Success Stories: NOV'5 Requested Scripts

Barbara Albers Jackson

Requested Scripts

Being part of Stage 32 is better than getting a degree in screenwriting - you get results not just theory. Joey and crew make it possible to be in the game rather than being an observator or a commentator. Amelia Taggart of Yari Films requested two of my films - Timeless Baggage and The Marriage Contract. Sign up for pitches. Keep going until you find a company on your wavelength.

Amanda Toney

Thank you for your kind words, and CONGRATS!

John Cruz Alarid

Good for you. Nice to see hard work pay off.

Rodrigo Diaz

I agree with you on the degree part of your comment. Joey and Crew got me working. I have material but not nearly as much and as diverse as I see some of you, Studio 32 members, have. Now I know where I stand and what to do next besides continuing on the creative process.

York Davis

Wow! Way to go... Congratulations Barbara! I hope both your scripts will be read and picked up.

Andrea Adler

Would love to chat with you Barbara. Could we set up a time to talk. My script is being looked at as well. And, I'd love to speak to someone about the process. andrea

Simeon A. Laizer


Barbara Albers Jackson

Thanks for your well wishes. I believe we all are in a good place. I've been trying for years to get one of my scripts off the ground. Stage 32 is the best resource I've found for screenwriters. Take advantage of their coverage. I feel they see us as part of a team and want us to succeed, not merely a source of revenue. If you get a PASS, that's normal. I kept rewriting until my Pass became a Consider or Recommend. Believe in yourself and enjoy the journey.

Scott Swanson

I agree totally. I've made my living as an actor and writer for nearly 44 years. What I have learned, especially as a writer, is write for yourself first. You need to care about what you are writing and why you are writing. If at the end of the process you feel you want to share then and only then do you move forward. I've just completed a Masters in which I wrote a screenplay and kept a daily journal to examine how in fact I write what I write. I defend my thesis on December 3rd and expect to survive that. As Ms Jackson stated enjoy the journey, because that's what writing is...a journey

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