Introduce Yourself : Nikolay Moss - Emmy Winning Actor, Writer, and Producer by Nick Moss

Nick Moss

Nikolay Moss - Emmy Winning Actor, Writer, and Producer

Hi Stage 32!

Great to meat you all. As many of you know, I'm a Stage 32 Writer's Room member and in addition to writing, I'm also an award winning Actor.

Just recently put out a new drama reel and would love your thoughts!

“What is drama but life with the dull bits cut out” - Alfred Hitchcock

#DramaReel edit by: Rudi Womack

Karen "Kay" Ross

Hey, Nick Moss! Always a pleasure to see you, sir! LOVE this reel - and I appreciate the extra note more than just the title to give a better context, thank you! If I were to change anything, it would be to put the clip from Time Speech earlier. Tonally, it is the most "energy in" or "low energy", and if a CD doesn't watch the full reel, I wouldn't want them to miss that one. To that end - are you interested in doing more drama? You seem to have a knack for comedy as well!

Keep up the great work, sir! And let me know when you want eyes on your pilot!

Roger Hewett

Hi Nick! Love the Hitchcock quote!

Barry John Terblanche

Hi Nick. Checked out the real. Your acting sure is good! All the best forward

Daisy White

Great reel!

Nick Moss

Daisy White Thanks a lot!

Nick Moss

Barry John Terblanche Thanks a lot Barry much appreciated!

Nick Moss

Roger Hewett Thanks Roger, yeah I've always loved it. A great guide for writing as well to get all the dull bits out. We need the conflict! haha

Nick Moss

Karen "Kay" Ross Thanks so much for watching. Love this feedback and will run it up the chain. I have 1 minute teasers cut that divide this reel into "cocky elite/lawyer" type and then "everyman" type that I send to casting and that clip you mention definitely appears earlier. Thanks for the kind words. I love drama as much as comedy. I think the goal should always be finding emotional truth and if I can do that I'm happy. Will be shooting my pilot over soon - hopefully sometime in next few weeks!

Sara Dee

Good reel and yes, cutting clips out for 1 minute teasers is exactly what I'm about to do with my updated reels too. Just got the comms out with 'nice' and 'nasty' roles to go. Love your 'truth' x

Nick Moss

Sara Dee Thanks for watching and yes it's good to have multiple options depending on who you're sending to and the role - basically any way that you can make it easier on the decision makers is the way to go!

Erick Freitas


Debbie Croysdale

@Nick Thanks for your share, I just loved this and watched it twice. The acting, writing and DOP merge perfectly to be a class act. Great original crisp one liners in dialogue, diverse grabbing storylines and equally diverse characters each clip. The first couple felt Neo Noir then jumped to more contemporary style, to almost sci fi/futuristic feel (android discussion clip) and then street punk scene which was a visually and mentally intriguing ride. Heh heh now I can tell people who boast about social media followers. "Monopoly money."

Nick Moss

Erick Freitas Thanks man!

Allen Lynch

Very nice work Nick.

Nick Moss

Debbie Croysdale Thanks so so much for taking the time to watch and your very kind words! I've always like that analogy of "monopoly money" as well and glad it resonated with you too. Everyone on these projects really did an amazing job. As they say "It takes a village"!

Nick Moss

Allen Lynch Thanks for watching man!

Eugenea Couture

I like your style of acting, you are so authentic in every character.

Andrew Williams

Nick Moss Great clip! Thank you for sharing!

Bessie Ashley Shambare

I loved it and watched it to the end and was left wishing for more.

Nick Moss

Eugenea Couture Thank you for the kind words! That is my goal as an Actor in everything I do so it is great to hear that feedback!

Nick Moss

Andrew Williams Much appreciated and thanks for watching!

Nick Moss

Bessie Ashley Shambare Great to hear that Bessie, thanks so much for watching!

Jules Lavallee

Nice work. Happy to connect with you. I am a screenwriter and a Celebrity Writer.

Tanveer Alam

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