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Introduce Yourself : Always on the lookout for talent! by Simon King

Simon King

Always on the lookout for talent!

Hello there! I am a producer based in the Pacific Northwest. I have an exciting slate of films in various stages of production. Next month we are shooting a $1.1MM western followed by Letters From Iceland ($3.5MM) filming this fall in Iceland and California. I am producing a $10-$15MM sic-fi that will be filming in eastern Europe. Always on the lookout for the right talent and crew!

Benjamin Alany

Cool, Simon. Sounds like some exciting things in store, good luck in your upcoming projects. I've always had a soft spot for the Pacific NW, used to live in Portland myself. I still visit now and then, and my brother lives there, along with some close friends. I'd move back myself, but currently my work leads me elsewhere in terms of places to live. Maybe someday though.

Roberta Solomon

Simon, thanks for posting and introducing yourself....and your work! I'm a voice artist based now in Portland, and look foward to connecting with you in person at some point. I've brought my work with me; network promos, movie trailers, narration for documentaries, etc. There are samples of current work and demos on my website at www.voicegal.com. Iceland, huh? I'm envious! By the way...I would love to voice the trailer/promos for any of your projects. Especially that Iceland thing. :)


Simon, let me know if you want to distribute any of this content. I am working with a company that can help you in the distribution pipeline.

Robert C. Brewster

Hi Simon. I've written 5 novels that would make great movies. You can check them out at this link and even read a few chapters of each book. https://www.amazon.com/author/rcbrewster bob brewster

Christina Stockberger

Hello Simon, nice to meet you. I am a hair, makeup, special effects artist including prosthetic work and body painter. I eat breath and drink hair and makeup. You can see some of my work at www.christinastockberger.com. I would love to speak with you and see what your looking for when it comes to hair and makeup we can exchange ideas and if you would like to work together. I have a very unique personality but all about unity and team work. Very easy to get along with and take directions well. I hope to speak with you and possibly work together bringing your visions to life

Robert C. Brewster

Also Simon here are two links that highlight my voice and acting skills. http://www.voices.com/people/bobbrewster http://www.voiceoveruniverse.com/profile/BOB

Christina Stockberger

Hmmm also have a couple of film story ideas that would rather discuss in person as one is my own life story as many are saying I should right a book and have been thinking seriously on it lately cause it would have a great story line as well as be inspiring to the times of today.

Margaret Taylor

Welcome to the community Simon. Good luck with your productions...:)

Mary Dallas

Hi Simon, it's a pleasure to meet you! I am an actress & have experience in drama, improv, and comedic roles. I'm especially trained in playing a mother, grandmother & older aunt. I've also played a Greek relief nurse in a documentary set in 1915 Constantinople. I'm currently cast in 2 feature films for supporting & co-starring roles. Thank you for any consideration. Have a great weekend!

Leland Krane

If you are interested in shooting in Bulgaria I have a lot of family and contacts there- Look me up www.lelandkrane.com

Sophia Mahmud

Hello Simon, Greetings. Good to see you and your profile. If in your future Ventures. You need an ethnic face. Have you office look me up as well. I have representation and a SAG status. I have started to really like Stage 32, for giving me this unique opportunity to mix with brilliant talents. and minds.

Simon King

Thanks everyone. I will respond directly to any comments/questions posed.

Shawn Speake

Now that's an introduction! Great post! Greetings, Simon! Welcome.

Kesha Pitt

Hi nice to meet you.

Ednah Walters

Nice to meet you, Simon. I write YA paranormal romance, think Meet Joe Black with Norse mythology twist

Mark LaFever

Hey Simon, thanks for connecting - congratulations on all your successes thus far!

Debbie Croysdale

Hi and welcome. To add to Kathryn's question above, are you looking for actors/actresses?

Simon King

Hi Debbie. Always! While we have some known talent lined up for upcoming projects I love "discovering" someone who is brilliant.

Richard "RB" Botto

Congratulations on the projects, Simon. Very impressive, my friend. Keep us posted on the progress.

Benjie Anderson

Very cool, Simon. I'm in neither of those places you're planning to shoot. Having said that... LA (Lovely Atlanta, that is) may be someplace you'd consider? Looking for talent? Cool!

Simon King

Benjie, Georgia has unreal incentives! We may well end up there someday with a project.

Johnny Farrell

Hi Simon; nice to meet you. I'm a UK based actor and obviosly interested in your European projects. Here are my details; http://www.imdb.com/name/nm4836841 http://vimeo.com/86502298 http://www.spotlight.com/1893-5618-9049 Kind Regards Johnny

Georgi Ivanov Nenchev

Great Lounge ! Thank you Simon for this ! Are you interested in new and unusual fantasy and action stories?

