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Welcome to Travelparkourist

Shot on location around the world Travelparkourist looks at the science and history behind some of the worlds most interesting topics. From Obelisks in Rome to the Mayan ruins of Chichen Itza to the people and history of Venice. Our Science of Flight series teaches us about the history and science of 4 main types of Powered Flight. Women in Flight continues our focus on aviation and space exploration highlighting the major achievements and contributions women have, and continue to have in aviation. Mini Lessons are quick stories meant to spark your interest and encourage further study - Time Zones, Currency Conversion, Electricity, Sound Waves, Radio Waves even the mind bending history of the Paradox!

Episode 4-The Fast Lane

Episode 4 of The Elite 8

Queen Bee of the Middle School

This is a scene from my pilot script for a 1/2 hour comedy-drama series, The Elite 8. The teenage actors & I rehearsed & filmed in Zoom.

Thriller Short - Break In Part 1 - PSYCH OUT

When Sam Palmer foresees his murder by the stranger knocking on his door, his hope for survival rests on finding the gun hidden somewhere in his house. And t...

The Slow Fire Chef EP 15: CHILLI PORK

Watch the full recipe video here: Junior Chef Amit shares a simple and quick recipe for CHILLI PORK with mushrooms and mixed peppers. SUBMIT YOUR RECIPE NOW FOR A CHANCE TO FEATURE ON OUR RECIPES FROM FRIENDS SERIES. The CHILLI PORK recipe will be posted below in a day or so. New Episode every week, mostly every Friday. Subscribe to The Slow Fire Chef Channel: If you do try try our recipes, do post a picture and tag us on social media. The Slow Fire Chef Social Media: Twitter: Facebook Page: Instagram: LinkedIN: #youtubeindia #youtubevideo #youtubechannel #Theslowfirechef #chillipork #foodandwine #semantisinharay #webseries #ampangles #AmitMehra #chefathome #cheflifestyle #cookingathome #cookingwithlove #cookingchannel #PorkCurry #porkrecipes #recipeoftheday

Trailer for "THE WIND RAIDER" web series

In a dystopian world, Humanity is at the brink of Extermination. The only hope for the future is Josh Bonner, who is given the gifts of life after death and ...

"Break A Hip" - Katarina Clips

Scenes from Season 2, Episode 7, with Christina Pickles (Biz), Lawrence Pressman (Carlton), Stephanie Fredricks (Katarina), Britt Hennemuth (Wincy), and Ted ...

Connexion S02:EP02 PLAY: The Blues — feat. Shakura S'Aida

Connexion. Creatd by Anabelle Budd. EP2 Directed by Sunita Miya-Muganza Executive Producer: P.J. Marcellino Producers: P.J. Marcellino, Anabelle Budd Art Director: Malú Rojas DOP: Khanh Tudo Studio Audio: Nicolas Field Music Master: Jean Martin Editors: Brendan Barnard, Chris Di Staulo Continuity: Sally Jones Intern PAs: Alexsys Hornsby, Emily Hazelton Voice: Shakura S'Aida Guitar: Paige Armstrong Bass: David Hughes Sound Board: Jean Martin Shot on location at Barnyard Studios, Sterling Rd, Toronto Research has found that play is essential to human survival. For kids, play is the avenue by which they make sense of the world, their bodies, and their peers. But the importance of play does not diminish as we grow older. In fact, for adults play may very well be critical to developing stronger social bonds within a given community, providing a boost to our mental health. But what, if anything, is the purpose of play? What does play look like? Where do adults find space for play in their lives? What can children teach adults about play? In what ways do people play with and bend society’s expectations, rules, constraints, and constructs? What can play in the workplace achieve? How does play connect us to ourselves, to others, and to place? What challenges us about play? On Episode 2 of Connexion, feat. Brooklyn-born, and Toronto/Switzerland-raised actres and Blues singer Shakura S'Aida, we explore music as a form of comfort, power, and human connection, and the Blues as the ultimate type of playfulness, utilizing beat and artistry to convey stories and experiences that connect us all. For more:

Thick Skin

[A series by Robinson Vil] - Throughout her life, "Olivia" has had to learn to figure out things on her own, as her mother "Naomi" with whom she has a very tumultuous relationship is not around to guide her through life. Olivia is anti-social and has a hard time getting along with others. She is also very pretty, thereby attracts unwanted attention from all types of men, who inevitably become major factors in the THICKening of her SKIN, by developing an alter-ego who comes to help and protect her when things get really rough. In the Series, "Olivia" refuses to fully open up to her therapist, due to her past experiences with men and only reveals parts of her stories (and the rest is revealed in flashbacks). Things begin to change for the better for Olivia when she meets "Patrick" the Doctor's 17-year-old son. She slowly begins to open up to him, which puts their new relationship in jeopardy, as some secrets and memories are best left forgotten. When Olivia becomes pregnant with Patrick's child, Dr. Gabriel goes into a frenzy that leads him down a dark path as "Every Good Has Its Evil". Olivia and Dr. Gabriel will push each other to their breaking points. More skeletons from the past begin to emerge and they will undoubtedly leave a stench.

vsal 2

We have wrapped production on our pilot episode of Seymour the Unfortunate Vampire. I've uploaded the trailer for everyones feedback. We are actively seeking distribution and investors for completing a full season. I'm hosting a private Facebook screening of the pilot episode on October 2nd. If you're interested in attending or interested in more information about working with us on the series feel free to contact me here.

Trailer Universe web series S01

Official Web Series Website - Watch Universe_S01 web-series Our web series on social networks - You...

Finding Olivia featuring C. Stephen Foster

C. Stephen Foster plays fashion designer Barrett in the award-winning comedy short Finding Olivia. Foster wrote the workbook "Awakening the Actor Within"
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