of people I would have liked to have met but never had the opportunity to. Thanks for going, and you're welcome! :-)

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