Inguna Brazil

Hi, would You be interested to produce a "TRUE MOVIE " about life and people in former Soviet Latvia , their emigration and challenges emigrating abroad. I have written a suitable 2 novels for that kind of movie!!

César Amaro

Hi Simon. I am Cesar Ortiz Amaro. Actor. I hope you accept my friend request. And also keep in touch. regards

Fred Galle

Way to go Buddy!

Lori Meyer

Congrats on your success, Simon. I recently completed an edgy, female driven romantic/sci-fi/thriller screenplay that you may be interested in. Let's talk about it!!

Wilbur Allen

Simon, Cheers.... please take a look.... http://ufodc.com/page%2014.html Extraterrestrial Colors.

Scott Laird Berg

Hi Simon! After an extended hiatus I am getting back into the biz and would love to explore roles that might be a good fit! My profile can be viewed at www.imdb.me/scottlairdberg. Have a terrific year and let's Skype if you're interested in discussing options...

Doug Stephenson

Hi , welcome and good luck with your projects. Hopefully one day we can work together

Michael Maino

Good Morning Simon. I wish you the Best in all your projects. I am an LA based actor originally from New Jersey. This is the link to my web site . It has all my info, demo reel etc. If I can fit in to any of your films I would appreciate your consideration. Thanks. www.michaelmaino.com

Garth Wynne-Jones

Hello Simon and welcome! I am a British character actor/voice artist based in Los Angeles. Please check my profile here for demo reels and IMDb credits. Would love to work with you.

Zita Téby

Hi Simon, nice to meet you! I'm a Hungarian actress speaking a fluent English. Please feel free to check out my showreel: http://youtu.be/Fsr7jcnnqCU and website where you can also find English audio: www.zitateby.com Hope to have the opportunity to work with you together one day and wish you good luck with your projects! Zita

Jf Davis

Hello Simon I would like to introduce myself. I am an actor living in LA. Would love to read for your Western, I am writing and producing my own Western for production in the coming year. Best of luck with all of you projects, Much Success Jf http://www.imdb.me/jfdavis

Linette Shorr

Hello Simon, I too am new to Stage 32- Production Designer ready to work. http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0795013/?ref_=fn_al_nm_1

Ruby Kleinschmidt

Nice to meet you... it would be great if we could make magic together...

Paul Hubbard

Congratulations! I hope your projects become hits. Would you happen to be looking for screenplays?

Juli Erickson

Hi Simon: We, myself and husband actor Grant James, also have family in the Pacific Northwest. If interested in experienced Senior actors, look us up on IMDb. Lots of TV/Film experience, current passports and we travel for films. Good luck with your projects either way. Juli Erickson

Bob Barr

Hi, Simon. I'm an experienced actor, new to Portland. ff you're looking for talent, please take a look: http://www.actorbobbarr.com http://www.imdb.com/name/nm3210052/

Bob Conder

Simon, I am your man! DGA, 1st AD with a SAG card and a Creative Writing MFA with an emphasis in screenwriting. I have worked in most departments on films and can help manage the shoot for the best product, as well as, financial responsibility. And I love the Pacific Northwest! One of my projects last year was filmed entirely in Ghana so international travel is on my skill sets. Let's talk. http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0174322/?ref_=fn_al_nm_1

Wesley Reid

HI Simon. This scribe has a 105-page, high-concept, comedy/horror script called BOOT HILL RESURRECTION. It is gaining a lot of traction within the Toronto film world. One of Canada's top producers terms it "super original and ready to break out." She, however, has transitioned to TV and my script doesn't fit her genre anyway. I'm new to this site so am not sure whether to post the logline and details, but, if you like, I can provide you with such on the chat service here.

Delia Sheppard

Welcome to the Stage 32 'tribe'. Let's make moving movies!

Wesley Reid

Got a question for folk here: if an actor close to A-list status really likes my script can I use that to entice producers?

Richard "RB" Botto

If that's the case, Wesley, congratulations. My advice would be to get a Letter of Intent (LOI) from the actor, otherwise any producer will question the sincerity of your statement.

Larenzo Simmons

I am very interested in some of these projects! Please review my profile.

CoCo Freeman

Hi Simon. I am a screenwriter living in Portland. I have sold one screenplay and have just finished a spec script. I am quite new to Stage 32 and am not sure if I should put a logline up on this board, but I could send it in a message or on chat.

Kris Keppeler

Hi Simon. I'm a local Seattle actor and voice actor. Just wrapped up a role for my first horror film. Working on a role in Indie short to be filmed in Everett next month.

