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An Angel Whispers

'An Angel Whispers' was a community production. Everyone involved did so of their own volition, due to their belief in the material and its message of hope, love, and redemption. No one was paid and any donations raised went to gear rentals, costumes and food for our cast and crew. Locations were donated, restaurants offered food, the town supported our filming, and our friends and family showed up as extras. From start to finish 'An Angel Whispers' was a production of love and care, weaving in all aspects of our community. A deed, emblematic of what this film is all about. Considering this period of uncertainty and change we're all going through, this is the type of tale that resonates at a deeper, elemental level. Stories about hope, inspiration, inclusive faith, and the power of community help lift our collective spirits. Perhaps it's kismet that brings us to a place where we are now sharing this film virtually, in homes, in lieu of theaters and community gatherings. Even though we are apart, it's the likes of movies, music and art that keep us connected. An Angel Whispers is very much about evoking a sense of belonging and togetherness. It started with an award winning short script from Jeremy Storey. That was read by a director, Ben Allison in North Carolina. And then evolved into a passion project for an entire town. The film will be submitted to festivals in 2020. There is also a feature-length script already written... . Thus, it's our sincere hope to continue to expand on this incredible film and share an extended narrative with the rest of the world. It's our belief that this short film -- and how audiences will respond -- will demonstrate there's a large group out there who want to see the bigger story. From everyone involved in 'An Angel Whispers', we sincerely thank you for watching and urge you to share with others you feel would enjoy this film.

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James Capel is an actor and writer who, in 2020 decided it was time to create something he couldn't seem to find anywhere online: a dedicated writing community

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Screenplay Reader Net home page

Final touches on an updated landing page for a screenplay analyst company. The website is at

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Stephen Foster is an award-winning actor writer of the comedy short That's Opportunity Knocking on Amazon Prime His screenplay My Missing Year won the best unproduced script at Fusion International Film Festivals.

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"Across the Veil" has some new flare to show off!

The Second Annual Her Vision Film Festival

We are open for your submissions! This year we also added a section for actors. We have new judges[Joanna Sanchez, This Is Us and X-Files] and new prizes[Diane Drake, ONLY YOU and WHAT MEN WANT]. Visit now. Watch informative and inspiring industry interviews, learn about our judges, and submit your work. Early Bird pricing until April 1st. We are here to make gender in filmmaking a non issue. For instance, last year's winning narrative feature film was produced and written by a woman and directed by a male. If you are a male identify writer or director, and your story shows the plight of women or LGBTQ or shows women or LGBTQ, then your project qualifies to win. Empowerment and unity is what we are about. Share your story, create your film, create your destiny!
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