Anything Goes : Would you sacrifice years from… by Luis R. Quintero

Luis R. Quintero

Would you sacrifice years from…

Would you sacrifice years from your total life for instant guaranteed success?

Jak Wyld

isn't that what are doing now?

Jak Wyld

i mean generally not right now lol

Gerardo Mendoza

If that success lead me somewhere...yes. If it was only temporary success...I'd think about it.

Nadine ( Cloete ) Maritz

Yes - if it meant that I would be remembered for something remarkable absolutely.

Edwin Adrian Nieves

Success only constitutes to good living. If what you are implying is a career in art making...then one must always remember, the life of an artist is that of sacrifice...

Pauline Williams

life is too precious to sacrifice for triviality. I measure success differently than most. I would rather be a success at living life than losing life to be a success by the standards of an other.

Sandra Ahola

That's a great question. I think it depends on what success means. If it meant I could be working at what I love full time it would be tempting.

Kimberly Yeo Chui In

maybe, the taste of victory even for a second is something rather than no being able to taste it at all...

Stephen Melling

Whats the point of living if you have no worth? Living forever, for example, with no success would be awful.

Stephen Melling

However, it does depend on how you measure success?

Joe Becker

it also depends on how much time I have left. what if I'm going to die in two years? shaving two years off of my life means very short lived success

Wesley Mace

Success can be gained anytime of your life.... but the moments you have in life is only once...

Eric Raphael Harman

That is a stupid and base question! Of course not! Get a life!

Eric Raphael Harman

Can we change this to "Stupid Questions of the Day"

Rick Winslow

Sounds like the makings of a movie. Presented with two options, which would you take? The quick fix or a life of struggle and love with your true love. This film is not yet rated. ;) I know, I didn't answer. The button in the thread says "Comment".

Teri Michelle "Elle" Cochran

No way, I would rather live for 100 years struggling than live 50 years of lavish, instant success

Joseph Monahan

Never. Like is too precious to throw away years of it. Those lost years could have been the greatest years of your life. Besides, if you want something badly enough, you will keep on going until you succeed, no matter how long it takes.

Michael Rebholz

It depands on how Big ???

Kathy Carlston

At this point, no. I don't appreciate things that I get instantly, and I'd rather work enough for it that I get the satisfaction of knowing that I've earned my keep.

Darwin Oudot

I would sacrifice a chicken... maaaaybe a goat. But my life? No way.

William Richburgh II, life is more precious than rubies and fine gold even if it sucks sometimes. Instant success, even if it's guaranteed is only for a moment.

Claudette Walker

Interesting question. No.

Teresa Schaeffer

Definitely not. Life is WAY too precious. :)

Grant Stevens

Definitely a good question, but in this case I believe the genie can keep this wish in his lamp. Going with the precious sentiment.

Michael Rebholz

why Luis, you have a good Roll !!!! LOL

Jennifer Lau

Only if it's success that will last. Since, I'm trying to make it big so the money can go towards my mom's and my grandmother's retirement, I wouldn't mind giving up a few years to let them spend the last of their days peacefully and in comfort.

Michael Rebholz

Now that's awesome , Jennifer !!!

W. Paul Hughes

A precious thought Jenn. Me... no family other than immediate, yet I too would do such. Truly, I feel as if I already have.

Fionnuala Collins

If success would mean I could eat all the Italian food I love, I'd die happy

Casey Rhodes

Are you pitching an idea, or asking a question? If the former, I think you've got something. I see Al Pacino as the devil.

Sean Laguna

It would't be a sacrifice if it's wat u love to do!! And a dream come true!!

Teresa Mahoney

In answer to your question definitely not. Life is far superior than success. I for one don't want to have to learn the lesson I miss out on in the next life! :D

Luis R. Quintero

Wonderful answer everyone! Thank you for your thoughts. :)

Michael "Cap" Caputo

Absolutely NOT.

Brian Bullock

It's a very interesting question with many layers. I find it fascinating how many people will say "NO, NEVER! LIFE IS TOO PRECIOUS!" and yet, how many of us habitually smoke, drink alcohol, eat poorly, exercise too little, etc.? We willingly & constantly shave years off of our lives for nothing, yet the thought of doing so "for success" is too much? We humans are fascinating creatures.

