The Stage 32 Videos: Fantasyadventure

Portal Rift

An Impressionist adventure with Monet, Van Gogh, Cassat, Gauguin helping our heroes as they battle to keep Artania safe.

Age of Prophecy EP02

The Age of Prophecy - Episode 02, is a concept video being put together for completed one-hour pilot screenplay. It is our goal to create as much of the pilo...

The Oranyn Fantasy Book Trailer

This is the trailer I've made for my self-published fantasy novel, The Oranyn, a couple of years back. It's been a long journey. The Oranyn was gifted to me in my dream. I can still remember the details of the origin of my story... I was miserable and broke at 25, I was a copywriter for midrange equipment company. My boss hated everything I wrote. On my 25th birthday, I got drunk and cried myself to sleep. I was starting to hate writing too, a thing that I loved the most and contemplated on quitting my job. Then there it was, that dream that gave me a spark of hope. I wrote every detail I could remember as soon as I woke up the next morning. Life went by, but I still can't shake the dream off. I had to write it. Seven years later, it evolved into a solid novel. The first manuscript was rejected by at least 15 lit agents. So I rewrote it and self-published this time around. I wasn't going to wait again for months just for them to say NO, THANKS. The road to completing The Oranyn was painful, frustrating and at times, hopeless... But, I had a dream, literally I had a dream, and I believed in it and this is what it is now. I sacrificed my sleep, spent time and money on that dream. I'm really happy with it. It may not have been a bestseller, at least not yet, but it is my baby. Now, maybe it's time for my baby to grow up and become either a Limited TV Series or Feature called "Astrofyr". So, here's to me and my sleepless nights of writing the screenplays. Also praying for the CHANCE to be read. Yep, that's all I need, a chance to be read. Enjoy my little silly video. :)

Decision Hero

Here it is, folks, the long-awaited promo ad for the next bestseller to hit the shelves near you; Decision Hero. Watch and enjoy. It's just a taste of what'...

Talk About Apples (Sound Bite) Episode 1

This is the story of Dr. Apples. His tale doesn't start here but that's not important. What is important is viewing things in a new perspective and living a life without limitations, just as Dr. Apples does. His mother has gone missing, but will he be able to find her and what will he find along the way? If a little bit of madness, humor, mystery, fantasy, magic and intrigue interests you this is a must listen!

[MUSIC] True Tail Battle Animatic Score

Music Composed by George R. Powell Based upon Character Themes composed by David Gruwier & George R. Powell This piece was composed for the latter half of th...

TB 3 "Timebreakers - gegen jede Vernunft" Teaser - First View

Pünktlich zum ersten Weihnachtsfeiertag 2018 veröffentlichen wir einen allerersten Einblick in unsere Produktion "Timebreakers - gegen jede Vernunft" Der dritte und letzte Teil der Saga um die Heidekreis Detektive, wird alles euch bisher Bekannte noch einmal umwerfen, es wird ein dramatischer und sehr emotionaler Abschied unserer Timies, bevor eine neue Generation übernehmen wird.

Timebreakers und die raetselhaften Grabzeichen Kino Trailer 1 2K

Timebreakers und die rätselhaften Grabzeichen ist der 2 te Teil der erfolgreichen Kino Reihe rund um die 8-12 jährigen Timies, die in der Lüneburger Heide de...

The Artania Chronicles

A book trailer about a mystical world.

The_Kidnapped_Smile_360p (1).mp4

The latest book in the popular Artania Chronicles series.
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