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YET ANOTHER TED BUNDY MOVIE? | Female Director Amber Sealey's No…

Inspiring, blunt and tenacious are the best of many adjectives to describe this highly successful female film director. Amber Sealey gives us real insight into her process and perspective on filmmaking. Her recent film, NO MAN OF GOD (2021), starring Elijah Wood as the lead FBI profiler who broke Ted Bundy gives a fresh perspective on the often romanticised an prolific series killer.

Shadows of Dismemberment promo

Always open to options for adaptations. To try and stop a serial killer is deadly. To follow in their shadow is hell... #ShadowsofDismemberment Order, sample, share: Trailer:

The Bad Samaritan

Mark is an upstanding citizen and well-heeled b... (more) Added: April 17, 2007 Mark is an upstanding citizen and well-heeled businessman who takes a well earned day off work. However, the day turns sour when he is ambushed by two aggressive hoodlums who leave his battered torso for dead. But afterwards a more tragic and sinister twist takes place when a callous and brutal scoundrel called John comes across the unconscious Mark. Not to look a gift horse in the mouth, John lumps the unconscious body in the boot of Mark's luxury sedan. Anxious to extort Mark for all he can, John tortures him for financial gain ...and sadistic joy. Bound up and blindfolded in the boot of his own sedan Mark struggles to be defiant and unsurrenderous. But even sour days can have the sweetest outcome as John is exposed to Mark's very inner and dark secret.

Killer Monologue - Dhvel Patel

Play: Killer. Playwright: Joseph Arnone. Casting: Dhvel Patel

Lock the Door

A young man returns home after a long, tiring day at work and hopes to put his feet up and relax with a good film. However, he forgets to do one important thing: lock the door.

Through the Eye's of a Killer

When Evil won't die it joins forces with Satan and comes back for revenge....Through the Eye's of a Killer coming soon....


My friends are being slaughtered one by one. Decapitated. Burned alive. Chopped to pieces. The hooded killer has vowed to keep murdering people I care about until they’re all dead, their profile pics on social media replaced with photos of their mutilated bodies. The police can’t catch him. They have no leads. The horror is making the visions come back—the fire that took my parents, leaving my twin Alex and me alive, but broken. The hooded killer won’t stop until I’m completely shattered. He’ll eat away at my mind, heart, and soul until there’s nothing left. No one left to love, no one left to trust, and nothing I can be sure is real. Dr. Cross thinks a trip back to the place my parents died will stop the visions. Alex is afraid it’s a trap. But I know the hooded killer won’t hurt me. That’s not his game. His game is much deeper. Much darker.

Plastic Wrap Trailer

This is the trailer for a short suspense film I directed. Plastic Wrap debuted at the New Orleans Horror Fest in 2017 and got a tremendous response from the audience! This quick trailer gives you a taste of the nail biting thrills of the movie!

H.H. Holmes Book and DVD Trailer

Trailer for the book The Strange Case of Dr. H.H. Holmes and the DVD H.H. Holmes America's First Serial Killer. By John Borowski, Author and Filmmaker.


From filmmaker John Borowski, Serial Killer Culture TV is an episodic TV show which features intimate interviews with those involved in the serial killer culture community.
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