Sam Inglese

Hello Simon. I am back in the acting field. Now in CO, I lived and worked in NYC and Chicago and just worked in 4 student films and hope to have some type of short of my works soon. I will be in NY for the first week of April if you happen to be visiting too. My Romantic Comedy is about a man who avoids commitment by dating only women recently dumped knowing they will always dump him no matter how great a time they have.

Paul Hulm

Hi Simon.good luck with all your work.If you need any music I have some on my homepage or more at: https://soundcloud.com/paul-hulm. Best. Paul

Larry Robertson

Simon, your slate of projects sounds very exciting and interesting. I am a Director / DoP based in Atlanta. I also encourage you to consider shooting in Georgia. Aside from the great tax incentives, Georgia has excellent infrastructure, talent and crew for feature / episodic production. If you are interested, you can view my work at lvmtv.com. Best of luck with all of your endeavors.

Doug Nelson

Hi Simon – I see you're in Portland. I'm a writer/producer (and reluctant director) down in the mid Willamette Valley; I like to work local. Should we talk/compare notes?

Dallas McGee

That's great to hear! I am a co-owner of Pink Hippo Productions. We are based out of Chicago and Los Angeles. We specialize in narratives, have a ton of awesome gear including an Alexa XT and an Alexa Classic, and have an exceptional array of crew members as well! Let me know if you ever need anything or want to chat!

Steve James

Great News, Simon - Congratulations. I have added you as a contact, because I'm just up the coast from you. Every good Sci-Fi movie has an English bad guy! www.stevejames.ca

Nicolas Laget

Hi Simon! I am a composer / sound engineer. soundcloud.com/nicolaslaget Happy to help if you need me.

Simon King

Thanks everyone for the brilliant response! For those who have asked questions I am steadily responding to you via PM. Hang in there! -Simon

Delia Sheppard

Enthusiastic to work with you. http://www.imdb.me/deliasheppard

Elizabeth McLean

Sounds like a fantastic slate of films you have coming up. Good luck with it all. Would love to be involved if the opportunity arises.

Doug Carter

Hello Simon, Looks like you're doing very well. Congrats. If you're ever in the market for an original comedy script, I'd love to send you one. I've written and produced four very successful award winning short comedies and now have two feature film scripts available.

Jermaine S Archibald

That sounds wonderful. I am a huge Sci-Fi buff, and that one has my attention. Please continue to do what you do, and make an impact on this industry. I have loads of instrumentals that may fit certain aspects of your projects. The new ones are not on the site yet, but I would be honored to assist where I can.

Skylar Silverlake

Looks like you've got a lot going on, Simon, and I have to say it's encouraging for me as an actor to see that such ambitious filmmaking is still very much alive and kicking out here in the ol' west (even outside of LA). Hope you have a great year!

Jennifer Koridze

How fantastic that you'll be filming in Iceland as well as in California. I have a very good friend from Reykjavik who has told me so much about her land that it is one of the places I very certainly would like to go to. They are very, very hospitable and hardy people. I'm sure that you will enjoy your time whilst filming, there.

Art Thomas

Welcome to Stage32. We wish you much success. www.mainmanfilms.com

Georgi Ivanov Nenchev

Hello, Simon. You are doing tremendous work! Wish you luck and lot of success. Are you interested in unusuak kind of action and fantasy stories?

Tonya Jones


Paul Hulm

If you need music check my page Simon.Good uck with it all. Paul

Tina Goldsack

I love special effects. I want to be all done up like a alien or fairy. Ugly or beautiful. On my bucket list. I have made it to a dead body in a morgue. LOL

AleXander S. Pawlak

Hello, what kind of crew are you looking for? I can do most things on a set and what I don't know I can learn very quickly. I can also do post production work, I edit mostly with fcp7 but again can learn any software you want to use. Let me know if I can be of help to you

Inguna Brazil

Hi ,Simon! I hope some day You might would like to make a TRUE MOVIE , and I Would " over the moon " if you would choose my book for it!!

David Timber

I do have various projects in development if you want to take a look a them. My youtube channel , www.youtube.com/c/DavidTimberDKT has various ongoing projects.

Jonathan Roberts

Hi there are you still looking for talent, if not possibly crew?

Bob Barr

Hi, Simon. Sent you links before. Have new headshots now. W;ll semd if you can PM me. bobmbsrr@gmail.com Thabnks.

Leland Krane

www.lelandkrane.com - have my own Alexa package and I'm willing to travel though I am based in NY

Sam Inglese

Hello Simon. I am an Actor. 6', 160lbs and love the outdoors. V-Ball, Hike Bike Horses etc. Something told me to let my Blonde curly hair and Red beard grow before visiting my brother in LA next week. Are you out there? Too late to play a cowboy but definitely can be Icelandic etc.

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