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READ ALOUD Story Book - Ginormous Jo's LOST BUDDY

Read aloud children's picture book.Through fun adventure, helping children learn what to do if they get lost. Written, Read & Illustrated by S C Cunningham.

Rocket Hound Final.mp4

Oaktree Farm is a sanctuary for animals that need new homes. From the billowy white sheep, all the way down to the tiny little chicks, Farmer Hubbard has a respect for all animal lives. Rocket, a greyhound and former racing dog, has made Oaktree his home after several years on the racing circuit. He loves his home and the friends he has made along the way. He is happy in retirement, until new pups make their way to the farm. Cody and Taz are completely infatuated with racing. The chocolate lab and Australian shepherd are always racing along the pasture fences pretending to be all time famous racers who they call ‘Rocket Hounds’ after the famous racer Rocket. At first, they have no idea that the greyhound at Oaktree is the infamous racer. The retired race horse on the farm also puts ideas in their heads. When the pups sneak off to find the race track, Rocket has no other choice but to follow after them. After he finds himself back at the track, he must run the race of his life to bring the pups back home safely and save the other retired greyhounds from a gruesome fate. Can one old dog bring them all home?

Thunder Trilogy Video.mp4

Have you met Thunder yet? A new adorable elephant hero that everyone’s falling in love with. From the moment Thunder took his first step, it was clear that his footsteps would make quite an impression on the world around him. The tiny elephant’s life was pretty much perfect until one fateful night when poachers crept into it. In the cloak of darkness, they sprang on his herd separating him from his mother and the rest of the African pygmy herd. After a harrowing escape, Thunder must dig deep inside to find the courage to find his way home. With helpful friends and the watchful eye of the Great Tusker in the sky, Thunder’s journey is the adventure of a lifetime.

Mighty Tusks Book Tr with intro (1).mp4

In THE MIGHTY TUSKS, a novel imagined entirely from the perspective of the animals of the African rainforest, Erik Daniel Shein and Melissa Davis create a world that mirrors our own. A war has raged for centuries in the African rainforest. Animals living in factions band together for a greater cause. Once a place of peace ruled by a great tusker king, the rainforest now lies in shadows as the ghosts of the obambo fight for dominance. The story is older than time, but a glimmer of hope shines on the horizon. Change is in the wind, and the world is ready for it. Dakarai, a young African forest elephant, has grown up on the stories of his father, the great tusker king, Ajamu. It is not only his birthright to follow in his father’s footsteps, but also his greatest desire. Hidden and sheltered from the ongoing war, Dakarai finds himself unprepared when the time comes to join. With their very existence at stake, Dakarai must master his abilities and self-doubts to face the greatest evil in the jungle. If he doesn’t prevail, all is lost. The language, social structure, intellectual, and spiritual world of elephants and the other animals of the rainforest are as real as the fabric of human life. In THE MIGHTY TUSKS, Erik Daniel Shein, a zoologist, and Melissa Davis, an educator, plunge the readers into an alien landscape, an extremely distinct, invented world, with its own social and linguistic structures, and its own myths and totems. Readers orient themselves into the animal’s consciousness and begin to feel what it would be like to be that imperiled. Readers will never think the same of elephants and their resilience.

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Phonicsville Soup in a Vat. First single syllable words with vowel "a' and consonant "t'


Soup in a Vat cooked by the little old lady who lived in a big black hat.


Finally finished the painting from a panel in my latest Hannah the Spanner book Trip to the Moon. The trailer launches at 5pm. Make sure to take a look and share it with your chums. It's going to be MASSIVE. ;-)
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