The Stage 32 Videos: Short Film

Part-Time Actor

Filming a hitman and his driver planning their next assignment is complicated, but shooting a film crew is fun. 4min. #ShortFilm #Comedy

Guide On - Official Trailer

An AFI Thesis Film (Class of 2020)

Le Parking - Bilingual Short Comedy

A woman is driven to distraction as she becomes unexpectedly involved in a battle to decode city parking. Chicken and Cat Productions.

The Hitchhiker (Short Film)

A woman gets more than she bargained for when she picks up a stranger on the side of road. Written and directed by Lindsey Paulette Starring Kyle E. Felter ...


A desperate man, the only one left in his family, tries to find a way out of his misery. He saw the end approaching fast. He thought he owned his life, and he felt lonely. But no one is alone in this world. (made during lockdown)

COVID-19 ; V.I.E.R.: V.irolous I.reparable E.nergy R.eaction…

Dear Viewer, This is the Official Short Film for B. K.-Z.'s "COVID-19 ; V.I.E.R.: V.irolous I.reparable E.nergy R.eaction" (2020). Tagline: V.irolous I.reparable E.nergy R.eaction Status: Complete. Synopsis: What started in the province Hubei in the city of Wuhan from China as a new infectious plague in December '19, spreads now over our planet Earth. And humanity must once again fight together against an invisible little deadly enemy called COVID-19 (stands for Coronavirus disease 2019)… ...After 9 months, our planet Earth is still fighting together against the current plague. More than 1,000,000 people have died worldwide as a result of the deadly lung infection. And people continue to die. Many countries working on a vaccine. And in the last 3 months, hope has finally germinated because vaccines have finally been produced from different countries. ...USA has the "COVID-19" vaccine from moderna, Great Britian has a vaccine from AstraZeneca, Germany has a vaccine from BioNTECH / Pfizer, Russia has the "Sputnik V" vaccine from Gamaleya and also China has a vaccine from Sinovac. More countries will follow with their vaccines. But will these vaccines give us back our previous normal lives...!? ...The European of German nationality Long-Haired Natural Redhead White Male Survivor still lives a life between going to work and quarantine and imposed curfew between 9 p. m. and 5 a. m.. Still bought a lot of toilet paper... To freeze for even worse times than today. And after a morning walk through various areas from the city of Darmstadt again, it was time again to going into the bathroom again to making "big business" until the Final Smelly Brown Splash again and to give this year 2020 a end it deserves... Additional information: The Official Trailer and the Short Film of B K.-Z.'s "COVID-19 ; V.I.E.R.: V.irolous I.reparable E.nergy R.eaction" (2020) will be a part of a "COVID-19" (0000) documentary. Best Regards, B. K.-Z. a.k.a. F. M. COPYRIGHT © 2020 FUNERAL HOME FILMS

Carl 'n Harlan: Christmas Eve | A Holiday Cartoon

Lifelong pals Carl 'n Harlan hunker down on Harlan's porch for egg nog and last-minute wreath sales on Christmas Eve. Santa sightings and faulty wreaths can't throw off Carl 'n Harlan's Christmas spirit in UBK Studios' first animated short that'll warm your holiday heart.


A night of human debauchery has left Corky far from his kitchen drawer home. This brave wine opener must cross treacherous terrain and defeat enemies to return to his beloved pizza slicer. Watch the Behind the Scenes:

HARVEST | A UBK Studios Short | Graded with FilmConvert

Two farmhands prepare for what has now become a daily ritual to stay alive. Shot on Sony FS5 and the DJI Mavic Air and graded entirely with FilmConvert.

Well Done | A UBK Studios Short

Neil needs his co-worker BBQ to go off without a hitch in order for his boss to entrust him with the warehouse club membership. Then he will choose the SNACKS!

Second Contact | A UBK Studios Short

Two fugitives are involved in an extraterrestrial hit and run as their attempt at a coverup distracts from the real danger.

The Ole Switcharoo

Your average 90s body swap sitcom tackles the lighthearted topic of terminal illness.
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