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The Bear Saga Continues

If this doesn't make you laugh then you clearly hate kittens. If it does make you laugh then check out this episode and more on our #YouTube Channel & All #Podcast Platforms. Plenty of Links to find us here - #geeks #friends #funny

Mick writes a Protest Song

Mick wrote a protest song. Here's a clip. Check out this week's Full Episode of #TheSceneSnobs Podcast on our #YouTube Channel & All #Podcast Platforms now! #protest #funny #comedy Links in Bio or

Trailer for "Three Graves"

AstroPod_Cast 3/8/2022

Happy International Women's Day! The moon shifts into Gemini this afternoon after having a stable rest in Taurus. Gemini moon is super curious, loves communicating, and fun loving. As the moon meets up with Venus and Mars in Aquarius, a sudden party could happen tonight! *Meditate on your dreams and how to achieve them.*


Introducing The Melanite Challenge. A component of The Theophilus Project.

Never Live in Fear - Ep 20 - Tola Talks Texas

Today is all about doing whatever it takes to never live in fear. Because during the past two years of this COVID pandemic, the powers to be have done their ...

RIP and Defeat the Madness - Ep 19 - Tola Talks Texas

Today the magic numbers are 2 and 4, that is to say, we're giving two RIP shout outs to rock and comedy legends, Meat Loaf and Louie Anderson, plus there's o...

Kudos to England, Amazon & Starbucks - Ep 18 - Tola Talks Texas

Today is all about giving kudos to those who deserve it most. Like England for ending their Omicron restrictions, Amazon for opening its first clothing store...

Top 7 Dumbbell Exercises - Ep 17 - Tola Talks Texas

Today we're talking about the best exercises anyone can do from head-to-toe using only dumbbells. And since the news is rather depressing this Wednesday when...

Cancel Culture Reboot - Ep 16 - Tola Talks Texas

Today we're talking about the cancel culture (aka the call-out culture) as a modern form of ostracism and why it should be rebooted, or more specifically, tr...

Homage to MLK - Ep 15 - Tola Talks Texas

Today we're paying tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. It's a national holiday in the United States and time to honor a great man who stood for never endin...

Capital Punishment - Ep 14 - Tola Talks Texas

Today's we're talking about crazy crime stories involving victims young and old throughout the United States who were stabbed, frozen to death, shot and kill...
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