Composing : UPDATED with link - Good News! by Timothy Andrew Edwards

Timothy Andrew Edwards

UPDATED with link - Good News! Not promoting/just sharing some good news with fellow composers. I signed a music deal today with a major production company that works with A+E and E! Television. Timothy Andrew Edwards

Bruce Bray

Man, that is so incredibly awesome! I am ecstatic for you. You of all the people that I know really deserve it!

Timothy Andrew Edwards

Thank you, Bruce! I'm so appreciative of your kindness!

Bruce Bray

You're welcome. I'm the one who's fortunate to know someone who pays it forward. That's what life is all about.

Jorge J Prieto

Congrats, Tim. I love your comments, Bruce. You inspired me, brother.

Timothy Andrew Edwards

Thank you, Jorge and Kathryn! Grateful for the work and excited for the potential!

Dara Taylor

Awesome, congrats!!

Timothy Andrew Edwards

Thank you, Holland!

Timothy Andrew Edwards

Dara, let's all hang out next week? And thanks! :)

Kevin Bullas

Well done! :)

Johannes Kern

Super Tim, congrats. :-)

Jason Arthur Chatwin

Well done Tim - congratulations!! Really pleased for you.

Amanda Toney

Congrats Timothy! PS I wanna join when you hangout with Dara!

Dara Taylor


Timothy Andrew Edwards

Kevin, Johannes, Jason! Thank you! So cool of you guys...

Timothy Andrew Edwards

Shannon, come on out! I'm trying to figure out next week's schedule. i need to get back to Dara (Sorry D!).

Ben Boyd Jr.

Excellent Timothy. Congrats!

Arhynn Descy

Congrats, Timothy!! Great news!!

Ronald R Bush

Congratulations Timothy. Great press.

Richard "RB" Botto

Fantastic news, Tim. Another win for the good guys!

Jimmy Latimer Jr.

Congrats Timothy! Keep shining buddy!

Shawn Speake


Timothy Andrew Edwards

Thank you, Ben!

Timothy Andrew Edwards

Aaron, Arhynn and Ronald! Thanks for the support! Very excited! It will be airing with a domestic 98 market share and all major cities starting September 14th on Tribune owned stations.

Timothy Andrew Edwards

RB! Thank you and yes, that's why I love Stage 32 and what you have created! It's all about the good guys! Honored.

Timothy Andrew Edwards

Jimmy, Stephen and Shawn! Thanks! I thought I was happy before with the gig but everyone's encouragement is so amazingly cool! Really humbled and to be honest, it just feels great to have my music colleagues and other filmmakers comment like you guys have.

Timothy Andrew Edwards

Thanks, Scotty! Just requested you for network.

Matt Milne

Well done Tim, do some good.

Brian Gaber

Congratulations Timothy. I look forward to hearing more about the work.

Timothy Andrew Edwards

Brandi, your check's in the mail. :)

Timothy Andrew Edwards

Thanks Brian! It airs in 98% of the markets domestically on Tribune owned channels begoinning September 14th and is called "Crime Watch Daily". It is a 5 day a week show and is produced by Warner Bros. :) Lots of fun with sound design and scoring happening so it's quite cool!

Timothy Andrew Edwards

Well, Brandi, you said such nice things... I think a green bill with Mr. Washington's visage in the center is called for AND well deserved! :-p

Scotty Huff

This pales in comparison to your announcement, Timothy, but since we're sharing.... :-) I'm happy to have just finished my 43rd children's animated short for Scholastic! Thank God for loyal clients! Now to go find more....

Timothy Andrew Edwards

Scholastic is huge and client retention like that is unheard of with what we do! HUGE congrats to you, Scotty! What is the series? You know, kids are truly the best audience. They get it all for the right reasons.

Scotty Huff

This one is part of the Scaredy Squirrel series. Not the TV show, but the book-to-film adaptation.

Andrew Stamp

Great job. It's nice to hear some positive news!

Timothy Andrew Edwards

Thanks Andrew! Appreciate the good energy ("energy" sounds so "California" LOL but honestly, it is a good word in this case). I am currently working on 4 projects but this one is the biggest fish and really rewarding because I get to play with a lot of sound design elements alongside scoring!

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