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Sidow Sobrino in Shameless

In 2013 the first episode of season 3 of Shameless el Gran Canon had Sidow Sobrino portraying the role of Coyote. We see The World's No. 1 Superstar eight years later in Shameless Hall of Shame - Frank: Ghosts of Gallagher Past.

Kiara Oxley Sitcom Thomas Part 2(Final Video).mp4

This is about Thomas Butler

Leading Dan TV Series Proof of Concept/Trailer

When a talented yet troubled teenage superstar is placed under the care of an insecure, failed writer-turned-manny, they forge an unlikely bond amidst the chaos of the entertainment world, navigating fame, identity, and the desperate quest for genuine connection amidst the glittering facade of stardom.

Mystery Three Lakes Canyon

Teaser Trailer "Mystery at Three Lakes Canyon", Join Dan Dillman and his team on a historic and mystifying journey through Southern Utah's Three Lakes Canyon, where ancient treasures, unexplained phenomena, and enigmatic curses intertwine, leading them to the brink of the extraordinary and the legendary lost records of Atlantis.

MOKU MOKU_ Bloopers_n.mp4

Team Moku Moku has a great time working together, even when we fu*k up! hahaha! Here are some bloopers that happened while we shot the first 3 episodes.

Behind the Scenes and on Set with Team MOKU MOKU

Here is a "behind the scenes" video of Team "MOKU MOKU" on location at one of the best local stores in upcountry Maui called Hanzawa's Variety Store (Haiku, Maui.) We work hard to include some of the best local places, and we make them characters in our show. We are a small crew and cast but we work hard to make a show that is a true reflection of the local Maui community. MOKU MOKU will be available on AMAZON December 8th 2023. Join our newsletter at

Leo Caires, Chief of Staff of the Office of the Mayor of Maui,…

We started shooting the first half of MOKU MOKU Season One around the end of spring of this year. We were lucky to have the support of the Maui Seaside Hotel. We used it in our episode, in which we make a statement about what the "Timeshare industry" has done to the island of Maui. We were blessed to have Leo Caires, Chief of Staff of the Office of the Mayor of Maui, come by and see us in action. We feel that if we can make our show a success, we can create a lot of new jobs and help put to work so many who have lost everything in the recent Maui wildfires. We have 5 cast and crew members who lost everything. We closed down production to help support them and our community. We all continue to volunteer when and where we can, as the holidays are coming up and more support and aloha are needed now more than ever! Support MOKU MOKU December 8th, 2023, and BEYOND! #MOKUMOKU #MauiCelebrity #Maui #Hawaii #Aloha #Mauiwood

My fascinating story after my coma

This is the drew barrymore show doing a small feature of my story in the show in December 2022

last trailer of aofb.mp4

AOFB Season 2: Willy Denzelly and Tarzan are back, accompanied by a larger budget under Dom's control. The Fboys have made a life-altering decision to become reality sensations, committing themselves to a low-budget reality show about which they remain completely clueless. Throughout this season, the Fboys will embark on a journey to unravel the boundaries between authenticity and fabrication, ultimately discovering whether they truly align with the show's portrayal of their identities.

Michael Kelberg - Theatrical Reel 2:07.mp4

FBI (CBS), The Marvelous Mrs.Maisel (PRIME). The Plot Against America (MAX), The Middle of X, Shopping Towards Bethlehem, For Life (ABC).

The Toilet (Silvertroll)

As a grieving parent struggles to come to terms with his son's death, his son's online legacy, and a malicious internet troll that has wreaked havoc on his life.

POST (Introduction)

Post introduction is for a reality-tv mini-series. The episodes were shot during the 2011 American Idol finals, the NBA Eastern Conference finals, and a weekend show. Logline: The three biggest nights in news history have got the three laziest employees working behind the scenes.
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