Animation : My webseries! by David Andrade

David Andrade

My webseries!

Me and some good friends came together to release a cartoon about a cat and an iguana. What do you think?

Chad Mercree

very funny! well done and best of luck to you.

David Andrade

Thank! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Cheri Dodd

Definitely loved it! I would watch more. Who is your target audience?

Lars Davidson

Wow! Great job, love the characters, love the colours. Keep up the excellent work. I will definitely be looking for more.

Sandra Tinka

this is great, more especially the blue cat character, i like

David Andrade

Man! I'll have to animate faster to get that next episode out ;D!

Meir Sabbah

Oh My GOOOD! You are awesome! I was seriously laughing out loud. Excelent work!

Richard "RB" Botto

This is fantastic, David.

Martha Spizziri

Love it!

Patrick OBrien

Very Cool! I am owner/operator of single screen in Northern NY and would love to showcase this kind of thing in pre-show. Wondering how it could make sense for both artists and myself?

C Stoute

Really nice work. You are definitely a talented animator. However, it's the time you took to work on the characters and the story that makes it a winner. Well, you said it yourself, animate faster. We want more.

Marc Lee

That was absolutely hilarious...I love thinking man humor and that was definitely that...I can tell you there would be a serious market in North Carolina, a bastion of academics....

Darrell Shanks

awesome job!

Fabricio Monteiro Ferreira


David Andrade

You guys are quite inspiring! Thanks for all the responses. I love how this thing can appeal to a fair amount of people. I admit working in a vacuum you often worry if people will love it. I'm glad you all do :)

David Andrade

Some of you asked so I'll respond: The Youtube channel updates weekly with a new Blender (free animation program) tutorial, ray & clovis, or another cartoon one of our animators made (not out just yet.) It's quite difficult to get these out weekly, but we can manage monthly! We intermix the channel with other fun stuff between episodes :)

Meir Sabbah

I can so imagine future episodes including pranks from one to the other

Bianca Emery

I sent you a message from your website about an animation that I would like to have done. I would also love to have your projects seen on our upcoming Network, Beacon Entertainment Network. If interested please check out our website, for details.

Meir Sabbah

MOVIE NIGHT!!! I loved the episode. Bill Cosby was hysterical!!! keep it up....and let us know when you post a new one! I only found out about the second one because I showed Knock Knock to a friend.

Meir Sabbah

even if it was the first one...

David J. Soto

Great job!

Chad Theodore Everson

I like it! But that cat needs a better nose. Script was great!

Samantha K Henderson

I like the short. Good story and love the animation.

Pat Savage


Jonathan Jackson

love it. good flow, animation and levity

Elaine Mata Jones

great !!!

David Andrade

Thanks so much guys, I really appreciate all the positive energy. These things take /ages/ to make!

Mike Chinea

Awesome. Wishing you much success!!

John F Tupper

Watched it. Liked it. Good writing and animation. Maya with toon shader? Good luck and success! - JT

David Andrade

Thanks for all the comments! JT: It's Blender :D We've put up some tutorials as well to see how it all works :)

Tom D'Alimonte

Add that to your 'Reel' here! (you don't have to load it up here, just use the URL, see my profile for examples)

Tom D'Alimonte

(great stuff! :-)

Tom D'Alimonte

But you need a commercial now, between shows! Its after the Super Bowl, but here's my Bud Bowl commercial (-:

King D

i'm interested, can I do my own thing or have you got something in mind, would love to see what you have?

Pat Savage

Very cool! Great work /)

Victoria Wiltshire

Awesome & hilarious! This one cracked me up!

David Andrade

Thanks Victoria!

Victor Stapelberg

Cute and well done ..made me smile at the end

Dwayne Conyers

Love it!

Sidney Crudup II


Eric Thomas

Hey David, ever thought about working on a full animated series? Liking what I see.

Scott Brandon Hoffman

Really enjoyed it and the characters. REAL personality there and very well done. I see A lot of potential with your skills. Do you collaborate with or would you be open for collaboration? LOTS of stories and characters that need a really good animator! Keep rocking it brother!

Eric Thomas

Have two animated Pilots out there being considered. Like to see if you have any interest in reading a script, and working something up.

Mark Peberdy

Made me laugh! Very cool!

Eric Thomas

Hey guys. Would love to write for your web series. I have written two animated pilots and would love the opportunity to write something up for you.

George Cron

Very nice job!

Simon Watt

looks great , if you need music come and say hi

King D

Currently promoting my new single, would love to see what you could add visually. "Stop the Fighting Start Uniting".

Epic Acg

it is nice

Taylor Steele

This was pretty good. I'll share it with my fans on Twitter. That's like 30 K + Nice works guys.

Elisabetta Errani Emaldi


Peggy Garner

I liked it!!!! It was funny!!!

James David Sullivan

"Knock what?" ;-)

James David Sullivan

"No, I'm not that GEICO lizard!"

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