Cat Collins

No, Success is the goal but it is the journey that creates the person behind the goal.

Matrix Filia

Nothing! Your idea of success may be different than another's. If you get what you want does it affect someonelse's life? Good or Bad? Deep question Luis! ;-)

Lori Shemek

The journey is the fun part..because once you have achieved your goal you will then ask "What's next?"

Harley David Morris

I don't know about instant, but to succeed in what I am trying to accomplish I would shave a few years

Eli Shell

Depends on how many years vs. how much success, but yeah, I would.

Daniel McPake

Is that not something we have already bargained for, only lacking in the guarantee of success?

Kent Mitchell

Yeah, probably if it meant being able to play music all the time instead of working like a retail slave...

Evan Engel

Are we not supposed to be doing that?

Leonardo L. Sanderson

I agree it is the journey.

Lourvey Bourdan

tough question but I would have say NO I would not sacrifice the many years that I have coming of Joy and Happiness for Instant "Approval"

Nicky Testaforte

Financial success? Yes Success with intrusive fame? No

Kaz Drysdale

I'd bargain a few hours as a compromise - for not instant fame -- I'd be prepared to wait a bit while I hone my Fameness. LOL

Harrison Freed

Do only quality films

Jay Polyzoides

No. Its not all about the Red Carpet. Success. Isn't it about the journey. Don't miss a step in the ladder, experience. With wisdom the good times will come.

Gary Gudgeon

i agree with the person above. In my opinion, true success doesnt happen over night. Its about starting from the bottom and heading for the top. Success is the journey..!!

Bob McDonald

no.. i think the waiting is the price you pay

Richard "RB" Botto

Very well said, Lauren. While everyone is entitled and welcome to state their opinions, a quick reminder that abuse will not be tolerated.

Richard "RB" Botto

Also well said, Brad...Quite elegant, I may add.

Nikolai Blaskow

The artist having to choose life and success? Ah, Luis you have led us into an ambush... the artist can't be successful unless she lives life to the full (smile).

Milad Ghezellu

Yes, if it be guaranteed.

Declan Cassidy

Firstly, success means different things to different people but, whatever ones definition it is the journey and the goal of that success which motivates and gives the spark of life to each day. 'Success' suggests the journey's end. What would you do then?

Seán Martyn

no success is like respect it has to be earned no matter how long it takes

Devon Motola

Technically we do make sacrifices to achieve what we want. In order to achieve our dreams we have to commit ourselves to them. ;)

Luis R. Quintero

This is what stage 32 is all about ... wonderful creatives sharing thoughts and ideas.

Leonardo L. Sanderson

Its True Devon. We sacrifice years of our lives to our art without the guarantee of success. But if that was meant as in a sign on the dotted line for your immortal soul type of question it has been put to pasture LOL.

David Kotzebue

You can have the year that I die!

Joe Becker

when I think about it, I am not sacrificing years of my life for my art. I LOVE WHAT I DO. it's absolutely no sacrifice. it's a joy. a wonderful joy. the long, gruelling hours are fun for me. I remember working with a video crew. we had to carry our cameras through a hall and down some stairs and thru the large auditorium to our tripods to set up our cameras. we were carrying big, heavy cameras. there were five of them. sometimes I would set up all five cameras myself. I thought about it one day. if they had been bricks, I would have thought about their weight. they were heavy (about 15 pounds each). and I would have hated it. but, they were cameras! they WERE heavy, but I LOVED every minute of it. I've worked in a soundstage filled with dirt (a dungeon set) and dust filled the air. you couldn't help but breath it. it got in your hair, your clothes, your skin... it was just everywhere. and I had a blast. I've shot films in the desert heat. on a dairy farm near cattle. in the Arizona dust in the day and in the dessert cold at night. I've worked 16 and 18 hour days for months, I've pulled a few all nighters. I shot in January, in Michigan, all night, when the temps were in the teens, in a car, with the windows down, and still made it to work with the video crew in the morning to work from 7am to 1pm. and I LOVED EVERY MINUTE. do I want financial success? yes. I'd enjoy that too. but, just being able to do what I love is success enough for me. and what is considered financial success? do I have to be filthy rich? I don't think so. I just need to be able to pay my bills. which means I AM a success. I have a roof over my head, food in my belly, transportation and a little bit more. I have good friends, family, and some time for recreation. I'd like a little more money for travel and such. but, my career is on a steady climb, so that is coming. what more could I ask?

