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Success Stories: MAY'23 Got a contract

Got a contract

I signed a contract to have use my likeness as action figure for comic books and more to come soon, as right now my figure is done as you can see it if you go thru my pictures here and we just made calendars , whoohoooo :) lol the story for the comic books is coming soon :)) thanks Stage 32 :)

Tim Newhouse

If it is the following picture.... https://www.stage32.com/photos/880723559922542859 Please be very careful. This one is not good at all. I cannot see this being commercial used for anything. If not. sorry i jumped to conclusions. I want people to be protected as this is a very open industry that many leave with a very bad time.

Sandra Fernandez

Thanks , I will leave it to the person in charge of it, he's the one who's doing all the work and all what's coming next it's from him .

Debbie Elicksen


Sandra Fernandez

Thank you :)

Belief Gambiza

Loving it. Can u tell me mo

Sandra Fernandez

You saw them ? Well as right now we have calendars , they told me t shirts will be next :)

Egypt Reale

That's GREAT!!! Good JOB!!!

Sandra Fernandez


Kelly Sherwood

Congratulations Sandra! How exciting!

Judy Herrmann

exciting! congrats, sandra!

Melody McLellan

Congratulations! That is AWESOME!!!

Stephen Salzman


Tennessee Winston Luke


Sandra Fernandez

Thanks Kelly, yes I'm happy and there's more to come, I will keep posting when there's more update about it :)

Sandra Fernandez

Thanks Judy :)

Sandra Fernandez

Melody, thank you :)

Sandra Fernandez

Stephen, thank you :)

Sandra Fernandez

Luke, thanks

Viquii Johannesson (Vicki Johnson)

congratulations Sandra!

Sandra Fernandez

Viquii, thank you :)

Mercedes Georgina McQueen

Congrats on getting this booking! Very Exciting!!

Sandra Fernandez

Thank you sweetie , now I can frame some calendars to see it when I get old what I did when I was young lol

Tennessee Winston Luke

do you skype

Sandra Fernandez

Only for business

Valerie Michele Oliver

Congratulations! Wow!

Sandra Fernandez

Thank you sweetie , I posted a picture of 2 calendars for now .

Rajesh Kumar


Sandra Fernandez

Thank you

Rebecca Ann Dowty

What a hoot! Good for you!

Sandra Fernandez

Thank you. .

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