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Courtney and Vashi interview promo

Vashi Nedomansky joins me for an interview on this Friday's episode of the Mobile Creator Podcast. Watch/Listen at:

Mobile Creator Podcast episode 008

Coming on the next episode of the Mobile Creator Podcast... My interview with Emmy Award winner Mickey McMullen, sound mixer on The Amazing Race. There’s even a rumor of a giveaway. Check us out on YouTube or wherever you listen to podcasts. Also, you can go to


This is from my current screenplay, Craig Wolf. This is a fantasy, horror fiction story that takes place in Shadowed LA. (Los Angeles). Since I love acting, performing and sound design, I thought why not create a podcast telling this story.

Dan Reed Lighting Design- Reel

A short reel of my broadcast and podcast, theme park, and live performance designs.

The Art of Being Dar - with Dar Dixon

Did I just take a shot at myself...on my own show...?! The Rob Locke Experience - Part 1 Rob Locke is making a splash on ITV... he's getting compared Ricky Gervais' "David Brent" character from the UK version of The Office. Rob's #talking #television #hollywood #entertainment #actorslife #acting #books #classes #film #podcasting #successfullife #realtalk #listen #newepisode #unbelievable #TakeAListen to the full episode:

Anglia Part One News Report Clip - From the Alternative Stories…

ANGLIA PART ONE by Alternative Stories and Fake Realities Listen to the episode here: In this clip, my character delivers a news report describing how Anglia, a rural area of England, has been dramatically impacted by the climate crisis, setting the scene for what's to come in this series. A bit about the series: It's 2029. My character is sent to Anglia, a rural region of England, to report on how the climate crisis is impacting migration as this is something that will also impact North America. As she works, she discovers a cast of characters, some helpful and some who see her presence as a threat to their way of life.

OpenWalkie Podcast

Open Walkie is a fun hobby podcast hosted by Tony Bartalini and Chris "Ragz" Ragozzino. We want to hear your ridiculous freelancing story. Our guests are all freelancers or anyone who doesn't do the typical nine to five. Everyone has their own unique beginning, interesting hobbies, and some type of end goal. We get into all of that and have a fun time doing it by keeping the most of the serious stuff in your pocket. This is a podcast trying to keep each episode around a half hour while keeping it real without any conversation edits. We play what you say. Open Walkie is recorded in a studio basement in front of a live deaf cat.
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