Daniel C

How many years are we talking about here ;p First I'd need to know how long I will live too, then I'd be able to answer. If 90, I'd let go 10-15 years for it, sure!

Leon Laubscher

The Question is in and of itself redundant because that is what happens... It takes years to get "instant" success. Very well phrased.

Declan Cassidy

There seems to be a great desire among many to be remembered by posterity. I'd imagine that this is cold comfort to the Shakespeare's, Newtons and Napoleons of history. My 85 year old father - an artist - has lung cancer but he has earned the love of a huge circle of friends and family. His time, advice and company are constantly in demand and he lives each additional day chatting and laughing with people or painting. When we eventually lose him his legend will live on through the wisdom, love and strength he has given each of us. That, to me, is a success worth pursuing. I'm sure he wouldn't sacrifice a single one of the few days left to him so that some faceless stranger a hundred years from now could quote his name from a school book.

Booda (Stewart Kenneth Moore)

That would depend on the definition of 'success'...if by success you meant to somehow save a loved ones life, then yes.

Victoria Victorialand

Absolutely not. If I take any of the years away, I won't know what the hell the success is about. And anything that "guarantees" ...I already want my money back.

Daniel L. Noe


Moira Alexandra Burke

Everyone has their own definition of success.

Sarah Walker

No. I wouldn't feel like I deserve it.

Shayne Metcalfe

never. life if too short as it is.

Brian M. Cole

No! I enjoy life and time is precious. Plus earning your way to the top would feel great and well deserved!

Tina Field Howe

No. I love learning and experiences and achieving through them. I would miss that. Now if I could be guaranteed success after all that it would be sweet!

Scott Douglas

Rolando, I'm pretty sure that was RW Emerson and not Aerosmith. Tyler would say "Life is a journey our destination is the ER" Aerosmith. :)

Nick Taylor

depends on what you mean by "success". if you have to spend years on something, then success isn't really "instant", now is it? i guess i'd say no, because learning is half the fun. but if you spent years doing something you loved, and were successful because of it, then i'd say yes.

Doug Larson

It seems like people such as Jim Morrison and the other members of the 27 club did just that.

Eliza Morales Brown

Success is subjective so how could I sacrifice my life for someone else's definition of success. I will succeed in my perception of success or not at all.

Janelle Meraz Hooper

No. Skipping to the front of the line is like being first in line to see a movie. Sure, you're close to the screen--but far away from the popcorn.

Sherwood Martinelli

No, but would trade my Tootsie Roll for a Tootsie Pop...have always wondered how many licks it takes to get to the center, but being an impatient soul, always bite into them early in the process.

Sonseray Talbot-Reed

Never. Life is about the journey, not the destination

Armekia Plussizebarbie Williams

Sounds like selling your soul type sh** ... the answer is hell no. i wouldn' sacrifice my life to be on top # mason type sh**

Cora Anne Williams

At this momment in time I would as my clock is ticking

Steve Keeler

I am counting on living a long life, so I could use a lit' success now. and give up yrs 104--105 !!

Brian McAndrew

Yes and no.

Scott Douglas

HAHA Steve, awesome. For me I would say no, fame and riches are all based on an individuals perception. More money doesn't mean less problems. Have a quick look at Mr. Snipes. What I would give up years of my life for? If people were less greedy during my stay here on earth.

David Kotzebue

I've got a couple of years U could have!

Christina Thompson


Nadine ( Cloete ) Maritz

If it meant that I was remembered for something spectacular - sure

Casey Rhodes

I hope no one would. That's just sad.

Don Patterson

No. Life is a journey not a destination. Don't remember who wrote that -- but it is true.

David Kotzebue

U could have the years w/me stuck on life support! No charge!

Gary Gudgeon

I think everyone has their own interpretation of success. Is Success a Place? A Feeling? A Journey? Does instant success even exist? I think the answer depeds on the individual.

Matt Milne

yes, I would. I would gladly work 6 years on a project if it was likely to be a smash hit on release, no problem.

Sand Das

Succession always in process and progress is success, as I realized.

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